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I Can See A Gray Vortex Wherever I Focus



For years I have been able to see a Vortex wherever I focus. It is gray and sort of like a spider's web circling and going in and out continually. That is the best way I can explain it for you to understand. It does not suck in anything of course, it is just there.

-What I know about them-

I know for sure that there are others out there that see what I see. My younger sister (who has strong abilities as well) sees that same thing.

-A little more about me-

As I note, I'd like to say that I can also see spirits, orbs, lights (particularly white and gold floating around me and coming inside of me), auras, figures, white and black shadows that follow me, etc...

-Past stories about the Vortex-

When I was sixth grade, I remember walking to school and I noticed the vortex. I was curious about it and continued to watch it as I walked to school. I pondered at it, but did not know what it was. I convinced myself that everyone sees it and let it go. Now years later, I am questioning it and know that there has to be someone out there who knows about it.


What is this Vortex? (I believe that it is a vortex because it was the word that just "came" to me when I contemplating what it could be. It was "intuitive" in a way.)

What could seeing this Vortex mean? Is it some sort of a "sight"?

I am not sure what it is, but I do not fear it.

My email is on my profile page:)


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dollspotwo (1 posts)
8 months ago (2020-07-29)
you're all incorrect. Humans see a vortex too. They see it after a long drive when they've been staring at the oncoming road. When they look up into the sky their depth perception continues to adjust for a moment.

Human-nonhuman hybrids see the vortex because their depth perception doesn't need to be stimulated as it does with humans.

When humans look up at the stars at night, if they look at a star directly, it will disappear. This is because of the anatomy of the photoreceptors in their retina.

When I look up at the stars at night, I can focus and stare directly into a star and it will stay in focus. And then smaller, much fainter stars near it will come into focus and I can look over at those and those will stay in focus. Then other fainter stars will come into focus. I'll pull out my phone's star map and they'll be there, just like as i'm seeing.

When you look up at the night sky, what do you see?
MsGevious (1 posts)
3 years ago (2018-02-20)
I know this is an old thread but I've been searching forever and this is the only mention I can find of seeing a vortex. I've been seeing it for a year. My vortex is made up of brilliant colored pinpoints of light. The last week it's gotten very intense, is right in front of my face where it used to be a distance away. I can change the direction of rotation from clockwise to counterclockwise and back. I can also project myself into it and follow it. Eventually I stop and get pulled backwards. I can will myself forwards again but eventually it always stops and I go backwards again. What is this?!?
SoundInTheSilence (2 posts)
6 years ago (2015-04-04)
As a minister you have undoubtedly seen the significant effect of faith. Quantum physics basically states the act of observing modifies the observed. Beliefs modify our expectations. They filter our perceptions. What we expect we then are aware of and look for. The bible tells us God is infinite. So too is creation. So what do we experience? We experience what we direct ourselves to, either consciously by managing our perceptions or like most unconsciously without knowing we do.

Truths outside the field of our expectations tend to be filtered by our consciousness. We have to be ready or willing to experience them. "knock and the door...etc." I'm sure you've read that. But what is not stated directly is the inverse, nothing can be given you are unwilling to receive. And more, because of that last statement, the knocking at the door goes both ways.

Questions are the gravity of thoughts. We can only hear answers in silence with empty expectations and no attachments. For the vast majority that have attachments we must find our answers even though they are laid at our feet. So when we pray, God gives us questions to guide our search.

As we accept what we learn we change our perceptions and this quite literally but also quite subtly change our reality. We are moved inside our mind and our experience of reality is tuned in accordance.

It is in this way a journey, step by step moving that distance your mind is willing to accept until you come to someplace you would never have been able to grasp when you began the journey.

So right now they are questions. Will you let them occupy your mind and draw your thoughts? Will YOU open the door?
SoundInTheSilence (2 posts)
6 years ago (2015-04-04)
Rotate the vortex (spin it really) clockwise and tell me what you experience.
Next, project your awareness into the middle of the vortex. If this last statement doesn't make sense I don't know that I could explain. But if it does make sense, please tell me what you experience.
I don't post what I expect you to experience because I don't want to cloud it or change it by setting expectations. It's not negative, but it is surprising.
chicalvir (1 posts)
6 years ago (2015-02-04)
I just watched a documentary called Thrive on youtube. It talks about a vortex of sorts in the air, among other things. An energy field if you will. I had forgotten about the vortex I see when I stare at the sky or a blank wall. This documentary made me think of it again as I have not seen or paid attention to it for many years. Just sayin, maybe
some of you would gain something from watching it.
Renardo (2 posts)
6 years ago (2015-01-08)
Any news from you all that see this vortex? I was just wondering if it hinders your vision or if you have visual snow with it?
PegasusAnn (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-06-27)

I have seen these vortex myself for years. Today I'm surrounded by so many, it blows me away. In this thread I finally found the answer. When I asked them if this is what they are, they went crazy. I felt so much excitement in the air from them, I do not question it. Here is what I found:

This is a protective vortex established by your spirit guide who wishes to make contact with you. To make contact with your spirit guide you have to project a mental image into the vortex. To find what mental image to project you will need to meditate on your heart. The heart is one of two chakras which produces images. Its best to state your intention at the start of the meditation and wait to see what happens. I'm sorry if this sounds complicated and far fetched but contact with your spirit guide is very much a possibility in this life if you persist as indicated. Good luck.
SecondSun (1 posts)
7 years ago (2014-05-06)
"What is the vortex?" That question has persisted in my life for as long as I can remember. (36yo) Like many of you, family and friends have offered no satisfactory, if any relief. Then I met my wife, and although she could not provide an answer, she provided the comfort of knowing that I was not alone in perceiving it, in much the same way a lot of others have found in this post.

My wife and I too have experienced what I describe as spiritual phenomena throughout our lives. (Our children seem to as well) I almost didn't post because some many have described it all nearly perfectly. My family share stories of my describing entities of which they themselves could not see as far back as m being age 2. I have the dreams which are all too real, as if not sleeping and existing somewhere else. Knowing things I shouldn't know about people I might not even know, I have the oddest ability to predict or pick up on pregnancy before the mothers are aware. I get the feelings one way or another about people. I have those visions which eerily play out sometimes years later. I know I am not alone when I say knowing, not being able to deny, that you have seen the future is as frightening as it could ever be exciting.

I noticed no one shared information of measured intelligence. My wife and I have tested in the 167 - 172 range as children. Others have spoken at length about supernatural occurrences, I was curious as to whether there are some more natural similarities. I spent most of my life looking into scientific explanations regarding the vortex. Perhaps it is related to some perception of the processes of our visual cortex and higher brain functions. Maybe I can smell pregnancy, but the seemingly accompaniment of visions and other psychic incidents have founding in none but the most far out theoretic notions of quantum physics. So far out, they are nearly spiritually inclined in nature.

Although I am a Christian minister, I am more spiritual than I am religious. But I am most surely a believer in man having a connection to something greater or more complicated than himself. How could I not at least believe in that, when I've experienced these things many of us have. Many of you wouldn't be surprised to know that I would never share any of this with the members of my faith. Let's be honest most of them wouldn't understand or believe me anyway. At times, this all feels like a gift and a curse. But, I have a nack for knowing and feeling things about people and places, so I use it as a gift for other's benefit as much as I can.

This my confession, my testimony, my story, my thoughts to all of you as one of you.
Xoyote (2 posts)
7 years ago (2013-12-31)
...after further research, I found some key elements that might explain this. Firs, the white dots flying around in the sky are actually white blood cells moving through the capillaries in the retina of the eye. This is called Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon (google it for more info).

As far as the vortex in the sky, no answers still, BUT, there might be some things worth pointing out. There is something called 'form constants' (google it also), which are visual hallucinations of geometric patterns, like vortices. These can come naturally, or, as I've read, under the influence of peyote. I'm not sure if this explains the vortex vision, but I thought it was interesting. There are other forums with this topic, and some say it is some kind of 'etheric vision'. I personally wish I could find rational answers, but I'm okay if I don't find them. Like I said my eyes are fine (probably better than the 99%), so for now I'm not taking this vortex thing too seriously. When I see it, I think its cool, it doesn't bother me, I use it to meditate.

I will point out other things that I didn't mention in my previous post. Sometimes the temples in my head, is that what they're called (around th side of th head near the eyes, where you can feel the pulse), sometimes it throbs hard, but it hasn't happened in a while. I say this in case others hve this puslating headache too, could be blood pressure related? I won't see a doctor because, I don't fear this (fear is what causes vulnerability to illnesses). If anyone sees this vortex too, don't be afraid. Use it as a tool, experiment with it every now and then.

Xaos827 [at] (please email me if anyone finds out more info)
Xoyote (2 posts)
7 years ago (2013-12-31)
I see this vortex as well. The first time I've seen it I was 7 years old I think. My dad and I were at the race track (horse racing), and the old Hollywood Park track was located close to the LAX airport so I used to enjoy watching airplanes fly by all day. But one day, I noticed a fluid-like vortex in the sky. It happened after I stared at the sky for a very long time. Didn't know what it was, I asked my dad and he didn't know either. Yrs later (I'm in my 30s now), I still see the vortex in the sky. I realized it happens when its bright out (it could be cloudy, and the vortex would apear in the white sky). It doesn't have a color to it, rather, it has more of a shadowy hue, and it looks almost like transparent rose petals being sucked in by a sky vacuum, that's a good way of describing it isn't it?

So I began to study what else my eyes see during this experience. First I begin a staring contest between the sky and myself. The first thing I begin to notice is these tiny white dots flying around in random patterns. They look like little 'spermies' flying around, or light particles? I don't know, but after a while, the vortex would appear. I also noticed that the little white dots and the vortex was more visible when I'm on peripheral vision. There are other times when I'm driving around and I'm behind an 18 wheeler with a white trailer, and the vortex appears. During this time, the experience is more 'pulsating'. So now I'm wondering if the amount of light in the ambience has something to do with it, because now I see it in bright color backgrounds, but usually only in white backgrounds or blue sky, and then I have to concentrate on it. I have no idea what this is, but, I decided to experiment with this strange vision and apply it to my spiritual practices.

Because (for me anyway) the vortex appears when my rods are used (peripheral vision), I use this experience in my meditative practices. I don't know what this is, but the vortex allows me to clear my mind, because the experience requires me to shut off my cones (focused vision), so its easier to draw out external thoughts. But that's just me.

I do not know what this is, and I've searched articles and youtube videos regarding the subject but all I get is information on a phenomena known as 'visual snow'. What the Visual Snow Symdrome people describe is a little different. They report after-images, 24/7 static snow (like tv static), tinitus, etc. I don't think this is the same thing, because they do not report vortex-like objects appearing in bright colored backgrounds. I'm glad I'm not alone in this.

I like to think that this vortex is our 3rd eye opening up. As far as a medical explanation, I have no clue. My vision is fine, I don't have migranes, or tinitus. I don't wear glasses to see or read (its funny everyone else that I know in my life does). I don't wear sunglasses during a sunny day either. My eyes are working just fine in fact I think they're working above par. I will point out though, I practice sun gazing. I did this once when I was about 7 years old, because I believed my cousin when he said that if I stared at the sun for a long time that I will eventually see God. Well I didn't see anyting strange, other than the sun turning pinkish and less bright, meaning it became easier to see the sun without the blinding brightness. Perhaps the sun's brightness affected the vortex phenomena? Does anyone here sun gaze? Maybe there's a connection... Research sun-gazing, HRM method, etc, its a refreshing experience. Maybe the sun and the vortex visual are related.

I still practice sun gazing today, and my eyes still work fine. And yes I still see the vortex during sunny days. Sometimes I have to concentrate to see it, and other times it comes with little or no effort. I'm not scared of this visual phenomena, because my eyes feel fine like I said. But I would like to know what it is...:D


Pronounced 'coyote'
aquardguy (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-05-04)
i have been seeing this for years it happens quite opten for me, I would like to know more about this. Its just recently sparked my interest. I'm not spiritual. I only know this "sight" is unique. One thing I can add to this phenomenon is that I see it quite clearly in the sky and if I focus on it gets bigger. When I do see it, I can look down and I can see it like a normal thing if I am aware of it but of course its a lot fainter than looking up.

I am new on here, I'm about to post my email on my profile. So please contact me if you can provide info:)
WinterWolf (guest)
8 years ago (2013-03-03)
Forgot to add that sometimes the gray colour in the vortex has a hint of purple mixed in.
WinterWolf (guest)
8 years ago (2013-03-03)
I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who see these. I too see a gray coloured vortex which has a psychedellic flowery type patten along with it. The pattern seems to move away from me, rather than towards me. If I focus hard I can get the size of it to increase. I've just been practising with it this afternoon. I've always wondered what it was and have been seeing them since I was young. Usually it happens when I get into a trance - like focus state.
Zin (guest)
8 years ago (2013-01-29)

Given what you said I would say it sounds like an astral projection thus what it following you is most likely an astral spider. Now astral spiders themselves are naste little buggers. They follow and feed on astral projectors energy. Given what you have said I would say this one has followed you back you your body to feed on your energy while to astral project. The best way to get rid of it is to either trap in in the astral realm or swat it.
klaws (1 posts)
8 years ago (2013-01-29)
I know this is an old thread but I am looking for answers. I see this grey spider web/sacred geometry in front of me when I wake up, usually in the middle of the night. I also see moving shadows. I hear noises that sometimes wake me up. My dreams are crazy awesome. Jumping in to neighboring dimensions. When I was young I often heard deep growling noises. My dog seemed to sense something and frantically run out of the room before these scary growling noises would occur. I feel like I am supposed to understand what is happening so I can be shown whatever I need to see. I don't tell anyone about this but am desperately looking for answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
tashlet (2 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-07)
I have been seeing this vortex over many years, so I decided to do some research on it... Here is what I discovered! Here is the link to the information below:


We welcome you to the continuation of Part III of our journey through
The Arcturian Corridor. Since you re-entered our Corridor, we have
Been educating you about the many inter-dimensional portals found on the body of Gaia. We wish now to educate you about the inter-
Dimensional portal in your own physical body, your pineal gland. In
Preparation for the activation of your Personal Portal, we wish to
Expand a bit more about the many vortexes that are opening in your

Because of the progressive altering of the third dimensional laws of
Space and time, more vortexes are becoming visible, but usually only
In the corner of your eye. Until you can "believe" these visions, they
Will disappear when you look at them straight on. Auspiciously, there
Are many events that will soon be occurring which will stretch your
Ability to believe in the "impossible." For example, your Galactic
Family is communing with more and more of its ground crew in human form, as well as making their presence more visible in your daily life.
Reepur (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-06-07)
Ive seen these as well since I was young. Never looked into it and when I would talk about it to poeple they would look at me crazy... I can see my vortex easier when I'm outside looking at a flat surface or area to really focus it. I use to try to focus it while I drove and looked right at a blue sky. I don't know what this is but I want to know BAD. Mine are more grey and translucent. I also have random thoughts in my head and sec.,min,hours,days later and I see it or hear something or someone thinks the same thing or I have a thought in my head and my best friend says it before I get a chance. Sometimes something will happen that will jolt my memory like deja vue but I KNOW I had a dream about it before it happend. So if anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appriciate it.

Kevinredtiger (2 posts)
10 years ago (2011-04-26)
I've seen these vortexes my entire life as well. I see small colorful molecules whether it be light, dark, or cloudy. I see Auras and basically on a level I cannot describe. My eyesight is perfect, and has not faltered in the least sense, and I don't do ANY kind of drugs. It's almost like I can see what the world is made out of, and I always see myself controlling it but then I don't. As for the vortexes, which is the topic of this, I see a single or multiple ones at a time and they come in different varieties and colors. I can see them outside, or inside, as well. I look at them and no one knows what I'm talking about. It's quite the dilemma as I wonder just how much we are capable of as humans. I am a Christian by the way, and I wholeheartedly believe, but I could probably never go to my church about this so I pray. Wow there's just so much to say that I could probably write multiple stories! But yes, I do understand what you see and I see them too, it's nice to know there are other people who could maybe understand our different plights in this world. As for the indigo children, I'm not a die hard believer, but I do fit into 19 of the 21 traits, effectively making me one by definition, so I don't know about that. Maybe we are all apart of some bigger purpose or something, I just know that it would be great to find out more about ourselves.
dani3l09cta (1 posts)
10 years ago (2011-02-06)
to IndigoGIRL: I can see the axact same thing... I ssen it since I was 7 or so, I see the bright light vortex and the eye floaters olso very bright, my eye sight is perfect I don't have any kind of problems, and sometimes I feel someone standing right beside me, and like someone above sayed, I can see shadows but for like a fraction of a second, and I really think that it's got nothing to do with the sun light becounse I can see and/or fell all of these at night as well, you might say that I have an guardian angel 😜,if someone else thinks that, let me know.
A5 (2 stories) (144 posts)
10 years ago (2011-01-26)
I think it's called a spirit plane. Everything that exists moves across it. I see it as white lines that look like a spiderweb. Seeing it reminds me of being in a cage only it goes on forever. A friend could see white parallel lines on one floor, but I see it everywhere I go.
I also see ghosts and shadows.
Reptangela (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-10-30)
I see the same gray vortex... For years I've been trying to explain this to friends but no one sees it. I don't think its this eye floater thing. I see eye floaters all the time. This is different... It moves to the same effect as a hypnosis wheel. I do not have any psychic senses or anything like that... So I'm curious as to what it is. I googled gray vortex and this story was first on the list.
dit_blanc (16 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-13)
This is a protective vortex established by your spirit guide who wishes to make contact with you. To make contact with your spirit guide you have to project a mental image into the vortex. To find what mental image to project you will need to meditate on your heart. The heart is one of two chakras which produces images. Its best to state your intention at the start of the meditation and wait to see what happens. I'm sorry if this sounds complicated and far fetched but contact with your spirit guide is very much a possibility in this life if you persist as indicated. Good luck.
undertone (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-08-10)
When I was younger, sometimes I would close my eyes and see a tunnel like vortex. It was so high in detail, and had many colors, and it really felt like I was going somewhere but I never really did. I would just follow it for hours. I haven't tried doing it recently but then again I don't have as much time as when I was a kid. I can say for sure that when I look at the sky or something I can see a vortex, usually gray, but doesn't have a strong color either. It's constantly active though, like its leading somewhere but doesn't exactly look very 3 dimensional like the ones in my head.

I'm also a victim of what they call "visual snow." it's like a constant, hazy static that covers all of my vision, and I feel sometimes it forms it's own shapes. It honestly feels other worldly sometimes. Out of all the things I have seen I can honestly say that floaters or anything like it are pretty harmless and common; a white blood cell or something. You also need to remember that your description may vary slightly from someone else and unfortunately something like that can't have a picture taken of it lol.
branwood24 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-27)
you all are not alone in this, I have seen the vortex my entire life, I see it quite often, particularly when it is sunny, don't know why! I never thought that there was something wrong with my vision, I just assumed I was different. I have always been very sensitive to the energy of places, people and objects, I am overwhelmingly empathetic and am very much at the mercy of others emotions sometimes but I control it most of the time. If anyone else out there feels like this please let me know! Glad to know I'm not alone either.
futuredreams (4 stories) (66 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-16)
OMG I have the exact same thing but I thought it was the first syntoms of snow blindness
Raven86 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-08)
Heeeey, I see something similar to that, but I can't really describe it. Moving tunnel, possibly, and mine has no color.
RougeElegance (guest)
11 years ago (2010-07-05)
Let me clarify,

I see an eye floater yes...but

I see MANY other things as well. Many... And reading a lot of other stories out there, I am not alone.
IndigoGIRL (guest)
11 years ago (2010-07-05)
Yeah I Googled 'Eye Floaters' but for some reason that did not match MY description, I am seeing something totally different. I can't explain it. I just think it is so strange!

❤ -IG
RougeElegance (guest)
11 years ago (2010-07-05)
To Lili,

Yes! That's how they look! Thank-you.

I'm still curious about the Vortex though 😁

Thank you for responding!
-RougeElegance ❤
Lili (111 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-05)
Hi. I saw that you said that you see 'worms' when you look at light colour right? I think I found what you see.


Is this that?


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