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Schitzophrenia Or Psychic Symptoms


I do indeed have a family member who currently undergoes the suffering of Schizophrenia. However, I have a father whose encountered voices, and the face of Satan 'The anti-christ' outside a window of in where my father had stayed in. As my mother had lived through hauntings and once attended a seance of Bloody Mary as a teenager.

After giving you some insight of my background family history, I will now proceed to provide my personal experiences, and ask of everybody's opinion of if I may have Schizophrenia and should try and look into treatment, or that I have abilities above a normal human and should look into how to control such capabilities so I don't feel so worn down from just another day of getting through them.


Back into the month of September 2012, I had underwent a powerful turn from minor abilities, to a colorful explosion of different and new abilities hardly relevant from myself before the month of September, and then onto.

Those abilities had increased from the base of just that "knowing" sense, and tiny witnessing of spirits who intends to keep me from knowing of myself, to a raging point of scent-sensations of irrelevant surroundings, sounds of distant and unknown objects and/or people, as well to leading towards the sight of a mile.

Not only those mentioned, but these god-awful trances that give me horrible headaches and right-eye sores at some points after the occurrences of one.

Some of these trances 'are' and then 'are not' apart of reality. Some seem to just be colorful dreams I feel I remember while getting through them, then rapidly forget of as soon as I fight off the trance that steals my focus by force, only leaving my limbs to shake but mind still fully in tact. Then other times, it seems to be powerful past memories of a whole different parallel universe. The only one I am able to vividly remember and explain, is the one that pounded on my mind, just shortly after these trances had started back in October.

To include this one highly vivid trance for those who hadn't read my first article posted on this account, "Focus." I will include a quote from my first article, in which explains what this trance is all about.

"My mind began tuning out, and a road, with crystals scattered alongside was at the feet of a nude girl. I was still able to walk, I was still able to fight my way to know who is talking to me, but I felt sick, I felt taken control of, I felt dazed. The nude girl walked, and the voice within my head told me "You remember this" I said "No I do not" back towards it in my mind as I held my lunch tray.

A yellow, huge, crystal flashed, and the voice had then said "You remember this" and so I replied "No I do not." As I picked up a cheeseburger off the cart, my mind fought back to that image, and it said "You remember this." then it felt like I was in a dream, and making me think I dreamt this up the previous night. Then I answered "I kind of do." I waited in line, And the nude girl walked down the path as huge crystals surrounded her and the path both. "You don't kind of, you do." said the voice. I began giving in, and felt sick still. "Okay, I believe I remember." I said. Then I began gaining back focus, and grabbed a milk from the crate. It all felt like I was dreaming as my mind gradually went back to normal, I felt like I was still in bed, but I wasn't."

My last two abilities, is that I am able to send off an extension of my own energy, such as a energy chain, a hand, or even just a ray of magnetic energy, and latch onto a person I am very focused on.

Also, I was able to shoot a blue ray of light from my hand one night in pitch darkness, and my friend had witnessed it as well. She is whom pointed it out to me! I haven't done such things since then after I started to feel I was turning more crazy than anything. Especially for when I thought back to these group of voices, that I had overheard even, saying "She cannot find out who she is, or our plans will be riddened."

I mean, I am special? I stand out? Does that make sense?

Then later one night, I had noticed shadows moving about the walls, mirrors reflecting air movements, air movements in just in front of my naked eye. And I have been humming the most out-of knowledge tunes to myself, as to say both signs are symptoms of Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia has been a blown out epidemic since the New Town, Connecticut shooting. Schizophrenia has been talked about more often these days, and-- I just had to research it. Especially for knowing that family of my own has such disease, meaning the disease can run into such bloodline.

No-- I do not experience any paranoia of somebody constantly after me, I do not have voices in my head criticizing or manipulating me to do any inhumane thing. Though, I feel I am inhumane for believing such things actually do happen to me.

Then I look back onto the things that don't exactly have anything to deal with my mind, I mean that blue ray of light has to be something? Also, I fail to mention that during a full moon, I am irregularly tired and can sleep in for an extra 4 hours compared to my normal wake up time, and I even fall asleep early. This occurs for 7 straight days. 3 days before the full moon, the day of the full moon, and 3 days after. No I do not make myself sleepy to try and find some fantasy within myself, this does indeed occurs. I don't even know it is a full moon unless I look online when I become suspicious of me falling into an irregular sleep pattern again. Amazingly, it is when I hit within the range of 3 days before the full moon usually.

Though the signs lead to that I am most likely more ability-capable than a disease holder of schizophrenia, I would still enjoy the opinions of others. I've been feeling rather sick lately because of these trances giving me countless headaches and right-eye sores, and even occasional upset stomachs. This trance really scares me into wanting a brain scan in case this is a huge medical issue, and explains of why I witness such weird occurrences as well.

If you would like to learn more on this trance, Please click on my username of my account, and scroll to the article "Focus" to have the full feel of this trance. Also, be more than welcome to read the others I post and comment as well.

P.S- I am a huge christian believer, I love the lord, as so does my family. Please do not try to make an inference that my father witnessing satan has to deal with what I go through today. I do have siblings, though I had came a decade and year later, yet I am the only of those to have such "Abilities" or "Disease"

Thank You,


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