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Is There Somewhere You Can Take Kids To For Psychic Help?


As long as I can remember I have had a tendency to be drawn to people right before their deaths. I will feel very close to them for a few weeks before they die. I don't know they will die or how, so I have blown this off as a coincidence. But as a teen I started to know things, not like on T.V.,but ill just know. Like when the phone rings, even if its someone I haven't heard from in years and don't expect call. Or radio songs coming on. From about 8 I would sing songs and the songs would come on next. I can finish peoples sentences. And "know" people I have never met. For instance if someone comes up to tslk to me happy and friendly. I can "feel" other things. So recently I decided to test a few things. I had about a 3 minute conversation with a guy. He was happy and friendly. But I felt he was sad, his girl had a drug problem, and she was cheating on him and about to leave him. So when he brought up his relationship I took advantage and asked a few questions. Thankfully he wasn't upset I guessed right on the money she had an addiction to pills and they were having a lot of problems. In this conversation I felt he had been molested by uncle. And was right. I knew this man 15 minutes and had guessed his whole life he was so ecstatic to talk to someone about it he wasn't even mad on my nosiness. Less than a month later his girl left him for a guy she had been seeing for 3 months. I feel drawn to graveyards I used to sneak out at 10 to lay on tombstones. And I'm always drawn to the past. I don't see things persay no ghost has walked up to me and had a conversation I cannot get them to I have tried just out of curiousity. Though when I was 14 I was attacked with witnesses by what I can only explain was a demon, I was severely injured and catatonic for 3 days. I don't feel jolts by touching people. Just a lot of little oddities. I was raised against any of this in any way. Paranormal meant crazy so you didn't touch it. So I have never had anyone to help. The reason I am looking now is I am 40. I now have a daughter who at 2 started having some of the same oddities. I have never mentioned mine to her we don't talk much of ghosts,etc.but she has talked to relatives that has passed and she shouldnt even know. She sees people no one else does. She is now 11 and has always had the odd stigma to her. I don't know what to do to help her. Shes not as good as me as hiding it please any help

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LoveAndHappiness (guest)
10 years ago (2014-03-05)
I am happy to hear you are asking for assistance with your Daughter, and that your are open to help her. My name is Alyssa, I am a Medium, and come from a background of gifted woman from my paternal blood line. My Grandmother whom is now passed, was a gifted Healer and Psychic.
As a child I was very sensitive to others energies, also that of spiritual energies. I have not been shown as of yet, my first memories of the visits I received as a young child, but my Mother documented most of my experiences. Once I became a preteen/teenager I was dimmed for awhile. It was up until I went through a life altering event at the age of 20 I was allowed to be opened up again, at this time my first Daughter was 5 years old. As the following months went by I was allowed to become more sensitive to my surroundings, I also started to witness my Daughter experiencing many of same things I was. Soon after I would receive Empathy feelings of Spirits around me, my little girl was feeling them as well, only difference was that she could see them with her physical eyes. She would explain to me what their names were, what they looked like, ect. She very rarely was frightened by our "visitors". She could explain to me exactly what my Grandmother would talk to her about, how she looked, and even memorized a song she always would hum while she was on Earth. (My Daughter was born almost 10 years after she had passed) I then realized how gifted she truly was/is, and what I was feeling/experienced was not comparable to the level of Enlightenment my Daughter was able to be in tune to. I came in contact with a national known Medium and Spiritual teacher that helped me strengthen my gifts, and teach my Daughter about hers, and how to protect herself when she felt was needed. I now actively provide Mediumship readings, and teach in regards to our natural born Psychic Gifts. My daughter has been dimmed to a certain extent. She still is able to communicate with her Spirit Guides and Angels, and from time to time will come in contact with Spirits that have passed and sees Orbes. I was told by the Medium I work with, my Guides, and my Grandmother that my Daughter will be a very gifted Healer, that my Grandmothers gifts have been passed on to her. Also that her abilities will surpass mine on many levels.
The advice I can give to you is: support her in this, let her know everything happens for a reason, teach her grounding techniques. Even giving her a little bit of an idea on what to do will help, the older she gets she'll find something that will work for her. If your Daughter is sensitive I'm assuming she has felt scared or that "something" is scaring her at times. Something I made a priority with my Daughter is knowing when, and how to ask for protection, by the time she was 7 years old she already had her protection prayer memorized. Just simply calling upon God, the Universe, or whatever you believe in. My Daughter would call upon her Angels for help. Once they arrived (usually in a matter if seconds) she then would feel okay. She would say "Guides and Angels please come to me now, please come to me know, please surround me in a bubble of your white light and protection, please don't let anything come into my bubble, or anything send me bad feelings" She is now a teenager and still says this when needed. Another thing, which is hard with young girls is to teach her she was made with this gift for a reason, and she does not have to explain it, or justify it know one, if she does not want to. I remember my Daughter in grade school, we had a conversation about this. I simply told her, that this was something she could tell to those who she felt comfortable, and didn't have to tell know one if she did not wish too, and she didn't. Through out grade school, and middle school it was something that we decided to just keep with in our family and close friends, now in High School she is a bit more open with her spiritual self, but still does not tell just "anyone" and this has worked perfect for her. I commend you on being so open with your own gifts, and that of your daughters. Feel free to email me if you wish, if you are interested in any types of online courses for yourself or your daughter to learn about anything I had in this comment I would love to forward you my contacts information,
Take care, and have a blessed year!
Email: alyssaerreguin [at]
Enjali1 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-02)
Both you and your daughter are both beautifully psychically gifted. I have been a professional psychic for over 30 years. I understand the confusion and many different emotions that you can go through trying to sort out the experiences you will have and have already had. Please look at your gift and your daughters gift as a positive thing and feed it love and compassion. This gift can bring many wonderful blessings.
If you would like to discuss this further, I will be happy to do so. My email is goldenlightsanctuary [at] and you can visit my website

Lyro (468 posts)
10 years ago (2014-03-01)
I read over your experiences, and most all of them I've had myself. As far as children go I've posted about it before. They normally show signs from about 2-4 years old, then they go away, and come back again anywhere between say 7-17. Some are later, some earlier, but most fall in that. It happens quite often, and normally it flows through the family's genes. Not every generation will have it though, I take more of a scientific approach to it and see it more of dominate, and active genes. Either way they're gifts the same. My best advice would be to be honest with her, when you first start out it's scary, and the one thing you want more is to understand what's going on, why, and know there are others out there like her. You can either try to find someone who knows more about it, and talk to them, or do what you did. You came to this site for help, have her come on here and just look around at first, read other people's stories. She'll more than likely find one that sounds like her and she'll connect with it. Just talking to other people who won't judge you and understands is a great thing. That's the thing about other people, they never understand something they're not a part of. So she'll need to learn who to talk to it with, and who not to. That's something she'll learn for her self I'm sure. One of the many lessons she'll come across, but it's a part of learning. There will be good and bad things both that will happen, but she'll learn, just be there to answer questions, and try to be that steady thing to keep her solid with it.
Hope some of that helps:)
~ Lyro
MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-28)
She is still very young, so it is hard to tell how she will end up dealing with it, and what over all effect it will have on her.
So, in that respect, there is much hope.

One thing that helps IMMENSELY is having someone to be completely open and honest with about it, no matter how crazy it sounds.

My suggestion (I have aways been the blunt type) is to bring up some of your experiences with her.
She might think you are lying, or she might believe you. It will be up to her, as well as it being up to her wether she wants to talk about it.

Just remember that, at that age, there is a lot more going on with the body that might interfere with communication... You missed the prime time to talk about it with her when she was younger. At 11, there might still be some time left.

Another tactic could be showing her a forum such as this one, and giving her space to post her thoughts and experiences away from you, until she warms up to being able to talk to you about it.

So long as she is not being oppressed or attacked, it doesn't seem like there is too much to worry about.

The best help I ever received was being given a ear to listen to my story, and my life concerns... And education in meditation techniques.

After learning and practicing a few meditation techniques, I went back to my base in christianity.
To my surprise, the new testament, to me, reads like a psychic defense manual meant for people without psychic ability.
That doesn't mean that it does not apply to people with psychic ability...

What it does mean is that it comes down to balanced, clean living. Physical fitness also helps.

If your daughter has abilities on par with your own, it's only logical to assume she will have experiences on par with your own.
You can not stop that, just as you can not stop her from getting a cold.
What you can do is give her support, and help her find peace. And definitely help her to not be overcome by fear.

Good luck and God bless.

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