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The Challenge Part Two


To those who've read the first part of my experience, this part is a little long but not as long but I believe important enough to post.

Since the telling of my experience with this dark entity, I feel more at ease to mention the rest, and following the story I'll give my personal thoughts on it and welcome any comments or discussions.

After participating in a on the spot seance, the entire experience left me to really think about what went on. The cold room temperature, the swaying of the planter and curtains, the crying girl, scared and irritated friends and Clyde.

Clyde was the sleeping boyfriend of the sleeping girl, who ended up crying in her sleep. She had a bad dream of her brother who was in some kind of trouble. She told us in her dream the Devil came to him while he was sitting on a park bench. In the dream her brother was offered a ring from the Devil, and hesitantly accepted it. It was a few days later after this incident that my friends and I found out her brother in fact was in some serious trouble with drugs and some very bad people.

But, he told her that he met someone to help him out and things was going to be alright. I didn't say anything when I heard this because I knew it would've upset her and only stir up the anger her boyfriend Clyde had with us earlier in the week. I never knew what happened from then on since I removed myself from them and only hoped everything worked out, but I always had that little bit of wondering about it.

While I felt the entity that I saw within the eyes of Clyde was evil, who wouldn't at age 15 and scared almost to ones wits end, I believe is was a dark entity, yes probably strong enough to cause problems should it had wanted too at that point. Thankfully though, I believe it just wanted to make its presence known, and known it did!

Now, weeks later at my own home, a beautiful summer day, The skies were blue, the trade winds were cool, an awesome feeling day. Yes I love a good weathered day, pouring thundering days and nights especially!

My folks were talking story with my older brother who was visiting that day. I went to my room to comb my hair, I usually had my window open to let the winds blow through. I remembered looking at myself in the large mirror above my dresser when I heard a voice right outside my window call my name. I paused for a moment as my mind was logically trying to filter out whose voice it was calling me from the outside, yet everyone was inside talking in the kitchen?!

I didn't turn to look. I felt scared, paranoid for a reason. My first reaction to anything weird is to remain still, calm and process with what's going on. I didn't answer this voice either, for the obvious reason, scared. I could hear the voices of my folks talking, my brother laughing, so there was no way anyone I knew would be outside my window.

I'd like to explain best I can of How this voice sounded to me. When It said my name, I knew It wasn't any family members because no one ever calls me by my given name, everyone calls/ed me by my pet name, hence having heard my given name being called was disturbing. This voice sounded, soothing but in a sultry kind of way. Almost like it had an alluring tone to it. Thinking on it, It probably was trying to attract me to It. But since I didn't respond by looking or answering It the first time, the second time It called my name Its tone was much more firmer, almost like it was commanding me to answer It. But again I told myself not too, Yes at 15 I was pretty much scared and very paranoid especially knowing what happened just weeks before with that Clyde guy!

I never heard That voice again, but for a time after that incident, I'd see a face or outline of a face outside my window at night. As if someone was standing out there, and yes it was a single leveled home so you can look right in, but at night my habit was to close my windows, not completely but almost shut. After a time of ignoring It, it stopped showing up, but I always knew Something was always around me but never Inside my home.

Thinking back though I often times find myself wondering if, If that voice I heard so long ago might've been my guardian angel? What if it was and I turned away from it and my life after that incident went off to a rocky road?! Then again, what if I Did answer it, what would I have seen, if anything, what might've happened? A variation of things could've happened, maybe something positive or maybe negative? I prefer to just let that experience teach me a worthy lesson and move on.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, any and all comments are welcomed! Have a wonderful day/night...As always...Peace...Letum*

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TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-20)
Thanks Letum and psychic jr for your advice:) I will do my best to be brave.
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-19)
[at] TheHelper
Fear is only a state of mind do you know how people say everything has a weakness well our will's weakness is fear and will is what prevents possession and peoples will can be used for teleK hydroK etc. But don't be afraid and fear is a HUGE disadvantage to humans but always know that you have spirit guides and guardian angles but when handelling with fear take it little by little and your will will protect you

[at] Letum sorry for messing with your story
Letum (5 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-19)
Hey again TheHelper. To answer your Q if I had any nightmares related to that experience. None that I can recall as I'm thinking back on it. But yes, since then, I've been become much more aware of *things* most people do not or try not to notice. At first they were small things. An example is, I'd be watching random people walk by while sitting in the mall. And a person who I have no clue to who they are, would just turn their head and look square at me! This one woman I recall who did this, I felt from her as if we knew each other but from another place, time. As she moved with the crowd of people. I got the *feeling* watching her was like...*I Know You!* with a hint of a lil growl in my head... And as she looked at me, her look said in return...*Back Off!*...yeah things like these became normal for me, though I've done a good job keeping them to myself, except until now, here where I'm actually telling my experiences *small chuckle* It feels good though, like a relief to tell my tales to like minded and curious people!...*Smiles* sorry again if you've gotten scared... Sheesh You why is it only in my story comment you get creepied out? Hehe... Well as for helping you overcome your timidness... Hmm let's see...*grins*...Ok...Believe in yourself, Calm yourself, take Deep but no too deep breaths... And allow yourself to *Feel* your fears. Your mind needs to accept them in order for it to help you build up your defenses when you start to feel anxious. Well that's all I can offer for now though, hope it can help you some!

Hello PsyhicJR... A dark entity is what I got from that *thing* that I/we saw in Clydes eyes. Demon would sum it up pretty good and It possibly giving warning that They are there and capable of doing/possessing is Very possible. I also agree about the girls brother and what she told us about him and his new *cool* friend. Unfortunately I removed myself from that group of friends/people, so I can only assume something not so good could've happened to him in the end. You made some good points thanks!

Hello HecateO... Thank you for your advice and suggestions! I am much more open to things now having many experiences with such things. I no longer close myself off to them as I had when my personal life was in its *dark years* as I've called them. I'm slowly working on meditations. The negative *voice/s*, I haven't heard them since. A good thing. I usually, quietly ask my guides?, for protection whenever I'm heading to a place I'm unsure of or uncomfortable in going back to.

Thanks Everyone for the feedback and info. If there's more to add please do, its pleasant to hear from fellow posters!...As Always...Peace...Letum* ❤
Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-19)
It sounds like you are quite open. Be sure to protect yourself. This voice might have been your guide, but your guide would very quickly find a loving way to contact you. Ignoring the voice was an excellent idea. Controlling your fears so as not to give it any power over you was also terrific. Everyday, say a simple meditation/prayer (whatever you call it) to protect your self. Ask your guides for help. You can also ask to know them better so you can differentiate their voices from negative ones. Take good care, protect yourself. Thanks for sharing.
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-19)
Honestly I don't believe it was a negative spirit that possessed Clyde I believe it was a demon and I believe that he was trying to warn them that the demons and devil have strength (not as strong as gods but strong) and that the devil had plans for her brother and if they don't do something her brother will OD and the devil will come get him
TheHelper (1 stories) (36 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-18)
Hey Letum. I enjoyed reading your story:) I have a question for you. After participating in the on the spot seance, did you experience any nightmares or anything related to that event? I watch ghost documentaries and the investigators often get nightmares after their investigation. I am going to stop writing now. I'm getting scared again>< is there anyway for me to not be so timid?

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