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The Chosen Kid In A Telepathy Outbreak


Telepathy had never been such a rush, everybody started to realize their worth in a physic environment. The telepathy outbreak occurred when I was sitting at home, surfing the net, when I hear my best friend. She was arguing about me, actually a point in time when she had been thinking of me and shooting my cat in her imagination. I had heard what she had said, though avenues away I didn't realize until I started talking back. Actually speaking while thinking of this person. We are best friends and since then I started using my mind to talk to people on the street random at times, just to say hello. I would say hi, what's up, anything really. Excited at the fact that I had finally experience something epic. Keep in mind this had all happened over the course of about a day and a half.

Skip- For some odd reason, out of primarily blame, I choose to say I was "out of it" or "not home" to be exact. I had a sudden curiosity of the trading of my soul (wrote "trade"). I wrote a few things down and decide I would want to be the best person I could be. So I chose to sell it for the following (not realizing I could have had all of this without trading);


-ability to change people's lives in good ways

-mind power (knowing telepathy had existed)

-spiritual power










-problem solving


-there to always be a way out (pretty sure)

(lots I can't remember)

All these things had added up to the perfect human, despite the money fame, etc. I had finished it. Boom sold. Though keep in mind I had a very interesting thought going on, my thought was concentration. Perhaps maybe the fact I'm a Aries, I don't know. I didn't put a name down, didn't write Satan or didn't put devil or keeping bad energy in mind at all. I had used my blood and thumb print. Then burnt the page. I had traded my soul to flame. The largest known heat ray is the sun. Or deep within ground. Take a note of these dual coincidences.

Talking about coincidences, I am an Aries male, born April 9th (April 9th of 2012 is Easter Monday the day Jesus was re-incarnated, telepathy had also started around this time >spring) turned 16 on this day, 1+6 = 7 my soul erge number I believe it to be, also known to be a lucky number, I see this number everywhere, my best friend of 3 years is a Capricorn born January 13th (jan 13 is Friday 13th of 2012 known as a bad luck day), Aries and Capps are business partners in the astrological signs of person, she is satanic and very attractive. I on the other side am not too attractive and not a Satanist.

I started researching things online such as "world awakening", a bunch of stuff on these energies called "Pleiades" of the Pleiades seen at orions belt showed up. Videos of a calm gentle soothing voice and a picture of earth captured my full and undivided attention. The things this voice had spoken of were government fault, becoming one within yourself and within the environment, the natural beauty of all things. I had completely fallen for these pleiadiens. Also talking about a world awakening. A galactic war between what is control over mind and spirit and what is becoming free. This had completely fit the description of what our mother earth is going through. A process of Forgetting the land around us, a sin of government. The coincidences add up here too.

The pleiades is found at Orion's Belt, Orion is the "water bearer" of the night sky, he is also a symbol of reincarnation. The Era our planet is going through would have to be the "Aquade" era. The pyramids in Egypt mimic the belt of Orion's, and also known for "guiding heaven on earth" 2012 is the end of the Mayan calendar and is also the mark of consciousness and conscious wakefulness. Harray.

Using the telepathy, I have believed to have communicated with one of the Pleiadians and also very intense conversation between that world and mine. She was beautiful. Before I had begun to get addicted to this amazing gift of Telepathy, I had asked my heart and it had said its a good thing. So I went along with it. Started learning how to dream walk, transport my bodies energy, while staying in my own, also talking to my mom, old friends etc.

I was at a friend's place, she is a Leo, along with my capp friend and a Libra, most compatible signs along with business. When all of a sudden an idea came to me. To use this telepathy gift to stop global warming. Knowing pollution needed to be ended dude to the smog in my small city, I had told all of them to continue the message, pass it on. To stop polluting as much as you can and to start preserving our planet. It got pretty far, knowing it was also a spread of the telepathy (att, not keeping it in mind tho).

Then people started getting mad at it. Telepathy was an outbreak of trend and sickness. People stopped using it, due to the belief it was started by the "illuminati" (told after wards) claim? No clue. And then there's me. I couldn't stop. I had eventually passed this message on to so many people that I had practiced the shiat out of my mind. And it had become a way of myself. I sit currently confused and doused in the fact that there is an outbreak of telepathy but I had believed it to be a good thing at the time. The only one using it.

I've stopped. What am I to do? Where do I fit in? What is my role. The stopping of telepathy has only wasted time, for me and my kind, we chose the spread of knowledge, but there are those such as control, who seek secretively. My role in this world has been slaughtered and also very abused. Is this enough coincidence to show you this kid was chosen? What do you think?

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AnnieBee (1 stories) (3 posts)
7 years ago (2013-06-21)
I don't have powers to be exact. I don't have pyro kinesis, telekinesis, or any of that. But I wish I did! DO. NOT. STOP. USING. IT! You can lose it that way. Lose your special gift. Our world in coming into a new era. A generation of peace and wisdom, self awakening. I can feel it. Special, holy people like you and others shouldn't stop using their gift. You have to use your powers! You can make such a big difference in the world. ❤ You have to practice, you have let them get stronger. One day instead of using war machines in our battles we'll use our minds. We need to come together to make this world a better place
TW37 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2013-05-03)
true that now that I have leared more I have understood the penalties for using such power, I indeed do kill myself. So watch out! 😨
love_true (guest)
8 years ago (2012-06-28)
It seems that there are some things we have in common.
I know what the Pleiades or Cassiopaeans -as they call themselves the last years- teach and I'm pretty much amazed by the accuracy it feels that they have.
I'm a telepath too.
However, there are some things that you write that I don't get. For example, could you explain this: "The stopping of telepathy has only wasted time, for me and my kind, we chose the spread of knowledge, but there are those such as control, who seek secretively."
What do you mean by 'the stopping of telepathy'?
And tell me if I'm getting this right, Is it like you cooperate with others and they now feel that people shouldnt know what's going on, so, they won't let you use your telepathy to help them?

Im looking forward to your reply.
IslVoter (257 posts)
8 years ago (2012-06-27)

I have to admit that I have great difficulty following your train of thought. Or trains.

Perhaps it is time to calm the mind first and then communicate. Keep it simple--to one or two ideas.

Sorry if I'm being dense.

Isle - Lora

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