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Sparkles Of Lights And Voices


I've always had experiences since as far as I can remember. But these two experiences started almost at the same time around junior year high school. My Mother and I move out of my Grandmother's apartment on my seventeenth birthday, shortly after the move, I started seeing sparkles of light. I still remember the first time I ever saw a sparkle. I was laying on my bed and I was on my phone and from the corner of my eye, I saw very bright sparkle of light. I quickly turned my head to investigate the flash of light but it was gone.

Since then I started seeing the lights more often. I only saw them in my house or even at my front door when I'm coming home from school, almost as if it was greeting me. At the time I only saw them in three different colors; white, blue, and purple. I never knew what the colors meant and I still don't know what they mean. As time went on, I saw the lights more often and even saw them at school. I was so scared of the lights. They appeared whenever I was relaxed or sometimes when I'm just sitting down playing my guitar. I was beginning to think I was going insane.

One night I was trying to sleep and I heard my first voice. It was a whisper that I heard not physically, but mentally. It said "Call me crazy". I immediately opened my eyes, in pure shock. I texted my best friend and I told him all about it. I just wanted to vent, I knew that he couldn't help me. I eventually went back to sleep. After that I started hearing voices but only in the night time when I am trying to fall asleep. The voices never told me anything important, as a matter of fact, the majority of the time the voices aren't even talking to me. It was more like I was hearing conversations between other voices. But when a voice IS talking to me, I'll hear it loud and clear, almost like it was spoken at my ear.

Fast forward to a few years, I see the lights every day, I see them in many different colors, and I also see them almost everywhere I go. I read that the lights could be either angels or just very good spirits. I still have no idea what exactly the lights are and what the different colors even mean, as you can't believe everything the internet tells you. I hear the voices more clearly, mostly when i'm trying to fall asleep but I also heard voices telling me important information during the day. One time I was doing a meditation exercise and as I was meditating, I completely forgot how long the instructions told me to do it. I asked myself in my head, "Was it five minutes? Or was it twenty minutes?" immediately after I heard a voice tell me "It was five minutes". Later on I look back at the instructions to confirm and it said five minutes.

Another time, which I thought was a very funny experience when I think about it now, was when I was at work. I work at a burger place and I was in the middle of making a burger and I heard a random voice tell me "COUGAR!". I look around, and I see my manager who is a very old lady standing right next to me. She then tried to start a conversation with me but I was so shocked, disgusted, and even nervous to keep on with the conversation. I just said back to her "yeah yeah yeah" and I walked away. I always joked around to myself that she was sexually attracted to me, giving me back massages randomly, all that crazy stuff, But I never truly believed it. I still would have done fine without knowing that personal secret of her of her sexual fantasies. It's none of my business.

One last thing I would like to mention is that I can sometimes see lights around people, but mostly myself. I have this fun habit of putting on my headphones and just blasting music while i'm in the bathroom. I dance, air guitar, even sing. It is so much fun but because i'm in the bathroom, I have a very good view of myself through the mirror. Sometimes I see a very bright, purplish light coming from a random part of my body. When I look in the mirror long enough, the purplish light will shine and shine very bright. Another time I saw that same purplish light from my body was when I was in my friend's car. I as on my phone and I saw the same light on my fingertips. It was so bright I actually had to look around his car to see if there was anything that could give off the same light. It amazes me how clear I see the lights sometimes and nobody around me sees it.

Sparkles of lights are not the only things I see, but I chose to write specifically about the sparkles and the voices only because I want to see what other people has to say about what they are and what they mean. To me, the sparkles of light are one of the biggest mysteries to me. If they really are angels then why are there different colors? Do the different colors mean anything? And why do I see a purplish light on me? I read something about indigo people but I don't have enough knowledge on the subject to make a decision on whether I am an indigo or not. Therefore I won't go there just yet.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I had to say I have more stories to come.

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Junglecat (9 posts)
3 years ago (2019-09-05)
Hi kiwisquid,

The sparkles are not from an angel. Actually, nothing you describe sounds like angel behavior. Angels don't get into shenanigans of any measure. They are far too busy for that. (There are far more demons than angels, and angels are far more powerful.) Your buddy could be a demon or a fae, which apparently is a thing, and you can think of them as similar to demons in that they wreak havok and some fae, unseelie, for instance, can put the same terrifying mood in the air that one might experience with a hellfire and brimstone type of demon. The more sparkles you see, the more power your buddy has. It is different with different entities.

It can help to sage yourself several times and then your home once if the friendship gets out of control or you decide you have had enough, but you may have to do it periodically. Also, since you mentioned angels, if you are a Christian, prayer can also help. Best wishes.
ThatOneWeirdo (4 posts)
5 years ago (2017-06-01)
Awesome! I've got this same thing ^^ I call my voice "te advisor" and another phenomenon I experience is Suzan, the "ahem", tickling ghost/spirit... Maybe a familiar idk. *cough* I can't tell if I willed suzan to be a reality so much that she is real to my brain and body or if what she told my mind just now and said no she wasn't... Or if that's something odd going on. *shrugs* Seriously though, my advisor tells me the results of certain actions, things I might say or do. Like let's say I wonder if I would ask for change or money from a family member and he'd say "yes they'll say yes". Yep a male voice, Suzan is a female and such. They've never felt threatening and Suzan prefers to comfort or be nosey at times especially when I'm in a good, happy mood. Tickling, yes tickling! I've tried soooooo many times to convince myself that it's my nerves or my bladder or schizophrenia ya know? I remember one time I was being "teased" and such on my bed and whilist laying there I started having doubts that it was really another being so interested in doing this and making me feel loved but I was essentially questioning her and the tickling simmered down while she listened but as soon as I was saying "how could you like and want to touch someone like me?" The tickling in immediate response hit my abdomen hard, like I almost couldn't contain my laughter hard. XD I put such a face for it makes me smile thinking about that for some reason.:) Demon or guardian? I have no clue but she's so darned caring like a big sister too much to be a demon! I know they deceive but still! She's just so comforting. Watcha make of this?
Mise (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-11)
Cougar! I have also heard a hushed voice call me only at nighttime, either my name or mom! It's happened maybe 5 times and only when everyone is asleep.

If you see colors or lights surrounding a person, perhaps it is an aura. We emanate colors and energy around us, but most of us don't see it. Also I believe there is an electricity to us, I have had many electrical things occur around me. (popped light bulbs).
PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-10)
I read your story I don't what those lights mean may those colorful light can be a sign of good. If your hear voices then it can be dead people from afterlife trying to get close to you or may be actually getting inside your body when the voices are louder. Anyway I am psychic I can see people from afterlife and even talk to them. If evil spirit gets inside someone they can ruin ones life for they do tricks like make you forget what you are focusing and confuse your mind and trick you into submission. Take care.
KiwiSquid (5 stories) (4 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-09)
Hi shiatzu123

First off, Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story I appreciate it very much! I figured the lights were energy they look almost like a spark of electricity. And yeah I do meditate and since then I was able to see visions more clear and hear the voices more easy.

The meditation exercise you told me about is similar to one I heard of but I haven't tried it but i'll be sure to give it a shot! Thankyou! 😊
shitzu123 (17 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-07)
These sparkles of light which you have mentioned is "energy" you may be sensitive to some degree to be able to pick up on this as well as the voices, this energy & different colours could mean anything there is no one way to explain it, but it can be anything even a demonic entity or a bad spirit. The purple light from your body may be the colour of your aura.

Do you meditate at all? If not then the next time you have some free time sit down relax and visualise a light showering over your body and imagine it clearing off anything that shouldn't be there & see if that makes a difference in how you feel and the colour may even change from purple to something completly different, should you have any questions in the future feel free to message me, my email is in my profile and remember to stay safe.
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-07)
I also hear voices while meditating/remote viewing /falling asleep (hypnagogic). They always sound kind of distorted or in a weird pitch that I never think in. Sometimes they are whispers (or in other words like breathy) , and sometimes not. Usually they are not saying anything of importance either, except when remote viewing. One time I was doing a practice target and it was a picture of ghandi, and one of the hits I got was a voice saying "no hair". In fact it happened like this: I got an image of a woman with blonde hair that was french braided down the back but she was wearing one of those old timey bowling hats. So I thought was that my target was a woman, but then the voice said "no hair" as if explaining exactly what the image represented.
(when you are learning remote viewing, one of the first things you learn is that full blown images like that are always more of a representation and not to be taken literally. Therefore my target was not a woman wearing a hat, but the round bald top to the bowling hat reprented ghandi's bald head. When I didn't understand the implication, its like the voice stepped in and corrected me.) I also got an image of someone smiling wide showing all their teeth, so I wrote down that my target has something to do with teeth. Turned out he didn't have any teeth at all and wore dentures haha! So like I said it can't be taken literally, but his (lack of) teeth was one of his defining physical traits.

That is too funny about the cougar story. The voices have yet to bleed into my everyday life, but it is something I have wanted to develop in hopes of mediumship. Same with the images.

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