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Sense Disappearance And New Sightings


For whom I am, I believe in what I see, what I feel, and what I hear. However, to prove to myself, to understand that it's the true thing i'm spotting, I back it up with true evidence of what was literally there before and after I've seen it.

The feelings I felt towards 2012 has been different compared to then and now. However, I know for a fact that a special event were to take place of the year I turn the age I am now, the year I were to understand, the year I begin knowing of whom I should be paired with. All of that has been true, but the fact something drastic were to occur during 2012 has yet to be noticed.

People began to believe of the end of the world back within 2009, I've known of something to happen within 2012 since 2007. However, it isn't what all the normal were expecting, I still believe it's the end of an era I personally believe.

Though, I haven't felt the way I've felt before.

As the feeling of no more within 2012 was to occur, I've witnessed a demonic face within the side of my friend's head, I've noticed a being standing off high within a tree, with one arm around the trunk of the upper tree, I've noticed strange hairs that don't even match my lifestyle, or the people I interact with on me. And it felt as if I've been told to leave the blind up on the only window of my room, so something could protect, watch, or whatever you'd like to call it. It hasn't felt evil enough for me to untrust it, it kind of felt like it belonged, and what would it hurt? I sleep on the 3rd story of my house, and the top floor off from a slanted ground level.

Anyway, to explain more on the subjects, I will start by explaining about the demonic face, I was consoling a friend whose gone through a truly tough time. As I sat beside her within my English Class, I looked at the side of her head, only to find the face of a demon smiling at me, whom took on the face she normally owned. After, I looked back, and she calmly looked onto her papers writing. I didn't say a word though, only for the reason of revealing a secret, and to scare her.

As witnessing such occurrence, I walk to school in the dark. And I walk through a park to cross to my school; as I walked through the park, I stopped in mid-tracks, and turned towards the tree in the middle of the park surrounded by cement bricks. I looked up upon the tree trunk, only to find one above ground, hanging off the tree trunk with one arm around the trunk, and stared right down towards me. I stared at the being, as it stared at me, but I took no emotion to what I saw and continued down the park path towards my school. Though every once in awhile, I'd still witness such thing.

To continue explaining of the hairs, I've noticed hairs that do not match what I interact with, as I mentioned before. I have hair the naturally changes colors amongst the seasons, but these two colors are the only two or even texture my hair has ever taken to. On the night of a new moon, I've found 3, thick, rough textured, pieces of black hair. The tip of this hair, was just like a root, for as thin and pointed as it was compared to the rest of the strand. But I carelessly threw it away as soon as I passed it off as a freak coincidence.

The next day, when the sun finally came up, and the moon was restored to it's fullest, and it was so much bigger than I've ever seen it before. It was over a horizon I could hardly remember it being placed, and that afternoon, coming home, I felt a swift wind as if somebody passed by me.

Once I made it home, I noticed a hair, exactly like the black one, but it was white. However, this white hair was very rough, and it didn't bend as easy as any other normal hair I've ever experienced. Just like the black one. I grabbed onto the piece of white hair, and heard words enter into my ears,

"I've left the hair from my head into your possession, I advice you not to lose it, for I need to contact you soon."

However, once I stood up, it immediately fell from my hands, and onto the floor. The place in which it fell would be expected to easily be found; but it was nowhere in sight.

And as I explained before, it feels as if something keeps screaming at me to leave the blind open so they know i'm safe. Nothing evil about it, just pure light.

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harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
11 years ago (2013-03-13)
I don't want to sound rude or anything, but has anything happened to you that may have been associated with this experience? For example, another hair like the ones you described? Or has a seemingly-associated spirit contacted you yet?
Kiame2012 (9 stories) (24 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-12)
Just today, my class has discussed of the end of the world-- and my teacher taught that every 2600 years, planets around the universe aligns into one diaganol aliignment. Therefore, creating a new Era.
hdf (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-12)
I believe it's the end of an era also. This year hit and I instantly felt that people will need to be around their family. This year I've been with my boyfriend's family, and it's been nothing but childish drama and like something trying to split people up and cause war. Somehow my powers (I posted my story regarding what was going on with me this year) fully hit because I connected to young member in his family who was thinking about vampires since he was sexually frustrated along with more stuff going on.

Throughout this time I was saying it's not the end of the world; however I kept seeing lightning in the sky whenever I spoke to my mother about the Bible and spirituality plus Jesus on the cross and his Father standing above the gate appeared to me while I was washing m hair in the shower. I know for the US it's because the youth really are buying into the music the new artists are putting out about dying young and going to Mars and blah blah blah because those artists are quick to light a blunt and rap/"sing" whatever comes into their mind, and follow suit. It only made me go back to listening to music about love and unity once my powers kept getting stronger along with using this site and meditating more to clear my head.

My suggestion would be just to pray. I stopped praying for a long about of time, but was looking for something that would help everyone and not just one set group of people. I was given powers, but it felt like it was given to someone who can truly set it off; however I kept reminding myself that everyone doesn't deserve destruction, and try my hardest to keep an inner happiness and love there.

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