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I Think I Can Feel Spirits


I am new here.

I am a 15 year old boy and I am hypersensitiv.

Being hypersensitiv means feeling things more intense.

Being hypersensitive could be described as being allergic to life. For the highly sensitive person (HSP) a seemingly ordinary day can be overwhelming. Even the most subtle of stimulants a person encounters on a daily basis can be over-stimulating. Energies associated with touch, noise, scent, light, etc. Are often too quickly or deeply absorbed by the HSP. As a result, the HSP may become mentally confused, emotionally upset, and/or physically uncomfortable. Hypersensitivity is also associated with a heightened sense of awareness and intuition. This makes being a HSP or empath a two-way street.

But I learned to control that hypersensitivity.

When I was little I always had dreams of ghosts and people.

And sometimes I thought I felt them.

Sometimes I got really cold for no reason.

And I felt something was staring at me.

I couldn't clearly see that something was there but I sometimes looked at it where I thought it was.

I got bullied in high school a lot and that's when I found out I was hypersensitiv.

So I thought maybe it was because of my hypersensitivity that I thought I felt ghosts.

Then I started to ignore those feelings.

So I forgot about them.

Recently I stopped ignoring those feelings thinking maybe they are ghosts or spirits.

I don't like shows like ghostwhisperer because people who really feel or see ghosts get laughed at.

I love nature I feel most comfortable in forests.

Sometimes when I walk there I see blurs and when I look there is nothing there.

I would love to know more about ghosts.

Sorry for my english

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Bramiano (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-15)
I would like if some people shared me their opinions. Please. 😁

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