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Spirit In My Dream Trying To Communicate With Me?


I'm usually pretty clear on being able to determine my dreams and my dream meaning/messages. However the dream I had two nights ago has completely thrown me off guard. I really hope someone on this website can help me.

It should also be noted I am a very open minded individual that is welcome to many ideals and concepts.

The dream started with me standing in a completely white room, as I looked around I saw nothing but a woman kneeling at a small table. On the table was a Ouija bored that the woman was using (I have never used one of these before nor ever been tempted to communicate with the deceased). On the table was a glass, the glass span left for no and right for yes. Strangely this whole dream felt like it had been set up for me. Below are the questions and responses I asked and received

Q: is anyone here? A: glass span right for yes

Q: do you know me? A: glass span right for yes

At this point I felt a unusual amount of fear and could slowly feel myself waking up, I also started to feel cold

Q: do you want to hurt me? A: the glass span left for no however just as I started to feel safe and relaxed the glass changed to yes and furiously span right.

At this point in the dream I started screaming "Come hurt me!" (not like myself at all).

And this is when the strangest part of all happened, I woke up immediately from the dream to shout "Come on then" however when I said this aloud it did not sound like my voice.

One thing I noted following this during the day was that my room felt colder than usual and colder than other rooms in the house. However this could have been in my mind after that awful dream.

Any ideas/theory's are more than welcome as this really has left me in a strange place

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vhoff38 (1 stories) (37 posts)
9 years ago (2014-09-11)
Well having that you had a quija board then you may have let a bad spirit in or the devil.

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