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Trying To Convince My Little Sister To Not Be Afraid


My question about my sister is at the bottom if you want to skip to that, but I figured I give some family background as Well. Sorry that this is so long! Thanks in advance.

So, my family seems to have many spiritual or maybe even demon occurrences.

I'll start off with my mother. After her father died she saw him many times, In her dreams and out. She would be bike riding with her friends and she saw him laying on a lawn chair in front of her House and he would say "Hey sissy!" Her nickname from him. Or while she was mountain climbing she saw him again. Visually seeing him has stopped over thirty years ago, but she swears she feels him all the time.

Now when my older sister was a baby/toddler,she Never spoke (to bad she sdoesn't stop talking now lol) she was labeled a mute pretty much. My Mom put her on the bed and was getting her ready to go out, and she looked up at the ceiling and said "Carl" and was smiling. Carl is my grandfathers name...

Here is my own personal experience, I feel like mine is a negative one. I played the infamous Ouija board with a few of my friends when I was fifteen. It didn't work and we laughed it off. When I was leaving, and we put out the fire, I was watching the smoke, and it turned in to a serpent. I though that was odd and it did scare me a bit but I didn't think much of it. On the walk home with my then boyfriend, From the corner of my eye I see a huge black dog. It was the size of a bear. And it was gone. Just like that. The following few months I saw even more spooky things that really scared me. I was sitting in the back yard and through the trees I see fingers and two eyes, staring directly at me, peaking through the leaves. The last occurrence I had was on a train, I was looking out the window, and this all went by in a second but time felt slow, but out of all the people on the sidewalk, I lock on to. Man, in a black suit and hat, but he had no face. All of a sudden this face was completely spread across the window. It had holes on it, and dark gray eyes. I was scared half to death. Since that day six years ago, I haven't seen anything since, but whatever was following me, meant no good.

My son, who just turned four, tells me he sees people in his room. He is not afraid, but he is concerned about who they are. More specifically he says "the Man". This has only happened about four times, and it's been a few months since her brought it up. Not to sure what to make of his incidents but I'm following any thing he says about it.

Lastly,I bring you to my little sister. She has been displaying abilities to see spirit since she was a toddler, and she is twelve now. When she was pregnant with her, she saw and felt "energy". Not sure what that means Exactly, because she doesn't talk about these things to much since more than a few people said she was "crazy". So fast forward to when my little sister is a out three, We are sitting on the couch and she is telling me about how she "died ". I was aware little children can relate to past lives so I asked her more about it. She said (I'll sum it up) that she was" hit by a car, and was in an ambulance with her daughter, she tasted Blood" and then she put her hand over her chest and said "my heart..." she had a very thoughtful, but sad face on. Then she just snapped out of it, and continued being a toddler. I was freaking out. As she grew older, she had more minor experiences but recently she has been very afraid, and scared of the things she sees. We were watching a tv show together and suddenly she pops up and screams "Did you see that guy by the tv? If you say no I'm running out the house" I said no, and was beyond upset. She cries to me and says "Why me?" I feel terrible for her. She doesn't like talking about it "those things " she says. Shes a very sweet and soft spoken person and has no idea how to handle it.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do or say to make her feel better about her abilities... I feel like if she is this old, still experiencing these things,it'll be with her for the rest of her life. And I don't want her to go out of her mind with worry. Thanks

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Lyro (468 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-17)
If you wish to send me an E-mail, I may be able to help you more. I find your story interesting and will help any way that I can.
~ Lyro
AellaRosewood (2 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-15)
I got over a lot of my fear by telling myself that I'm safe, protected, and loved. I didn't, and still don't, have anyone to comfort me. Having you tell her that she is safe will make her feel better. A little thing I do, and a ton of other people, is a little exercise. So whenever I'm scared, feeling unsafe, or I want a spirit to leave me alone, I imagine a bright pure white loving light in my heart. I then expand the light until I am covered and surrounded completely by the protective light. I then tell myself "I am safe. I am protected. Nothing can pass my barrier without my permission. I only want positive energy here." This light in your imagination becomes your energy and it works to protect you like you ask of it. You can also expand the light further and push anything negative outside of the room or area.
Also having someone to talk to and to have support you, is the best thing. Just make sure she knows you are there for her no matter what. Having someone acknowledge your gift and accept you is all the comfort in the world. It just let's them know they aren't insane, they just need to learn how to adjust and control.
Good luck!
midnightrose (5 stories) (39 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-13)
Your sister and I are alike. We are soft spoken and sweet. I remember how scared I was when I first getting used to my abilities. I think you should let her know that you'll be there for her and that she can confine in you to talk about what she experience.I'll tell you something when you don't have anyone to confine to you feel alone and shut off from the world talk about personal experience. Some other things is that talk to her about not being afraid of her gift comfort her that way. Also if there is a spirit that is bothering her or anything like that have the home blessed.It'll make her feel safer and also tell her to ignore it. Nothing gives spirit more power than when it knows that you fear it. Have her start meditating that help get her abilities under control and she'll be able to manage them better that way. She can listen to music while she meditates if that helps her relax. I hope that this helped. Good luck and God bless.

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