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How should I explain this? It's so epic that I feel sure this has only happened to me? No person I've told this to could even relate a little of this situation. It has something to do with my mind.

After reading this, you may feel this is a serious medical issue. Truth is, it only has came halfway to the most closest medical issue it could be concluded to; a seizure.

Let me just state that a seizure is when a organism blacks out, and has no control over their body. They begin making spazzed motions in jittery ways. They don't know what their doing in most cases, have no way of stay standing, and they sometimes in extreme cases fall asleep. That is a seizure.

This "problem" has been occurring for 2 months, more or less. It started out as a silly moment that comes to mind out of the open bloom, then I begin losing my "focus" and feel a terrible rush inside my head. I begin trembling, and I fight inside my own mind to keep a focus on a very important task i'm doing at that time. For example, I would be in class when this happens. It seems to occur more at my most productive times. Not saying it doesn't happen at my most laid-back times, but it seems that it happens more when my mind is focused and intuned with my surroundings.

Today, (the day I write this) it hit me like babe ruth swung a homerun? I was in my school's lunch-line, texting on my phone but not very intuned with anyone because you know, none of my friends seemed to of been around, and just as I was about to reach down, My vision faded in, and out in the most unfocusing way. (I have 20/20 vision)

My mind began tuning out, and a road, with crystals scattered alongside was at the feet of a nude girl. I was still able to walk, I was still able to fight my way to know who is talking to me, but I felt sick, I felt taken control of, I felt dazed. The nude girl walked, and the voice within my head told me "You remember this" I said "No I do not" back towards it in my mind. As I held my lunch tray,

A yellow huge crystal flashed, the voice said "You remember this" I replied "No I do not." As I picked up a cheeseburger off the cart, my mind fought back to that image, and it said "You remember this." then it felt like I was in a dream, and making me think I dreamt this up the previous night. Then I answered "I kind of do." I waited in line, And the nude girl walked down the path as huge crystals surrounded her and the path both. "You don't kind of, you do." said the voice. I began giving in, and felt sick still. "Okay, I believe I remember." I said. Then I began gaining back focus, and grabbed a milk from the crate. It all felt like I was dreaming as my mind gradually went back to normal, I felt like I was still in bed, but I wasn't. I was definitely in school. After I left the line, my mind tried fighting to tune back into that sick, mindless feeling, and I began stumbling, my stomach hurt, My head hurt, but it wasn't a headache? As I left to wash off my apple, I tried acting normal, but I couldn't withstand that horrid feeling, it was terrible!

I also find myself drawing the most peculiar drawings. One is of a girl squeezing her hands around the blade of a sword, with a bloody gash to her side, kneeing on a grave circled by a cement pavement. She is crying, very hurt, and it is the most eerie drawing I've ever drawn. I've also drawn a lot of other pictures since this began happening, but this is what stuck out the most.

I couldn't understand why this is happening to me. I am indefinitely psychic, but I never was that powerful of one. I have been already told I am as powerful as they come, but I just thought of myself as a normal person; my psychic ability has never came to me as strong as this-- I don't know what it is?!

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Kiame2012 (9 stories) (24 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-26)
Thank you both very much! I am sorry for reading this so late, but I am glad at least 2 people took the time to throughly read through article.

This week, I have had some of the same experience, but was strangely able to shake myself out of it. I've noticed my mind has left itself in a pattern, It happens in the middle of my first period class English, and sometimes in my 9th period class Band. But it is shorter than the last ones i've had.

Now though, I'm having a new experience on having a quick memory I forgotten about for 9 years now. It was of a huge claw snagged onto my skin on my right index finger. I will soon post an article of that as soon as the page isn't temporarily closed anylonger. I'll try writing it Monday, and it'll be posted on Tuesday.

P.S This claw was like no other. It was as if a human's,form of arched claw that snagged onto my finger as I attempted to pick up a handfull of sand in my fenced-in sand-yard. I've had nightmares of it before that happened, and now just last night... It was replanted into my head. I will explain the rest later.
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-21)
Were you daydreaming at the time or sort of spaced out when it all started? I'm just asking because images and visions and so on can and often do come to us during a certain state of brain activity... Alpha, beta, theta. It's my understanding that as we grow in psychic ability there is a stage almost of flipping too easily into one of these states. It's kind of a good thing because it means growing in psychic and probably spiritual awareness... But you probably need to learn to ground yourself better so you can flip in and out when it's more convenient to you. Hard to say what it means exactly, but sit with it all awhile, maybe do some research into it... It probably means something to you quite personal, on a personal level.
Yellow is the colour of self confidence, intellect, feeling of power in yourself. Crystal is clarity. Nude likely means you feel exposed in some way or a girl possibly means inner self, your inner child.
Drawing something is interesting... I used to doodle ALL the time this star over and over and over and over when I'd be on the phone... Incredibly one day I found it the way I draw it is exactly representative of 5 senses, 5 elements, invoking a positive outcome. Totally shocked me as I'd be drawing it all the time.
Keep us posted on any other interesting things that happen!
Kelly5678 (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-20)
As you get older, your psychic abilities sometimes change or become well developed. This may be what's happening in your case. I can relate to your experiences about feeling as if your dreaming as you carry on your physical being as is nothing is happening. I have flashes and images in my mind that bring on strong emotions. I still can manage to carry on with whatever I'm doing while my mind feels like its in an alternate state. This nude girl you are seeing, could very well be your spirit guide trying to tell you something. I began to keep a log of every dream and every image I have and make it as detailed as possible. I suggest you doing the same, you may find that all the confusion your having might make a little more sense after writing it all down and analyzing it. And remember that the feelings you get when you have these experiences can be just as important as the visions. Good luck to you. Plz let me know how it goes. I am right there with you as my new ability has thrown me for a loop. I'm still trying to figure it all out.

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