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Blue Crescent Moon


Hey guys!

I subscribed to this website to share my story, and to seek answers about my psychic gift. I started reading tarot when I was 14. I had problems with my friends and I was really down about it. One day, in March 2007, I was watching tv and I took randomly a Cardcaptor Sakura mangas on my shelf. I opened it and I fell on the page when she was doing a reading regarding the Mirror card. Weirdly, I think I heard a voice, calling me to do readings. Each time I was doing one, I had always a good feeling and it followed me all those years. My tarot decks are Legend: the Arthurian Tarot and the Clow Cards, but the most powerful of those two is the Clow Cards.

Then, in December 2007, I was able to predict songs on the radio, shows on the TV, people calling etc. So, I talked about it with one of my friend's mother, and she said I had a gift. I was able to see the future, to feel ghost and to see people's aura. About 2 months later, and I don't know why, two blue crescent moons appeared in my eyes. I have green eyes, but we can see clearly the moons. That is why I subscribe to this website. I wanted to know if someone could help me regarding those moons. I have no idea why it appeared like that. So if someone could help me, it'll be much appreciate. I'm not as lost as I was back then but still, I seek answers regarding theses moons. I asked many people about it and no one was able to answer me. It's more out of curiosity you know. Anyway I'll be really happy if someone could tell me something about them.

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laurenwells (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-24)
My aunt taught me to read tarot when I was very very young, pick the deck you feel most atoned with. Keep both decks, but one will be for everyone and the other is just for you. Remain open minded, if anyone picks up the deck you deemed for yourself then read it to them, but know that it will hold a heavier and at the least... A different meaning. Remember that cards are their interpretation of themselves. Please tell your reader that before you decipher. Unfortunately the ones who really need the reading will freak out AND deny their own responsibilities, but this is the life of one who reads cards. No worries: life is a circus, we are just the first to find out:)
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-22)
Clow is a Scot's name: Cleugh=meaning gorge, ravine, cliff, cave. Most of these can look like a crescent.

The eyes are windows of the soul.
In Japanese face reading as with Tarot reading.
The Eyes: one represent what we are born with
And the other represent what we have done, or
Were we are at spiritually.

Blue in essence is representative of the connection
With the Throat chakra which is an area our guides
Use as communication.
Know for being mystical,magic, protection.

Seeing east & wesst future and backward-past.

The cresent moons only seem to verify what you
Are already doing.

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