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Dark Figure With Physical Contact


I awoke with a dark figure sitting on top of me, around my waist line (I could feel it on top of me). It just stared at me. I pretended to not be awake and tried to control my fast heartbeat. The weird thing is, I could move. I wasn't undergoing sleep paralysis. I could tell it was no person since the light from my alarm clock was shining directly on it (it was just a dark figure). I lifted my arm up and touched it's "face" where a cheek would be. I touched it briefly, it was extremely cold. Then I fell asleep. Afterward I had done research about sleep paralysis attacks, succubus (sex demons), hags, and still cannot figure what or why that thing was on top of me. Was it some type of dark entity?

Not long afterward, I awoke with something in my room. It was walking around. I could hear it stepping on everything and bumping into things, I heard my Play Station 2 crack when it stepped on it. Then I turned on the light and nothing was there.

I am somewhat a spiritual person (Hindu and Christian practices/beliefs). Whenever the energy of my chakra is in pain, I meditate upon it until it heals. I have learned to control my life energy through meditation. But I am nothing special. So i'm guessing this was nothing important. But what could it have been?

Instead of touching the figure, shouldn't I have dismissed it in the lord's name? That did not occur to me then. Now that I think of it, touching it is a weird thing to do.

Has anyone had a similar experience and has any idea what that was, or what I should do? Anything I should worry about?

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