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Can You Understand My Amazing Psychic Reading Talent?


When I was a young woman I flicked through a book on palm reading. I thought it would be fun to try it out on my friends as a party trick, (usually after a glass or two of wine!) everyone was amazed and would recommend me to others. I have never taken it seriously and I was so surprised that they all were blown away by my readings. I call them psychic readings because I have never done a "you will have x amount of kids" reading but when I hold people's hands I can see where they have come from and can sense the blocks in their lives and can give advice as to what needs to change. I forget what I have said afterwards, it's like I am in a trance. People tell me what I have said later and I am blown away by it. The things I say are amazing, but it is like it is not me that said them. I don't even know which line is the heart or head, I just seem to zone in on peoples inner self. As I have got older, now 42, I am being asked all the time to read and I have honestly never got it wrong. Strangers are best. I ask them not to speak or nod. It comes easier then. I doubted this all for a long time. But I am starting to wonder where this all comes from. The down side is that my consciousness gets in the way. It's always better when I am relaxed and after a glass of wine. What is going on? Is there anyone out there who can point me to someone who knows about these things? I have heard that other psychic types need to loose themselves for the inner voice to come out. Is it my voice, or am I channeling someone or something else? Please help!

Sadly I read the palm of a friends little baby a few years ago. I was stumped because I saw/felt nothing at all, it was so odd. The baby died of cot death.

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allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-16)
That's an amazing gift indeed. It's a type of medium ability you have, but it's hard to put a name to it. If the information about the person comes to you through mental imagery it's clairvoyance, but it sounds like you just know it or feel it without images? Or do you hear a voice that informs you? Given that you go in a trance state you likely can't remember how the information is communicated to you.

Since you can hold a person's hand and intuitively feel this information, you might want to try your ability in other circumstances like 'reading a location', or going in a meditative trance by yourself to seek answers to problems. If you can intuitively channel information at such a high accuracy, you're a strong medium & the possibilities how to use this gift are many.:)

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