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Precognition And Deja Vu


all my life I have had deja vu I am a highly sensitive person. I have had a few strange things happen throughout my life, the first experience I want to mention happened about 9 years ago, my friend and I got into an argument with this guy about graffiti I wrote outside a shop wall. As the guy confronted me I knew he was going to attack me I had the strongest deja vu I have ever had it was like remembering something that didn't even happen yet but at the same time it felt like it did happen before, and yeah the guy did attack me which was no suprise to me when he did. Another experience I had over a year ago freaked me out. I had this random thought of a guy I knew who lived in my town, he is known for taking drugs and stuff and for some reason I thought to myself I would see his picture on facebook tommorow off someone mocking him which I don't agree with btw, and was thinking how weird and what a coincidence it would be if I did see his picture. So the next day I check my facebook and I see this guys picture of someone mocking him, wtf are the chances of that. I have had other random thoughts that have turned out true, I had a thought of my landlord was going to die and then found out he had terminal cancer. I always used to guess the correct time before looking at my fone or clock, when I think back now I didn't think much of it but I am more spiritually aware these days, I see the numbers 11:11 a lot which is to do with spiritual awakening. I have had other little things happen it would take to long to explain lol, these are just my main ones so what do you think of all this stuff?

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Angelchick123 (1 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-13)
I think maybe you can get feeling that come true I'm still confuzed about myself but I think you need to get help and practice them.

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