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My Story Of Eleanor


This may not be that interesting, but I figured I would share the story of my past life who was named Eleanor. I used Brian Weiss's Past Life Regression Meditation audio to actually connect with her and another past life, but Eleanor is the one I actually communicated with and found more interesting out of the two. The only reason I found out about her was because I had been a Satanist a long time ago and thanks to a friend of mine, I began trying to leave the group I was with and anything having to do with them.

I had begun to clear my head of any Astral Temple I had made and along the way, a figure in a dark cloak helped after a while each time I meditated. With each session of meditation, the figure became more like a person and more was cleared from my mind. It was like I was apart of tearing down the Bastille but only tearing down a Bastille of my own. I remember when I first met her though... I was in this long hall that was like a throne room. The floors were white marble and marble was all around. Light could enter and it did through the windows close by the ceiling. I remember glancing at a long red carpet and a red banner decorated with purple behind some throne chair, but there was a little section behind the chair and I was compelled to go. I walked that distance from the entrance to this room to the little section and it indeed felt like forever, and entered the little entrance covered by a purple carpet behind the chair to see the same figure in a small section with books and a flight of stairs to the left. She spoke to me and had a British accent. She simply said her named was Eleanor and she asked me to come with her and that she could help me.

After that, she let her hood down and revealed that she had wavy brown hair in some type of hairdo that was up, and revealed a bit of her 18th-29th Century type gown, yet she had no face. However, she took my hand and we went up the long flight of stairs which also felt like forever. The next time I could remember anything, she and I had literally been flying away from a crumbling castle. This was a scene that seemed to repeat itself a few times each time I tried meditating.

After that encounter, I wanted to meet Eleanor again. I tried many times to meditate and encounter her, but I lost connections with her until around June of last year. I remember entering into this forest and headed down a path into this clearing with a tea party set up and red rose bushes surrounding it all. The tea party set had a white table cloth and all silver set with silver chairs. Eleanor sat in a baby blue colored dress, tannish-white hat and pink ribbon. On the other side of the tea was a path heading down to another part of the forest with a white little arch as it's entryway. I remember then that Eleanor would gesture for me to sit and she would tell me, "It's about time you showed up!" In a cheerful voice. Everytime I tried to sit across from her, I would wake up out of the meditation. So I kept trying until I eventually got to see her face. She had gray-hazel colored eyes with a beauty mark under her left eye. To me, she seemed like a goddess and looked like someone I yearned to look like.

After I saw her face, I lost all connections with her until I tried again and came back to the same tea scene. However, this scene was rather saddening and painful. The sky seemed to have a sepia tone to it. Eleanor's white table cloth was gone and she was alone singing "Young and Beautiful" by Lana Del Rey in a rather sad way all alone while sitting at the table. That encounter was a bit blurry and I thought maybe it was just a bad dream until she looked at me with this deep look of fear and anguish in her eyes After that, I woke up and never could get a connection with her again except feeling certain things from her if I was around something or someone.

I gave up trying to connect to Eleanor until I spoke with someone on a mobile app about my encounters and they told me to look up Brian Weiss and his Past-Life Regression Meditation. I decided to find a video of a session he gave and went along with it. However, I never expected to find Eleanor and her life within this session.

I first saw Eleanor as a little girl in a horse and carriage with her mother and father. I never got to see what her parents looked like, but she sat on the same side as her father and looked out of the window to see a vast amount of country. To her, it was a rather pleasant experience and she seemed to love it. Next, I felt emotions of serenity and calm and I found out that she had a special gift to communicate with spirits and even beings from the future as well and used this gift to help them and was helped in return. She was unafraid of speaking of this no matter how many were afraid of her.

She continued with her tasks using her talents and the once normal and happy life she had with good friends and family dwindled down. Eleanor was eventually casted out from her family and sent away. She was given a little clearing and this clearing would host a tea party between her spiritual guest and herself. Eleanor lived in isolation and didn't mind it. I even saw highlights of when Eleanor and I were together (or at least felt those times?) and eventually came to the same sepia colored scene that I last saw Eleanor in.

I saw Eleanor sitting by herself and crying. Then I felt myself entering the scene and she began singing "Young and Beautiful" in a slurred way as if she was trying to keep herself together. I then realized that she sang the song because she and I made a connection that it was a sad song and this was supposed to be a sad time. Then I felt a sudden weight of sadness and depression take over me as I felt like I was left all alone and that I was going to die. I also recall history that the people close to her distance wise grew to fear her and that a male was angered with Eleanor for some reason and was on his way to assassinate her. She still had not seen me at all from the previous meditation, but I felt like something bad was going to happen. I then felt (as Eleanor) someone was behind me and then I was shot in my lower half of my back (where I normally get pain in now in this current time). I remember seeing myself before I disappeared and Eleanor fell and felt this despair and anguish mixed with fear (which made me understand why I feared looking at myself in any type of mirror) as she bled to death on the ground all alone.

That was the final chapter in finding out about Eleanor and occasionally I will feel something from her. An example was when I was in a church (my friend's family is Christian and I had no choice but to go with them. I had not liked going to church after I was 12 years old.) and I felt like Eleanor was screaming her rejection out to what this pastor was saying and I gained a sense of hurt and overwhelming pain as if she was blaming the church and plausibly "God" for abandoning her. Things like that do not often happen, but ever since that bit of encountering with Eleanor I felt that she has come to guide me and help me steer clear from evil.

If anyone wants to put their two sense into all of this, please do!:) Thank you for reading this long post if you actually did read it. There are questions I still have and maybe I will find someone who can answer them one day, but that is my tale of Eleanor.

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MarikoTakaharu (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-24)
[at] capuccino0328, Not a problem friend and be safe and well!^^
AellaRosewood (2 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-17)
The Higher Beings are the ones who look over the human race. They can enlighten you during meditation/astral projection. They are what we strive to be without even knowing it. We are trying to raise our frequencies to be raised to a higher plane. This is kind of hard to explain in writing. Many people think of them as God. (I do not believe in God by the way. From the things I've experienced, only the High Council, which is all the High Beings individually together, exist.) There are many layers of dimensions on top of one another and when we die, we either go 'down' or 'up', like Heaven or Hell but you aren't being punished when you go 'down,' you only become lost. If we have unfinished business or are not ready to move on, our frequencies become slower and we go 'down.' If we are ready to move on and are filled with good, our frequencies become faster and we go 'up.' They are a collection of one consciousness, which we are also connected to and that makes it possible for us to interact with other planes. I hope that kind of explained it enough for you. If you would like me to explain it more, you can email me. (Email on profile.)
capuccino0328 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-16)
😁 thanks for the info... Ill check out brian weiss... As a matter of fact... I knew a lot of things about supernatural... But haven't try to dwell on my past life or anything...
MarikoTakaharu (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-16)
[at] capuccino0328, Don't be afraid to look! Sadly there is tragedy and you may see it but that is how life is at times. Hopefully you won't see a very horrible life but you just gotta be able to be strong and remember that you can always back out if you have to if doing a past-life regression meditation. I recommend looking up Brain Weiss' video on youtube.:)
MarikoTakaharu (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-16)
[at] AellaRosewood, Well I never mentioned it (when I should have) I meditated first and then had done past-life regression meditation after. How can you know if you are using astral projection though and what Higher being are you speaking of?
capuccino0328 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-15)
😕 After reading your post It seems like I am wondering too if I want to see my past life. What if its tragic?
AellaRosewood (2 stories) (11 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-15)
So it doesn't sound like you're meditating. Past life regression and meditation are different. Carri your meditation isn't meditation either. It's astral projection. That darkness you see isn't real. The Higher beings send things like darkness to test us. You just have to tell it to go away and it will. You have to be calm. Meditation is just allowing your mind to go blank and connecting with the earth and energy around us. Both of your meditations have different purposes than a real meditation. There is nothing to fear. Nothing can hurt you.
MarikoTakaharu (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-14)
[at] carri, I totally understand about the meditation. I am too afraid to do it again after my previous experience when trying to contact Eleanor after all of this. I am glad you are safe though. Do you have any other words for this though?
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-13)
interesting. Meditation is something I am too afraid to mess with. I know being a natural psychic I would propel into another world. I am too afraid. I have done it before but heard buzzing noises. Darkness and floated above my body for an entire night. I went back into my body when the sun came up.

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