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How To Do Spirit Guidance For A Beginner Medium


I'm pretty sure a ghost is haunting me-or I'm just uncharacteristically over-analyzing things.

Like usual I'm not going to be overly fussy about this- but as a first timer at this with not much experience I need some guidance on how to guide when I can only sense it...

It's been here for a fair time- the house I live in was Built in 1909 and finished in 1910- but the spirit feels more recent.

Judging by the fact it has created a whirlwind of troublesome antics in the last 24 hours I'm supposing it's loosing it's patience.

It feels familiar- and since I've only just become more aware of said ghost sensing gifts- I can only imagine why. I remember being haunted when I was little by Shadow People (disregarding the fact if Shadow people actually 'haunt'), and going through various other things.

I'm supposing it's a younger person- about the age of five or six even. I know that they have a pink ORB since I can see aura's- but in the matter of seeing and hearing I'm lacking.

I don't know how to deal with this properly and would like some advice on how to do whatever I'm supposed to do.

Her/ His activity occurred right after I drew a picture of a brief image I saw in my backyard with what looked like a 5 year old girl standing next to my garage door with a rather dark and ominous shadow leaking from the door in a human-ish shadow in it. Of course afterwards I freaked out slightly and began writing phrases like "Not Real" and "Never Occurred" Onto the paper- which probably provoked the spirit more.

Imagine a 5 year old Child being taunted by their parents saying "I can't see you- I don't know you- you were adopted" Obviously the child will have a tantrum and then act out by throwing items and slamming doors shut or open (Like the ghost/spirit has been doing) Basically giving the parents a heart attack.

But what stuns me the most is that the girl seemed to have an angelic sort of aura; nearly angelic- and the shadowy one seemed calming but intriguing at the same time- like re-meeting an old friend.

The girl was covered in glowing white light so I can't make out any definite features.

And another question. If I felt comfortable with both- How come when things happen I become surprised so easily- because it's like their presence drifts off and then suddenly appears once again with a boom.

Are these even ghost- and if they are- how is a person who can only sense them supposed to help?

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Usagii-chan15 (4 stories) (13 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-22)
[at] confused13 Thanks. I suppose I'll try it... I mean I started with Aura's too...
But Since being attacked by A Demon before and fearing having the same thing happen...I'm a bit...Um...nervous? (Classified as 'various other things' in article)
confused13 (3 stories) (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-21)
I do believe yo are a medium. I am 14 and have had more occurances with spirits as I have gtten older; and it started with seeing auras. I assume the spirit needs your help. Some spirits don't even know they are dead, and they just need guidnce into the light. Or even just an understanding of where they are. Try talking to it, ask it what it needs. Hoped I helped 😊

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