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Our Life With Spirits And My Psychic Wife


I thought I'd share what it's been like for my family with having a psychic wife a and a small group of friendly spirits in our house.

As of now, we have 3 ghosts residing in our house and they all seem pretty nice. One is of a 14 year old girl that watches shows with us if the show has a boy she finds cute. She lived around the 1940's and acts just like a classic girl teenager in many ways. We have a well intentioned but sometimes short tempered man from the civil war era with us who helps look after the teenage girl. Third we have a man that at first seemed hostile because he wouldn't talk to us and somehow did some type of smoke screen thing to keep my wife from seeing him. He eventually dropped his guard some. We've found he's from the 1920's from his purple zuit suit. We're not sure at this point but we think he was gay in a time when it wasn't seen okay to be and was lynched because of it. We've had one case of a hostile spirit that I'm still not sure may have been a poltergiest. I know my wife has had things break around her when she's feeling emotionally unstable. I'm not sure what happened with the hostile spirit but my wife forcefully told him to go a few times and we never heard from him again.

Our youngest has occasionaly been able to see the ghosts in the house. She gets scared and we try to tell her she's okay but not sure how much we should reveal we know about the spirits she sees. I guess just from emersion in the psychic/spirit world I've developed the ability to detect when one is around and where they are but I rarely only get the slightest glimpse of one myself.

We've visited a few graveyards to practice our abilities and, typically I point the way and my wife tells my what's going on with any spirits I detect. I anyone has any suggestions that's great. Mostly I wanted an outlet to express what's been happening since this isn't something you can tell anyone.

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Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-20)
Hi west3174,

There are many different kinds of spiritual beings. In the case of ghosts, I feel sad for them because they are stuck on the earth plane without realizing that their true home is on the other side where they belong and where they will be happier.

Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-18)
Don't comunicate with just any floatsam and jetsam spirit that appears! You'll open a door that you won't easily be able to close... And your sensitive children and yourself, may suffer demonic oppression/possession! Say to the spirit: 'in the name of Jesus christ go away!' Better safe than sorry! Timfaraos [at]

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