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My Psychic Life Part 1


I am a Psychic I communicate with people from afterlife using alphabet and numerical board this is a gift I got a couple of years ago and so I have recorded some messages which I am going to share here. I have promised them that their messages will be shared with the world so you can understand that they can read your comments and even reply to you. They are real like us but different in many ways since laws of heaven and earth are not the same for us life can be hard and ugly while in heaven it is very peaceful where people live without without worries and care. But they too are sad especially people who are very old. So let's start reading their messages.

Sir Chaplin

I am Charlie Spencer Chaplin I lived and laughed with you. I care for your world everyday. I miss the fun of making you laugh. It was a great time when I lived in your world. Those time will never come again. It was very difficult making all those movies it was a very painful experience I almost died in every movies I made. Things are very different in today's movie world were making movie as become easier now its not the same in olden days. God bless america and all the kids who love me Its a great pleasure meeting all of you. Thank you. With love Chaplin.

Sir Disney

I am Walt Disney I have been part of your life by telling stories a great opportunity when I was alive. Today cartoons are very different the medium as changed but very beautiful. I see lot of kids still see my works. I am very happy for all of you. I believe there is more movies to come the art of animation is preserved. Thank you all of you goodnight. Walt Disney.

Sir Lincoln

I am Abraham Lincoln. I am no more in your world today. I see that we are in world of merciless cruelty. I pray for peace of mankind. I pray for safety of mankind. I Pray for Justice. I lived in your world. I see injustice scattered around. I am a simple Human being. I have faith in God and his subjects. I see we are still desperate for freedom. My life in your world live and let live. My message for american youngsters is we should all unite for freedom and justice. Abraham Lincoln.

Sir Gandhi

I am Mohandas Karem Chand Gandhi. I live in a year of peace. I lived in your world. I see people fight for Religion. I see man of action. I see the truth. We are a Nation of Peace. I am no more in your world today. But I see we still struggle for peace. I cannot guide you now but man can worship all kind of God. I can Build a future for all of you. Pray for the future of man kind. We can fight for liberty. I see man still struggle for peace. We are not alone God is watching us always. Love your neighbor. Live and let live. A prospering nation were one could live in Harmony. I live in a dream world were I see people tell we are superior but we are free since the day we are born. Why are we suffering. Man does not accept equality. In A world of prosperity we can prevent injustice. Pray for all of you to have a wonderful life. Your leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Sir Reeve

I am Christopher Reeve. I have suffered a lot in your world I am no more in your world. I am free from my disabilities I am a normal human being now. Life is beautiful now. I miss all of you who supported me when I was in pain. I am very happy now. I still feel the pain of those who still suffer from this condition It is very cruel and discouraging. My message for all youngsters around the world is live peacefully. God bless America.

Sir Williams

I am Robin Williams. I am now live in a funny world. Now life has a meaning. Those who suffer from depression like me should learn to face life that's the only option for you guys. I love you all and never forget you. My days in the movie world is over. Being funny is really not funny. Now shutting you all. Signing out Robin Williams

Sir Stan and Oliver

I am Stan laurel. Comedy is my passion. I can go any height to make you laugh. No matter how difficult it seems. Have a good day. Signing out Stan Laurel.

I am Oliver Hardy. I miss all of you. It has been a long time in heaven which drives me completely mad. I have nothing else to do in heaven. I am a free bird. Don't stop Laughing. Life goes on. See you Oliver Hardy.

Sir Frank Liszt

I am Frank Liszt. Music is my life. I worked very hard to create many composition. Now my life is different now. I no longer play music. But I still play music inside my head. Life goes on without a vision. I am happy for everyone. Yours Frank Liszt

Sir Bernstein

I am Elmer Bernstein. I have been playing music all my life. It was a great experience. I still see people listening to my music. I am grateful to everyone. Thank you Elmer Bernstein.

Sir Steve Jobs

I am Steve Jobs. I have been working very hard to make your future safe. It was a difficult time working on all those projects but the end result was rewarding. Thank you Steve Jobs.

Sir Jackson

I am Micheal Jackson. My life was very different when I was alive. Now I am a normal person. Things are different now. My message to all my fans is keep the faith. The world is painful place to exist. We are one happy nation. My message to all dancers and singer is keep doing what you are good at. Micheal Jackson.

I did collect lot of messages from many famous people apart from this which I will share later.,


Praveen Newman

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PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Dondamious, I sent a message to your mailing address. Check and see if you have received.
dondamious (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-14)
Hi Praveen,
Do you provide Reading service at cost? If yes, please contact me via email. My email is:
1234zacky1234 (at) gmail (dot) com
PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-07)
Any peaceful music as long as it sounds melodious and beautiful. I prefer classic music and movie soundtrack.
dondamious (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-06)
Thanks for your input. That sounds very interesting. What type of music do you listen to during using the board? To calm down or uplift your mind? What I was taught by Swami at Rishikesh while I travelled in India long time ago is recommendation to sit and meditate in quiet situation...
PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-05)
Hi dondamious,

No, I don't do meditation at all. But I listen to lots of music.
dondamious (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-29)
Namaste, I have a question. Do you routinely practise yogic meditation? If it's "yes", how frequently and how long each?
PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-12)
Hello Lauterb,

It is very nice to hear from you and also thank you for your guidance. But I can assure you that these messages are real you see their language style can be distinguished and they talk based on their life events and experience. I saw them individually and I encouraged them to post message promising them that their message will reach all over the world and they expressed great interest and took time to talk to me. Right now Christopher reeve and Robin Williams are watching me writing this letter to you. I like them both for they are good in making humor. Robin Williams make me laugh a lot. One thing is I can meet them only if I have a photo of them I can't meet a person if it is a painted portrait of him or her. So I cannot see people like Beethoven, Mozart, Marie Antoinette queen of France for example. Another thing is they should be good in English so I can record their message. You see I don't talk to them by moving my lips just using my mind alone I communicate.

But I do have a mischievous ghost of an old man who tries to take control of my life but I give him nice scolding to behave properly and I don't know how to get rid of him but he is with me for more than a year. Sometime he gives advice about how to deal with people and another thing is he somehow pulled a spirit of a dead actress (whom I cannot identify) from heaven to be with him every day so she is also following me. I get into fight with her all the time. She says that she wants to return to heaven but the old man is not letting her go. She died in 1969 when she is only 26. She is heavily outdated when it comes to today's lifestyle. She as the seriousness and mentality of 1960 and I like only today's woman.

But my favorite moment is when I watch movies with Walt Disney along with some dead children I also invited children from Victorian era too. Everyone excited to watch today's cartoon movies. I have promised Walt Disney that we will watch hundred animated movies to make a record. I have to tell you I am an animator by profession.

It is said that frank Liszt the musician speaks little English but he speaks English very well. I invite many musicians to listen to work of various musicians. They can hear music even when I listen through head phones.

Thanks to internet I am able to pass their messages around the world. People with this kind of power hundred years ago can't do much to communicate. Thank you for sending the link to the book you have mentioned I will read it very carefully. 😁
lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-11)
Dear Praveen

It is nice discover you mediumship, I am medium too, I can write a message and I have tons.

I would like to alert you about your exercises of getting messages; first, you are not able attest if all those messages where written by the authors you indicated. My mediumship started at age of 16 and today I am 54. From my knowledge those prominent people would not identify using their own names and their message should be much more elaborated and elevated and with a high purpose.

Unfortunately, some and most probably you are just dealing with one spirit and this spirit is making fun with you!

Pse check below question:

103. Ninth Class - Frivolous Spirits. - They are ignorant, mischievous, unreasonable, and addicted to mockery. They meddle with everything, and reply to every question without paying any attention to truth. They delight in causing petty annoyances, in raising false hopes of petty joys, in misleading people by mystifications and trickery. The spirits vulgarly called hobgoblins, will-o'-the-wisps, gnomes, etc., belong to this class. They are under the orders of spirits of a higher category, who make use of them as we do of servants.
In their communications with men their language is often witty and facetious, but shallow. They are quick to seize the oddities and absurdities of men and things, on which they comment with sarcastic sharpness. If they borrow distinguished names, as they are fond of doing, it is rather for the fun of the thing than from any intention to deceive by so doing.

By the above description, I strongly recommend you not do this alone, or at home!

Above is from The Spirits Book, you can check and learn more about at:

I strongly suggest you to study very carefully this book and others from same site in order to prevent a future problem whit spiritual world.

Any doubt fell free to contact

Good study

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