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A Kid From Amityville


Being born on Halloween in Amityville, New York probably sounds very spooky. I was around long before the Amityville Horror debacle and being born on Halloween maybe helped. I get the most psychic around October every year. It started as a child when I knew who was on the phone when ever it rang. My best friend got sent away when we were both 7 years old. When I was 9, one day, I woke up and just knew she was back. There was not a doubt in my mind. I got on my bike and rode to her house and there she was sitting on the steps. I never thought to myself "How did I know". It was just something I remembered years later. I always felt spirits in my room at night. I could feel someone sit on my bed, and I would jump up to find nobody there. I insisted on sleeping with the light on for this reason. My grandmother never liked me, she blamed me for the reason my parents split up. After she was put in a nursing home and my parents went back together, I was given her room with the same bed. After we went to the wake, I went to bed. I saw her clear as day over my bed with a little blonde baby in her arms. She had lost a baby at 18 months old in 1917 due to influenza. (I did not know this at the time) She told me to get out of bed, she was not very nice. It scared the crap out of me and I refused to sleep in that room anymore. We moved upstate, New York when I was 14. The house was 200 years old. The first night that I went to bed and did turn the light out. I could just feel spirits invading my bedroom, all trying to talk to me at once. Again, I was very frightened, I turned the light on after that and if anyone shut if off while I was sleeping, (like my dad trying to save on the electric bill) I would wake up because of all the chatter in my room. I would jump up and turn on the light to make it go away. Fast forward until I was 25 and moved to Florida. My friend wanted me to go with her to a Spiritualist church in Cassedega. I did not believe at the time, I had pushed all my psychic stuff away because it scared me so much. This church service was all about being Spiritual, not about money. You can put a nickle in the basket as it comes around. They pray, and then the medium for the night asks if she can read your message. What she told me turned out to be incredible. She saw an Aunt Edna, helping me with me money and she saw the Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook. I had no Aunt Edna at the time. I had an Aunt Edith and Aunt Evelyn. But the medium insisted this was an EDNA and did say that it could be in the future but it was very clear. Two years later, my mother married a man named Ken, who had a childless sister named Edna. She helped me to buy a house and then I went to work for her as a CNA. While doing so, I opened up a kitchen drawer and there was "The Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book". I have so much more to say but not all in one post. But this made me realize that nothing is random, there HAS to be something to metaphysics and Spiritualism. I got very popular doing readings for awhile but ended up scaring myself because they were too accurate. I have tried to block my psychic abilities but this causes me great anxiety. I am trying to re-hone my skills now and unblock myself so that I can connect with spirit on a personal level.

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RCT123 (6 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-18)
I am learning about the metaphysical world and synchronicity (which explains how everything is connected and not rando). I am a newbie to this and feel like my eyes are wide open and my mind has been blown.
I am generally overwhelmingly excited, but fear occasionally creeps in at night when I lay awake because I believe that these other worlds exist. I don't have the abilities that you have, but just wanted to extend my support to you. I have tried to make being afraid a choice, and by choosing not to fear, I find myself much more comfortable. It's kind of like "unlearning" everything I thought I knew, but the knowledge I am receiving seems to make sense to me. Hit me like a ton of bricks and still does every day. You said it yourself, "nothing is random". These spirits trying to speak with you, everything, we are all connected and nothing is random. Remember that as a reason to be brave. Easy for me to say I suppose, but doing my best to offer up what I can give to you. Best of luck! 😁

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