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I meditate daily and I have been noticing lately that I keep having strange physical feelings. At the beginning of my meditations, I do a visualization exercise where I surround myself in pure white light for protection. It is like me sending out positive energy so that way I only receive positive in return, and this is when the feeling starts. I have had these feelings for years, and they don't just happen when I meditate. Sometimes when I sense an evil spirit or just feel unsafe around a person or place, I get this weird feeling in my upper back.

There is this gentle pressure on my shoulder blades. It feels like there is energy attached there and it stretches out of my body like wings. The feeling can feel like an ache, an itch, two hot spots on my shoulders, or like it's vibrating. If I focus on the feeling, it sometimes feels like something will come out of my back, and that usually happens when I feel extremely scared/panicked or if I focus on the ache.

Whenever I meditate it feels like those spots vibrate the most, as if the energy there is being energized even more. If do energy work, such as energy healing a friend or trying to ease pain in my own body, the two spots on my shoulder blades vibrate again. And when I try to focus and release the pressure, it only makes it worse, but it's never been painful.

I went to a friend's house once to get rid of this demon that was attached to her house and was giving her nightmares and physical pain. As soon as I walked into the house, the two spots on my back started vibrating/aching as I went around sensing the area to find where the presence of the spirit was strongest. Her room was the strongest place and my back began to ache even more so. As I walked throughout the house during the session, my back vibrated intensely as I told the spirit to leave the house.

Once the spirit was gone, I went home. I fell onto my bed and could barely move due to my back. It didn't hurt, it just ached. It's not the same as an ache where you strain your back. It seems to just stay in that one spot every time. The only thing that helped ease the ache was a wet washcloth.

Sometimes during my meditations, I fly with angel wings and it sometimes jolts me out of my meditation because of the feelings in my back. Sometimes the feelings make me shudder too.

The feeling on my back doesn't scare me at all. It is a calming presence, as if the Archangel's wings are connected to me and are protecting me. When I feel the pressure, I seem to get a burst of energy that strengthens me.

I just want to know what this feeling is. Is it being caused by something? Why is it whenever I meditate, use energy, or do something with spirits it feels as if my shoulder blades are vibrating? Is it something I should try and get rid of? Or am I safe and this is all just in my head?

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-17)
Annoying of any kind is a cue to you it does not match. The internet gives a generic suggestion.
As this suggestion relates to group, a one size does not fit everyone. But the proof would be for you to
As your guide for proof and guidance.

The white light is made of a combination of all light.

In illness for epileptics, red, blue flashing light
Can set off seizures. In psychology certain colors can trigger a bad experience. All color resonates with

Good journey
AellaRosewood (2 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-14)
The light is something I create. It is all the internet as a protection meditation technique. I know it is protective because I make it. It's never been painful, not even a little. It is usually just annoying. I don't go to haunted houses. I only help people out if they ask me. I am just wondering what the weird sensation on my shoulder blades is.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-13)
I encourage you to listen to the cues your guide is giving you. Cues of pain when you feel heat, cold, unsafe listen to your intuition. Working with a guide us a two way street.
Listen to yoUsing a color shield before checking out a haunted house, and try using green or brown before healing.

Read everything you can on haunted homes and healing. Your guide has sent messages via pain, since it us releasing attached energy that you accumulated during healing. Your sensitive spot is your shoulder blades. Looking up shielding, grounding and clearing are important.
Every one has a different spot on the body.
ohreally (1 stories) (68 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-12)
where does this white light come from and what is it suppose to do? How does your vision of this white light protect you from anything? Satan himself was a light barer and the king of deception. So is this white light supposed to be good or bad and how can you tell the difference? Could you be deceived into thinking it was good but it really be bad? You can't just base it on how it feels, how can you be sure it is good? Deception means tricking you so that you don't know.

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