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Twin Flame Cuddles And Mary Sues


I know my twin flame is around me in spirit I can sense him and a psychic energy healer has even stated shes feels him around me.

So on February 13th the day before valentines day, my twin flames spirit hung out with me and was very intimate and loving.

Then on February 14th valentines day he was intimate again, and during the evening I was reading a fan fiction story about a Mary Sue named acacya. And I started to hyperventilate. The story was a bit too much and I thought I was going mad. Usually stories don't do that to me. It was a harry potter fanfic and a lot of people in the reviews mention that the fic is scary, that they hate acacya, and that is was so funny and they couldn't stop laughing, some of the reviewers had even wrote that it made them go a little mad.

I mean yeah it was really funny, but acacya was so creepy. In the middle of reading the story, I had to shut the computer. This was my third time reading this said fanfic. But this time for some reason it freaked me the heck out.

I got off the couch and made my way quickly upstairs. I got into to bed and burrowed under my covers. I felt my twin flames presence in my bedroom, and I asked him "would you please cuddle me Herman, that was scary."

As I lay on my side in bed, I felt energy suddenly touch my back and I felt his energy form cuddle up to my back, it felt warm and the energy buzzed against me. He always feels staticy when he touches me. I felt energy move over my waist. It felt like arms wrapping around me. He snuggled close to me. I felt him move around with his chest pressing against my back. That fanfic had really scared me, I started to calm down being held by my twin flame.

This is the fanfiction link, it's called 'Harry Potter And The Attack of the Sues' I am never reading this fanfic ever, ever, ever! Again.


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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-18)
You people get intimate with ANYTHING! How do you know it wasn't poor old beelzebub in your bed, disguised as your friendly spirit? BEWARE! Next time, tell it: 'in the name of Jesus christ, GO AWAY!' And I bet it'll get mad and leave, CAUSE IT'S A DEMON! Visit the sister website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. Timfaraos [at]

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