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Psychic Abilities Or Mental Illness?


17 years old, experienced a spiritual awakening about a year ago, in which for the past year, my connection to my spirit guides has increased significantly.

I communicate with them through writing and receive messages through various numbers. On the very rare occasion that I'm wrong, about 90% of the time I know when public transport arrives, and on a few instances, have been told mentally what stop people are getting off at.

This communication seems to be in alignment with my spirit guides, and often other people too. Friends, family, strangers, twin flame. I am able to identity how people are feeling and thinking if in tune. Is this clairaudience or clairsetience?

What I'm concerned about is that I suffered psychosis about 8 months ago and I'm worried this is all connected to some form of mental illness, but I'm really not sure. However, I am able to distinguish between what's real or not and use logic, which defies any delusional disorder. I suppose it comes down to faith and belief and trusting my intuition, which I seem to struggle at. Just thought I'd ask if anyone had any similar experiences, as I'm so confused and just seeking for a bit of guidance!

I finished writing at 416:

"416 is a unique sign. You are special. Not only in your physique but also in your ability and talent.

The reflection of spirituality is brought about by 416. You have been shaky in your convictions. Your faith is trembling. 416 is an ascertainment of your beliefs. It is time to go back to your spiritual journey. Stay unwavering despite what people say."

Any advice or guidance would be very much appreciated!

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PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
6 years ago (2017-04-11)
You are fine and not suffering from any sort of illness so be strong. Take care. 😁
sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
6 years ago (2017-04-08)
I experienced a spiritual awakening recently but I had abilities long before. The thing is I never had an opportunity to notice it until my awakening. I seen things I wasn't suppose to see because I get hunches to leave the house. I can channel easily.
shitzu123 (17 posts)
6 years ago (2017-04-07)
Hey there amber444, while it is definitely possible to receive signs & messages from the being (s) that are assigned to watch over & guide us, we as humans even if we are spiritual beings by nature know so little that its very easy for us to get caught up in something that may end up being too much for us to handle.

Do you feel comfortable when you communicate with them? Have you ever felt threatened by them in any way?

I am not trying to sway you from anything, but safety comes first especially when dealing with spirituality, also I would like to add that you have probably become more sensitve to the things around you due to these practises as for your "concern" you have already answered that on your own and not much else needs to be added.

I hope this helps a little, if you would like to talk about this or have any questions in the future my email is in my profile.

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