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Spirit Of A Little Girl Playing While Kids Are Asleep


My family and I were temporarily living with some friends of my husband's in Fort Hood, Texas on an army base. His friends daughter who I'll call Mellissa, had a sleep over one night with a girl that lived down the street that I'll call Amy. The evening following the slumber party strange things started happening. It was always after the kids were in bed sleeping and the adults were hanging out downstairs. We would hear what sounded like one of our kids running up and down the upstairs hall way, or jumping on the bed or calling out for mommy, but when one of us would go upstairs to check on them, they were always tucked safely in bed, sound asleep.

It got to the point where all of us grownups were so scared we'd huddle together on the downstairs couch with all the lights on until sunrise. This went on for about 6 or 7 days.

I often get quick flashes of images in my head. They are less like a picture a more like a memory or bit of knowledge just inserted into my consciousness.

One day we were casually discussing it with Amy's mom I suddenly got an image in my head of a little blonde girl about 5 or 6 wearing a blue dress. As soon as I said it aloud, A's mom stopped me and said that I just described what her daughter describes as her imaginary friend. She had never taken her daughter seriously before thinking she was playing pretend like most kids do. That same day Amy came over and walked through the house but said she didn't see her imaginary friend anywhere. That night the noises stopped and never started up again. Of course we didn't sleep well for weeks.

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unicornssparkel (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-16)
this happened to me sort of, I had a imaginary friend called ellie who would keep me awake all night it started of cool, we'd discuss school and dolls but she soon got bored, she started to be horrid, telling me she would kill me and that I would die, I didn't tell no one about this because I was scared and one day I said to my mom, "I CANT FIND ELLIE! Mom I think ellie went to hevan"
I never saw her again

Yeah I just thought I'd share that with you because of the last paragraph:) sorry if it was random 😆 😆

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