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At Times, I Don't Even Understand Myself


My name is Marie. I am a 15 year old High School student. But unlike most high school students, I tend to be in the need of keeping this secret side to myself, family, and trusted friends only.

So for the sake of nobody knowing who I am, I will admit I am Psychic. And the type where they have been born with such powers as well.

Proof of that, is Feline's are most known as well as other animals, for their sensitivity to spirits and the unseen. We owned a feline (cat) as I was a newborn, and I was told stories that this cat would act highly over-protective over my personal being. To the point at night, the cat would jump into my bassinet and sleep at my feet, after performing a very antsy act on the floor.

As I grew older, as to maybe 4-6 years old, I once woke up with no memory of the people I see everyday. I was actually more surprised at the fact, I had these things people called "Hands" and "Legs" awhile I was dressed in a night-gown. I studied my limbs for possibly an hour, then slid off this bed of mine and opened a door. Leading myself down the steps, not even understanding what this place was. Yet I was supposed to of been living there my whole life.

Later in life, I did find out what this moment was about. But that will be explained later.

Moving onto my first paranormal experience, I will admit was very uneasy, and for being a 5 year old, extremely terrifying. It was of a deep-voiced man. "Marie." was what he said from the thin air surrounding me. Somebody was watching me, I could feel it, but no man who owned that voice was even near me for a mile. That's why my room was such a mess as a kid, it wasn't for I was lazy. It was because I dropped whatever I would be doing, and run out of that room at lightning-bolt speed.

Not going to explain my whole paranormal-history now. But I will explain when things became more serious, and started to expand as if puberty for being psychic.

I was told 2 years before this, that was age 12 I'd notice extraordinary powers come in. Ones that my soul contains. And that the day I notice, is when my soul's eyes, are squinted. Meaning it's awakening, but just starting to for a 2 year period.

I thought it was me trying to make myself feel higher than I really am. But 2 years later, it came true. I was 14 you see. And just one day, it hit me like a sack of potatoes. I was in the lunch line at school you see, and my head suddenly felt heavily stimulated. Almost felt like a dream you'd experience at night. But it was during the day, and I was unaware of it even occurring on that day. I was conscience, and unconscious at the same time. To explain, my vision was weaving into the dream-like vision from the stimulation of my head, to what was going on around me. Though I could barely move my limbs, I was under that much control. I will explain what I saw, as before me was brick paths bending and curving all around in the pitch of darkness. As I watched a naked female walking those paths, coming across gigantic yellow crystals, path from path. I fought myself out of it, it hurt, I had no control. People around me thought I was sick. And once I fell out of it forcefully, I became rather unbearably tired. With a headache with matter of fact. Ever since, these visions constantly happen out of the most random times, making me sometimes phase out in the middle of conversation.

Later as time passed, a sleepover I had with a friend, shown another sign of what I was told the two years before. The sign, was when an aqua-blue light, with not much thickness to it, shot right out of my hand. Not only once, but several times. I haven't been able to do such thing since, but I think it's because i've been so afraid of the dark for those many years, that I couldn't rely off myself to make it happen again.

However, I was told my soul would awaken fully at age 16. It would take 2 years for the process to complete. And who says this you may ask? I have no clue. It's a subconscious voice really. A voice that's so distant, but close to me, all at the same exact time.

I will also explain something else the voice said. Something about my protector/trainer would come after process would be complete. I got the name "Jonathan" a couple of times. But I never really trusted it. Then the other night, I was laying in bed staring at the dark ceiling (at this point i'm not afraid of the dark anymore) and a random image, as clear as day, popped right into my vision, and closed my eyes off from reality. It was of a masculine, Caucasian male, with dark brown eyes looking worried and frantic, as well as shirtless. He was leaning over me it seemed. But instead of the nighttime, it was daylight. Who is this? I don't know.

Now to lastly explain why I had no idea of who I was as a young child, who should have at least knew who her own parents were or where she was. It was because of my soul. My soul and I are the same thing. Apparently I own a very strong one, from the stories I hear through my conscious mind. And that 2 years may seem like a very long, and irrational time to wake up. But to think of it, it laid dormant for 14 years. So it's only fair to allow it so much for it to awaken itself. Though sometimes I feel it's eyes expanding. Or when it starts taking on what i'm actually doing. Because i'll be somewhere as if on Auto-pilot, and it feels like i'm just there. That's it. I only have basic knowledge that whole time. Then finally when my eyes open, I realize i'm there. That i've been there that whole time. And I feel alive once again. Weird, huh?

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LuuvMikiTakei (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-19)
Sounds really weird and cool at the same time~
Its reminds me of myself a bit when things started to change for me, in middle school. I started to become more awaken/open to my 6th sense during that time:3
But, the difference for me is that I haven't heard of a name of the spirit that should be my guide, and haven't seen it yet. But I did get messages from somewhere, about the people that where sick/dying soon. It was weird.
You are so lucky, I would love to know the name of my guide:3
Someday soon I hope to hear it and find out! 😲

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