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My Wife Heared Me


Ever since I got married I still have lucid dreams some of them are good which I could control the whole dream but most of them are bad which I'm a ware in the middle if my dream that I'm actually sleeping in my comfy bed in real life and this is only a dream world but for some reason I could only control my thoughts and my physical strength.

In one occasion I was in a beginning of a dream and I became aware that I'm dreaming so I walked around checking things felt like "hmm, just another day in the dream world" I was having fun went inside building and towers one of the towers I was checking I ran into my wife and I thought to my self " oh, my subconscious mind must have brought you here" although knowing that she's not real I still held her hands and walked into a lobby and there was two strange men that made feel uncomfortable they were looking at me with creepy eyes as if they were telling me with their eyes that I'm not welcome here we walked towards them hoping that I could pass them with no trouble so as soon as we got real close to them my heart was beating fast and the most unexpected thing happened! My wife slapped the back of one the guys head and she looked at me laughing as if she knew that I was feeling uncomfortable with those men so she wanted to cause problems "many she knew that I know about her being fake" "so she was playing with my mind mayby she got upset" back to the dream after she slapped one the guys and laughed at me they started hitting her I was in shock creeped out and thought to my self how is this happening I couldn't watch my wife getting hit even though I'm realizing that this is fake and I'm still in a dream so I decided to defend her and I beating those guys with all my mighty power but for some reason they weren't even react to my attack! They didn't feel a thing no face expression but they were speaking to me with their creepy lost eyes as if they were saying "we told you you are not welcome here" and that's where I felt like they have possessed my body and I was vibrating and shaking so I freaked out and decided to wake up but this I struggled a lot I couldn't move nor speak and somehow stuck in between real life and some phase of the dream world and still shaking and vibrating and knowing that my real wife is sleeping next to me I screamed as loud as I could hoping that she could hears me and surprisingly it worked! She heard me screaming from the in between phase I was so glad that even though I'm sleep paralyzed someone can hear me in real life so after she woke me up she said "what was going!? You were screaming and vibrating like if you were getting an electric shock what happened!?" and the first thing that popped to my mind was "WHAT? YOU HEARD ME SCREAMING?!" and she said "yes". Now the experience had me thinking that inside my lucid dream,

How did my fake wife knew that I know about her being fake even though that I was in control of the dream?

Who was those men and why was I not welcomed in that place even?

Do I call it just a lucid dream that got out of hands or did I possibly went somewhere deeper than a dream world?

I will definitely try to go deeper and deeper so I can understand better.

I just felt that I should share my story see if someone had a similar situation or can give answers.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
6 years ago (2017-04-07)
I wrote about this type of astral projection/lucid dreaming scenario on my other website:

That may help.

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