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My Experiences With The Profound


This is phenomenal, I finally get to tell people what has been going on in my life.

I ask of you all, please tell me what each and every ability I have is called. I know I am an Empath, I just found this out through research on the internet. It explains why I feel the way I do. I suck up peoples' energy when I enter a room, and by goodness, I am not joking. It can be a happy energy, that is wonderful, but when I enter a room full of sad people I am hit very hard. It clings to me like water to a dry sponge.

When my now deceased partner was still alive, I discovered something astounding and profound. We were watching T.V. One night, the kids were all tucked into bed and all was peaceful. I started thinking to myself how great one of Budd's roast beef sandwiches would taste right now, with a touch of horseradish, oh that would be so good I thought. Well was I shocked when the next commercial break about 3 minutes after I had thought that he spoke up and said to me "Hey honey! How does a nice roast beef sandwich with a hint of horseradish sound to you right now?!"

I was shocked but kept it hidden as best as I could manage (I assure you it was most difficult) and of course said it sounded delightful, and oh wait, was he going to make it I inquired? His response came as "OOOhhhh yeah!" I sat there befuddled over what had occurred, but eventually chalked it up to coincidence. The thought occurred to me after a couple of days went by that I could test this event out, to see if it was indeed a coincidence or not. Well, I did just that. I waited until we had the house quietly to ourselves, watching the t.v. Again and thought to myself how great a tuna-melt would be, I really thought hard about it... And my blooming goodness me did he ask me if I wanted just that? YES he did. I was stunned, then I thought no way, holy crap, woah! I quickly thought to myself, "I could really use a nice tall glass of ice water with that... And yes you know it. He said to me a mere moment after I thought that thought, "Say Oats (nickname I had) how would you like a nice tall cold glass of ice-water with that?" I readily agreed it would be great. I went on to say the least enjoy myself immensely "thinking" of what I wanted. But to be nice, I didn't do this all the time, just once or twice a week. I also made sure that I fetched him some goodies as well, just to be fair.

Another event took place about 20 years ago, although just a month ago it happened again with my son.

I was sitting at a table with my husband and my Dad, and as we were just talking and having a couple of beers we were enjoying ourselves quite a bit. I noticed an instant stop to their laughter, and looked up rather quickly. I was being looked at like I had horns growing out of my head or something. My Dad then asked me "What did you just hear me say?" I was flabbergasted, and asked him "Whatever do you mean?" at which he repeated his question to me, and insisted I answer. So I told him what I had heard. As soon as those words had left my lips I saw both of them do a double take, and my husband also looked a little scared about this. I of course couldn't stand it, and asked immediately "What? What did I just say?" Which dad repeated, and then he told me with a cautious look on his face, that HE HAD NOT SAID THOSE WORDS OUT LOUD. I looked at my husbands' face and saw the shock written all over it, and laughed and said "No way Dad!" He however convinced me differently, and I might add so did the look on my spouses' face!

This same thing occurred a month ago, however this time it was my 13 year old son was getting in trouble from me for using some colorful language, and he crossly told me "I didn't say that! Out loud..." I looked at him, turned to my 11 year old daughter, and asked her if she had heard him say the colorful phrase I had heard. The shocked look on her face told me she had not. I had to profusely apologize to my son for me giving him heck for thinking something... What a position to be in as a Mom!

I almost always, 80% of the time know who is on the phone. I also know when someone is going to be visiting or bumping into us because I start thinking of them, and then sure enough, later on that day they are right in front of me.

My kids wonder how I know what song they were just about to either start humming or singing, because I beat them to it, they get upset sometimes because they claim I am not letting them sing it. I then explain, no it is not like that, it just pops into my head, and then you kids give me heck for doing it before you do.

I also know when someone is telling me the truth, I can feel it from them. The worst is when someone is smiling at me, but their eyes are not... Chilly reception I think. But if only they knew how I can feel them being wicked.

Did I mention I can see auras, and that I am studying Reiki? I discovered that my hands would generate heat over top of an injured area on my ex-husbands' body. This journey keeps getting better all the time.

I will keep this going as things occur in my life.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-18)
Beware, the devil can plant thoughts simultaneously to two or more people, and make them think they're psychic and special... But angels can do that too, to help people. Beware of reiki, because you channel unknown spirits into yourself and the patient, which disguise themselves as 'healing spirits'...BEWARE! It's safer to pray to Jesus to heal someone! He does it for free! Timfaraos [at]
Enceladus (guest)
8 years ago (2015-02-17)
Your telepathy is incredible! This is why you know what someone is thinking before they even say anything. Your partner knew what you wanted because you sent the thought to him aka the receiver while you were the sender. I actually have some skill in telepathy as well. It is such a fun ability to have!

Since you can see auras, your clairvoyance is developing nicely. I see the etheric body 24/7, while I have to look a bit longer to see colors in other layers. Healing would be part of clairsentience as well as the lie detecting. I truly agree about that terrible look when someone lies. They give you this kind looking smile while their eyes reveal something wicked. Keep up the good work you are doing to develop your abilities!

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