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A Life I'm Still Trying To Figure Out


I need help, for the reason of not knowing what purpose I serve. I am not like other psychics, I don't "just" see the future, or past events I was never alive for. I do not "just" see spirits.

What I can do?

Is uncontrollably have blue beams of light shoot from my hand. (not aura)

I can send extensions of my own energy to another stretching miles away, and sometimes accidentally hurt them trying to pull away.

I also have these very, very deep trances in which takes me to an alternate state, (while my body is still in the task of what I am in) And I will strangely envision random things. Such as what I mentioned in my very first post on here, as "Kiame2012."

Can I also recall the night of hearing spirits physically say "She cannot figure out who she is, or we're screwed." when I was 11.

...But who "am" I?

Before I was born, my mom told me the story of how she almost had this forced-over feeling of naming me, "Marie." In which is my name this day. Then, when I "was" a newborn, a cat of ours would feel the need to protect me sleeping during the night, and would be found at my feet each morning. Then to the fact of I remembering dark faces constantly hovered over myself during the night, unable to defend myself. So for the reason, striking, white, bright lights would shoot them away. (Yes, I do have a large memory of what I should not be able to remember.)

Being a child, I was always told "You will begin recognizing your powers, for your special soul will finally begin awakening at age 14."

I never believed such thing.

However, I turned 14, and there did my trances, blue light-beams, sight for the paranormal, sight for the future, feeling of what may come, and all other special abilities morphing as one into one body.

As a 14 year old, I was told of the fact my soul will fully become wide-awake, and responsive at age 16. As to there shall I meet the one to train me.

"Train me?"

For being between the ages, (15) all I need is answers. You see, I've been through enough trying to discover "why's" and "how's." I've done 15 years worth of so. Now I need answers in why this begun.

If you are quick to shoot me down because I may not have supplied enough information, I do have other blogs time-accordingly posted, to what I mentioned before.

If you may have answers, or find yourself relevant to my cause, email me at

(Please no spam, and take in mind I am 15.)

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lexierdnr (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-19)
Our soul do not "awake" at a certain age, we awake when we begin to look into our intuitive selves. You can find the answers within yourself, meditation is key, and connecting with higher realms rather than the physical plane. If you're able to do the things you do then that means you're sensitive to those types of energy, the best way I would find answers if I were you, talk to a spirit guide. You may meditate and connect with her that way and I believe you will find a steadier path from there.
vergil117 (guest)
10 years ago (2013-10-16)
Hello there, its nice to read your experiences. Just know your not alone, I'm 17 years old and I started to awaken at 15 as well. I became more spiritual in general and figured out who I was and what I need to do. I won't lie, before, last year and the year before I was lost in depression and felt hopeless because of how my abiliites seemed to control my life, and how I was never able to talk to anyone who could of understood my abilities. I have since come back from that, and I'm in my senior year in high school and I'm graduating. I'm happy as can be, I'm accepted at school, and I'm even planning on doing ghost hunting and stuff for Halloween this year. I'd love to help you out more. I'm an Empath. I know its probably good to talk to someone near your age.:D would you like to talk more about it? I'm always available for a chat.
Lyro (468 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-05)
Our souls don't become "fully" awake at 16 though, it takes much more time than that, there is a lot to learn, and no one person can become fully awake yet. There is what is known as the veil that keeps this from happening with very good reason. Now, a lot have seen this veil dropping, but not at anytime soon. As far as light coming from your hands, I don't think I'm quite understanding what you mean by that, if you could explain it in a different way maybe? As far as starting to awaken (reawaken) at 14, if you read my post on the other story I explained that most people start to awaken again around that time.
Arbellason (4 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2013-10-04)
I happened upon this by chance and I can relate to what you are saying instead of a blue light mine is silver in color. It started a month ago after I had turned 14. Although I don't have any answers I think we have the same story.

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