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I Feel Weird Presence In My House


Since I was little, I used to have very weird dreams that would come true the next day, I used to see exactly how a person dies and the next morning a person in the community would die exactly the way I dreamt off. My dreams were even revealing secrets in my family that I did not know of before. I would always see dead people in my dreams. My family is always scared of my dreams, However, after I got pregnant with my first child, I stopped having those dreams. I moved to my house a year ago, and I always felt something weird about it. Some weird presence, not harmful though, but I felt something in the house that keeps watching me. My daughter was 5 months old and she would always point to the ceiling and talk to it. My mother in law came to visit for 3 months and she felt the same presence as well. This whole year my daughter did not sleep a full night. She always wakes up screaming and sometimes she wouldn't want to go back to the room. I thought this is normal for babies her age, and maybe its her teething. But the past few days have been the strangest. I wake up one night and the closet light was on, even though I remember I turned off, and today, I wake up in the middle of the night and the vibrator for my daughter crib was on even though I know for sure I didn't turn it on. I woke up my husband to ask him if he turned it on. He said no, I went back to her bed and it was off. Am I going crazy? What should I do? I brought a cross that a priest has prayed on and she slept fine for 2 days, then it went back to screaming at night. My family mentioned that I might have passed on my dreaming gift to her. I have not had a dream for 2 years. I used to have those dreams at least twice a month. Should I move? Please help!

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shathaq (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-21)
Thank you very much for your replies. I have been praying a lot before I sleep every night. I have asked a priest to come bless my house this coming Sunday. I read in one post to ask the spirit or the presence to stop bothering me and my family, so I did exactly that, My daughter has been sleeping much better, still not a full night of sleep but shes not waking up six times at night. I have felt less presence in the house the past few days. Hoping with the house blessing this whole energy would go away.
Alcyone (3 stories) (17 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-20)
Hello...if you feel like there's something much strange like people getting sick or feeling negative energies inside the house maybe it's better to move... I used to live in a haunted house but my family wouldn't believed me with my experiences and then things like switches being turned on and voices calling me happened. But the most negative thing that happened was when everyone starts getting sick. All of us got sick and there's a constant feeling of being drained.
I think what you have is a gift. Next time you're going to sleep ask your guides/angels to give you a sign in your dreams. I believe every one has a gift but not everyone is ready to open their packages 😉 Your daughter, being still a baby is sensitive to unseen things. A lot of babies are like that. They say babies can see auras.
Incense could help but some spirits resides and treats some houses as their own home. But since you're still there, try to observe things that are happening, and always always pray:) ask for guidance, ask you angels to protect you especially your baby:)
Love and Light to you dear one:) ❤
Ayumi_H (3 stories) (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-19)
Hi! When I first moved out I moved into a really old house in the turn of the century area of Toronto. I experienced the same kind of things you are mentioning now. I would feel a constant presence around me, even when I knew no one was home. When I was younger I use to have dreams of small things that I would end up doing the next day, nothing ever big. It was enough though paired with constantly feeling other peoples emotions to know that I was a little different. What I did, was tell the presence that while I knew it was there, I was not going to allow it to continue what it was doing. It could stay there, as long as it agreed to stay away from me. That seemed to have worked, I didn't force it out, nor did it really continue to do any of what it had before; Playing with my sheets as I slept, or singing in my ear as I studied. If you feel like you can't communicate with it or that it is a negative entity you can always buy a smug kit and cleanse the house. This should at least give you some kind of relief. I hope this helps you!:)

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