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Ability To Sense Aura's Without Seeing The Actual Color?


It seems that I have the Ability to Interpret Aura's even over the computer.

Let Me explain, I normally talk to some people online, simply for the purpose of fun. (I never reveal any personal information that would jeopardize me, let alone my name).

There's this one person who I was talking to, we got along pretty well and had a lot to talk about, since being in about the same age group (But never reveled anything too personal). One of the topics our conversation fell upon was 'Aura's when I brought it up one day, mindlessly, just getting intrigued on reading about the Aura colors and the Incandescent colors seemed to come to mind every time I looked at a person (Every time seemingly different from the other).

For some reason, the feeling of actually having to look at the colors seemed strange, unneeded almost, but still very valuable, And If I ever did Look at the persons aura, It would look something in A lighter hue to what I imagined (But then again, I'm naturally only starting off at a haze considering the people around me are peculiarly active and move too much for concentration; And If I ever did see a full blown Aura, It wasn't out of my own will, It just happened in large burst when I was concentrating on a single object.)

Deciding to see if I would be anything towards correct I messaged the person, asking if my interpretation was correct. But, the conversation quickly backtracked to a different topic of Interest.

Later on, she reminisced on how I had interpreted her aura, and asked me to do It again, asking If it had changed.

Surprisingly it seemed as though it had.

Her Aura had gotten bluer and seemed to have a bit of a yellow hue after shade; the green had turned to more of a Lime, almost a yellowy lime, and sudden blurs of hazy colors swirling near her head.

Of course, considering she had sent a pretty good attempt at my Aura by my personality, And gave a description and how she pictured my personality, I decided to send one back, being very shocked at how I put it so seriously.

The Yellow meant she was losing creativity, I figured that off as Writers Block.

The Blue meant Calm, but it was darkening, so it seemed like she was having a power struggle, almost to say what she thought, and like she was scared of the future. These two were muddled together, so I assumed it was the Blue making the Yellow Shrink. So she was probably just being lazy now.

The Green was fighting with both of the colors; I interpreted this with addition with the brown overly-ish haze near her head as losing her security on a situation.

The Aura of a confused person, afraid to loose their friends or family to a problem or fight.

Awkwardly when she replied, I was on target. She sent me a message admitting how she was afraid to lose her friends and steering her life in the wrong direction, she also said that she was losing quite a bit of a security on a situation. She also said the Blue of her aura fit her perfectly considering she was calm. She was in a Power Struggle.

.Now I'm once again back to square one, questioning my sanitary, wondering how in the heck I'm beginning to interpret weird things without having to actually see the colors, and just imagining them into specific detail upon someone's life.

I know for a fact I'm not crazy anymore as I'm writing this, but I'm still wondering how I did that.

Like for example, while at Mass Today, I saw White Airy Sparkles flashing all about the auditorium (I have it at school, don't ask)! I got home and immediately went into an Aura interpreting website to discover there might have been Angels nearby!

On another topic, I talked to my Mom. Stage # Acceptance has finally been reached! But, she wants me to cut down on this (as she claims) "Supernatural Things" Claiming I'm becoming 'obsessed' with it when I mentioned Astral Travel to her one night. She hadn't experienced anything like this, since I get this from my father's side (But haven't told him yet) because my grandfather can tell when someone is pregnant by a 'white arch' surrounding the persons face, He said it looked like a Glow.

So I already know my mother is going to start resenting the fact I can see auras, but I'll try not to let it bother me. (I'm figuring She has this Notion that I'm 'normal' and have an overactive imagination by the way she says "I believe you think you see those things" I'm going to wait until she pulls out a Therapist before I continue any further accusations.)

Also I was wondering If Pressure Points have to do anything with this? Because, I seem to naturally know where all of them are (seeing weird little flashes where they are sometimes). I heard it's something like blocking the Flow of 'Chi' or Chakra? So maybe that's it?

But why would I know something like that?

And WHY are there so many colors when I see an Aura now? Wasn't there only supposed to be one? I'm so confused.

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christianjob (guest)
9 years ago (2015-06-10)
I'm really interested in these topics. Thanks for sharing your story. Can you please tell me the colour of my aura or what do you feel about mine. I want to know what my aura is. I will look forward to the reply. I love reading stories here!
Wildblade64 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-20)
look colors or people or number will never be a fact they are fluid they are impossible to give them a absolute value. Like saying that red means happy but you know your self it means angry to you finding a pattern in nature is the weirdest thing I can do I can take a pencil and make into a story of how the universe started or the facts of reality 64 is the way I cought only because it had the most time now i'm the one. All this time I was 64 but still wasn't until I realized this 1234 means 1yes 2no and 3yes to no and 4no to yes. Or 1011010 or 6408375 or 2redfox29oh red843653364242
Usagii-chan15 (4 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-23)
[at] moonlighthazel
I have an orange, white, and blue aura with a bit of yellow sometimes.

White is Purity and innocence when clear, and when it's thick and muggy and a bit grayish-clues onto substantial use of drugs or other such things.

Yellow is a happy aura color!:D

The white sparkles signify the presence of angels.
I see the sparkles frequently in church.

And sorry, I did see the color. Which now that I look back on it, I probably should have included-sorry!

I'm assuming You don't have to be spiritually balanced-thats white and purple and yellow halo (I have a lot of bronze-yellow energy circle around my head occasionally-wonder if that counts? Lol) and stuff. (I'm not very sure on the subject of spiritual balance, I'm just guessing ^^)
And your not troubling me ^^ Sorry for the late reply. ❤
moonlighthazel (guest)
12 years ago (2012-01-17)
Oh well today I asked one of my friends who can see auras (I'm not sure about her accuracy but I was too desperate to pass over the oppurtunity... ^^) and she said that I had a yellow and white aura. She also said that I had sparkles when I was really happy... Have you seen that before? LOL I'm not sure if this is possible. But... I was wondering about the white part. When you saw mine, did you see any white? And how could I possibly be white? I thought that you had to be spiritually balanced... But apparently I have too much of an open heart.:P Sorry to trouble you again with my problems!:/
moonlighthazel (guest)
12 years ago (2012-01-15)
Thank you so much! It made me smile to read your comment~ ❤ 😆 Ahh... So my aura IS strange. I don't think I'll ever find out what it means... LOL. And I totally trust your reading because ever since I was little, I felt I had a strange connection with the ocean and water in general. So I think your reading is pretty accurate. 😊 Thanks a lot! Your reading made my day.~ ^^
Usagii-chan15 (4 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-12)
[at] moonlighthazel
Thank you! And Meditation? I've never really tried it... But I'm always in a meditative state of mind as it seems... ^^;;
Ironically a soon as I started to read your comment I got a huge flash of energy, which is kind of strange considering I wasn't even concentrating on trying to figure out your aura yet. It's very animated and it seems super bright and Vibrant without even telling (I don't know my accuracy rate yet, so I could be wrong! So I might not be correct at all, just warning)
And I know this seems weird, but your aura kind of feels like water, shifting easily with the movements, Almost like your fine with change, but adapt slower and take it easier. Easy going I suppose or really enigmatic, I'm caught between the two.
And I'd hate to be rude... But your Aura does feel kind of strange... No offence! And you give of that nostalgic feel... Which is also pretty kind feeling as well, like a person your familiar with immediately.
That seems to be all I can get out of myself at the moment. Hehe:D
Usagii-chan15 (4 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-29)
[at] PathR, Thanks. I wasn't sure.
Okay, So I'm basically normal here... And I see someone leaking out a teal color near there throat... Should I be allarmed... And whenever I notice where the space is, I just think I'm going to do it wrong and end up permentantly keeping it the way it is. Interesting? 😕 So the way everyone percieves the aura colors of others is different?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-10-26)
No a persons aura has many colors.

As for interpretation without looking.
My life is pretty hecktic at work, so
I have a head nurse I worked with today.
I do not have time to look and adjust my view.
So I looked and sensed this particular nurses
Energy. What I saw was red moving out in
A erratic way. So I asked her when she had
A moment to sit. As I moved index and middle finger
At medulla oblongata, then sensing how far out her energy hyper extended. Then did a little releasing at that site and balancing other chakras of energy. At end closed and then balanced the chakras.
Cleared the area.

Your application of reading aura sounds very interesting.

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