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Am I On The Right Path?


Everyone my name is Emmanouel,

I wanted to write this article because many things just gave me reason to think a lot about psychic things especially when I know I am one of them.

It all started getting more serious to me when I found out things for us the psychics and when I noticed my pentagram star birthmark.

My element is fire I always loved been near it always been attracted by it I always just needed to go closer to it and try to control it. Sadly I realized that I could before 2-3 years and I am not that strong because I gave up for some time now I always seek for more training. I noticed that things inside me changed radically for example when I first started I could barely move the fire in one candle but now I can easily without concentrating with one just move affect 3 candle fires in a row but just temporarily affect it not that much such us holding the fire steady for as long as I want.

I often try to meditate as I got instructed by people here but I just want to know more how to get more powerful how to make the fire stronger within me how to be one with it.

When I meditate I try to keep the thoughts away from my mind but its hard since my past was not that sweet I had to deny every single feeling I had and have inside me in a few words I feel almost nothing anymore all I want is to be one with my self protect my friends and get powerful more powerful than ever.

I am sure here are many people that can do more things than I have accomplished and I want to know how how did you do it how all this can get in a higher level. Can it get stronger with things except meditation?. How can I make the flame be one with my mind?.

P.S:Until now I can really read peoples feelings, How they look like without even hearing them of talking with them I can know them very well like I knew them for years and all of this just happens without even trying even more than that.

And one last thing there is someone I see in my dreams its not a person definitely it's something higher its a thing a man who wears an armor which is in flames all the time he always protected me in my nightmares and I truly thing that he affects my reality too since some weird things happen when some people were just making fun of me and I did not like them such us small punishments things that someone could say bad luck... But as we know bad luck happens few times right?

Wish I knew who it is I call him Ray and I think he can answer me when I talk to him I can feel when he is angry or when he is happy he probably is the one who guides me but I always was a doubter I want to know more from people who do know more I need to know.

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