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I Think I Was A Psychic When I Was A Kid


At age 10 I think I was going to a new school in a new neighbor hood I didn't know anyone so when I walked in the class room I saw plenty other 10 year old kids, when I was walking in I looked at a guy name axel and I knew his name was axel just by looking at him then I looked at another student and I could just see his name was ólafur and another person helgi, and few more I just knew it I thought it and then we went on a game so I would remember theyr'e names or something like we all had to say our names and were we are from and stuff and axel óli helgi and the other students said the name that I thought of I was so disappointed that I didn't just say hey your name is axel and on and on

And in recess I walked up to some teenagers and say hey your name is "some name" and he asked how did you know and I just walked away I did this all the time,, I could also see what was about to happen such as microwave falling down to the ground in school and it actually happened and the teacher was asking a question on the tablet I had no idea but something came to me some weird feeling with a voice that I could not see or hear I could only feel it and I was to shy to say the answer so I just whispered it not loud but loud enough for my teacher to hear and he said CORRECT and clapped, my sister was also really psychic like far more then I was she could see ghosts when she was like 6 at first her mother thought it was just an imaginary friend but then my sister told her mom the name of the ghost which freaked her mom out and she was not allowed to talk to "imaginary" things again, I could also see what people were going to say what they were thinking and on and on but I never saw it or heard it I just felt it, I live in Iceland by the way and once I was on Majorca and I got lost out of the group somehow I was all alone. I could barely speak English, I was going to run away and look for them but when I was going to look for them some force or something planted a taught in my mind in a really weird way and like didn't allow me to go and kept planting the thought of just staying where I was I tried to ignore it but it was powerful and I stayed and 10 minute later the group came back, I'm still not sure if I ever was psychic or why it left me.

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pokestitch (12 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-21)
It is very common for kids to have psychic experiences, especially at a young age. It is also common enough for those psychic kids to lose their abilities over time. There are many reasons as to why one may lose their ability. They may grow to dislike/hate it, they don't use it often enough, they gain a different ability, etc. It may very well be that you were a psychic. If you lost that ability but want it back it is possible to regain it. All you have to do is meditate on the ability that you had. It's a 50/50 chance but you might be able to get it back. Just don't over thing things. That is the biggest enemy of psychic abilities and why adults tend to lose their childhood abilities. Adults usually over think things, while children normally have an open mind. Hope this helped,

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