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Orbs, Sparkles And Shadows


I'm 17 and possess the ability to see things. Does that even have a name? The things I see are orbs, sparkles and shadows. I think I see the "Sparkles" more than anything else. I've been told these "Sparkles" are left over energy from angels. They're the size of a quarter, and they're like little quick flashes of light. They're always different colors. The ones I've seen are light blue, dark blue or fire colored.

The orbs are just regular orbs. Round, white and quick. I've seen them from my peripheral vision and sometimes I'd look straight at one. Although I did see one small orb, it was a very dark blue and it was in my kitchen hovering over a tub of pasta sauce. It was pretty, actually.

And the shadows. Well one. I've got this one several weeks ago, while trying to make a glass explode with my mind. (I know, I know. Silly. But I had just got back from seeing Chronicle and I was inspired. LOL) Anyway, the glass never broke, but I did feel something. As I was concentrating on the glass my body felt hot. Really hot and it just kept getting hotter and hotter until I finally stopped. That must have attracted it because that night I saw it for the first time and ever since. It never bit or scratched me. It did turn into my dog once, I ended up following it behind the couch to pet it only to find nothing there. I've seen this smoky black thing dissolve into my bedroom floor. It hasn't been menacing, just there.

Strange things have been happening other than the sightings. Doors would open for me, I'd smell smoke where there isn't any, light touches on my covers when I'm sleeping, doors would lock behind me, HUGE dead flies in random places (They were the size of bees!) and buzzing in my ears when there wasn't a bug in sight. And I would feel someone staring at me very intensely, so intensely it almost hurts.

Also, my mom and sister used to have premonition dreams. They don't anymore, so why do I still see things, even more than before? And why don't I have premonition dreams and they don't have the sight?

Anyway that's it for my current experiences, I hope you enjoyed!

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jodenx12 (70 posts)
9 years ago (2012-02-21)
I also see the sparkles too. Usually they are different colors and they tend to disappear quickly. I also feel some one watching me, but maybe its our spirit guides protecting us. And others say that the sparkles are spirits, either good or bad.

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