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Stalked By A Demon For Years Now


Where do I even begin? There's so much to this story, it's gone on for so long. I guess I'll summarize as much as I can, and bear with me here because I know some of these things will sound crazy even by my own standards.

Alright, so when things started I was 15 and a freshman in high school (keep in mind that I'm now 22 and a junior in college). Back then I was going through a lot of family issues and an awakening process that I'm not sure how to describe. That was when I started getting curious and really looking into things about myself and about some of the people I knew. I was discovering that I have certain abilities in relation to plants, dreams, that it could astral project, that was also the time period I discovered that I've lived multiple other lives and that I can feel phantom limbs. Needless to say I was learning a whole heck of a lot about myself. We had just recently moved to a new state and I had just started at a new school. During that time my parents were also going through a breakup and my mother decided to leave. I was left with my father and my brother, and that was rough by itself, but we don't need to get too into that. That's just a quick background.

But to get to the real aspects of the story. There was this guy (isn't this how so many stories start?) Well he was the typical bad boy punk who was a little older, a little meaner, a little more dangerous, you get the gist. We'll just refer to him as Hunter. Now Hunter had some drug problems and he failed ninth grade a few times because he just never showed up. He also ran with this select group of teens who were all similar to him, in and out of jail, ya know, just bad habits.

Now here's where I'll skip around because 7 years of things that happened would make this story way longer than it needs to be...

Long story short, Hunter took it upon himself to stalk me. He'd follow me when I left the state to visit relatives, he'd follow me around town, and the usual stalker stuff. But he went over board and at the time I didn't fully understand just what was really going on (still don't to some degree). He threatened my friends and his buddies used to even help him with the stalking. Ha, he even got a girlfriend at one point and she would sit in the car with him while he did his stalking even after I moved states again. I never could go to the cops because I didn't have solid proof and all of the friends who played witness were too terrified of him to speak up.

Specific instances: (why this isn't an average case of stalking or obsession)

1) Hunter would often show up in my dreams. He'd try to communicate things to me, have sex with me, whatever he wanted. Many of the dreams involved him kidnapping me or hunting me down. Lots of threats, rape and other violence. But the number one dream that sticks out to this day was the very first I ever had of him. In the dream there's was a woman's voice telling me that soon I would "meet my fate" and then Hunter appeared in a bedroom with me. He raped me and then sat down next to the bed smoking a cigarette and staring at me. When I woke up I was bleeding and sore as though it had actually happened. This was before I discovered it was him stalking me.

2) Hunter used to "Mark" my yard. I. It really sure how to explain how I know this but basically he would piss all over the backyard and on the walls of my bedroom (outside). I would often feel his energy outside of my room at night while he waited for me to go to sleep and I'm almost positive he managed to break in a few times as well. His energy was heavy and thick, if I picture it in my minds eye it's always like a heavy black cloud that pushes you down and holds you in place. You feel trapped but it's also warm not cold.

3) A friend of mine spent the night once and she woke up in the middle of the night and said I'd thrown the blanket off of me, clasped my hands together with my feet together and erect and I was saying "mhmm, yeah, okay". She said a deep sense of fear overcame her and she couldn't bring herself to move and then a heaviness pushed down on her as though she was being forced to go back to sleep. I've also felt this sense of being forced to sleep before as well. Another of my friends spent the night once and she told me she'd just been thinking that I was pretty when someone punched the wall outside of the bedroom just where her head was.

4) My friends could feel people following us whenever I would go places with them as well. Once one of my friends, Taryn, had gone to the gym at night and happened to be alone. She told me how one of Hunter's closest friends walked in and told her to "back the f*** off" of me. She was also chased through a parking lot in the middle of the night and followed at a festival.

5) Sometimes I can feel him within me if that makes sense. It's like another persons energy or sense of awareness overcomes your own and you can literally feel them looking out of your eyes and hear some of their thoughts. I'll even feel like I'm bigger when this happens. Once when this happened my friend Angie told me she could see him in my eyes (Angie is a practicing witch). I can also feel his energy when he's nearby and I can feel when he's looking for me or calling to me.

6) When I started astral projecting he began communicating with me there. He always seems to know when I'm projecting because he just pops up. Sometimes he's in the form of a black dog and sometimes he has an almost demonic shape. Most of the time he's himself but his eyes are always black or super dark. When I first met him they were blue. Plenty has happened on that plane alone...

7) I've noticed that other guys are almost scared of me. It's like I put off an aura of "back off". Angie told me it's almost like looking at a pretty cake that you want to eat but then someone has gone and smeared mayonnaise all over it. That actually probably has a lot to do with why I'm still a virgin, bad things just seem to happen to men who pursue me.

8) Part of me is afraid of him and yet I have to acknowledge that I feel a pull to him. It's like a magnet and I just can't get away. I've moved states several times since this started but he always shows back up. He may not live in the same state but he still pops in to "check on me".

9) In the last year or so I have finally learned to block him out as I've discovered more of who I am and who I was, but in the last couple of weeks it's started up again and with a vengeance. He showed up at the same bar as I and he didn't hide his presence. He kept smiling no smirking at me. And I just have this growing feeling about it all.

10) Sometimes I wonder if any of this has anything to do with what happened in Florida when I was much younger. Basically when I was 11 years old my friend Amber and I would play this weird game she made up. She liked to say that there were these two guys that only she could see who were supposed to be "vampire princes". She said they spoken a language only she could understand and they could take on any form they wanted. She told me they wanted to marry us. She had me take part in a marriage ceremony where I walked through a row of their "friends" and had to smell a flower that he'd spit on. (Sounds foolish to think of now.) She told me he'd watch me forever and then come for me one day when I was all grown up. A few days later she abruptly moved away and I never spoke to her again. I forgot all about it until Hunter started stalking me in earnest.

Alright that's the gist of it all, so much more has happened than any of that alone though.

But my question for you guys is this: is Hunter possessed by a demon or is he one? It blows my mind how he can somehow manipulate energy as he does on a physical level even to the extent of getting other people to help him in his stalking, even his mother and sister are aware of what he does and they support it. Also, how can I possibly be rid of him permanently? And why me?

Sorry y'all, it's getting late for me and I'm kind of tired. Thank you for listening to my story, because it's about time I shared it.

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shitzu123 (17 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-12)
[at] Redd24 No problem, yeah fear is definitely one of the things that they would use against us. I have experienced sleep paralysis on many occasions as well as lucid dreams where demonic entities would show and tell me things that wouldn't make much sense. I guess they were just some of the many tactics that they use in order to manipulate us into giving in. I was lucky enough to have gained a better understanding about the things that take place in this world and I want to share it with people to make them aware of the fact that (as you know from your own experience) it's all very real. I would be happy to hear from you as I may be able to give you some guidance and possibly find a way to help with your situation.
PraveenNewman (3 stories) (34 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-10)
I read your story what I understood is some guy named Hunter is stalking you everywhere even in your dreams. And you think he his actually a demon in human form. Well the whole story sounds like full of terror and horror. I am a psychic I can see people from afterlife and I am here to post messages from them since I can communicate with them. If you think I can help you in someway then do tell me. Good Luck. 😁
Redd24 (1 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-09)
[at] thenewtarot
Thank you for your response, I ramble a lot too so it's quite alright.

It's funny you mention the possibility of knowing Hunter before this life, because in recent years I've begun remembering past lives & I'm sure he was in some of them. Like I said when I wrote this story I cut ALOT of things out to make it easier to read & less complicated. I'd also never considered the idea of Hunter becoming possessed on such a way, by his choices. I used to think he died somehow and the demon just jumped in or that he gave his soul over... But it doesn't really matter how he came to be what he is as much as it matters that I end this. I've done cleanings with sage in the past and that never really works for me, but I do know of some other things I can do. I just need to make sure that I'm totally ready, and then I'll do it. He can't touch my soul unless I let him and this is probably why things have dragged on as long as they have. He is the most determined... Creature I have encountered thus far. But thank you again for your help and I will look into some cleanses and getting ahold of holy water. It may be easier because while I don't remember his true name I do know his symbol that ties in with it.

[at] shiatzu123
Thank you as well, I stopped projecting for a long time for those very reasons but I can't keep allowing my fear control me. You're right about shielding, that is something I need to get better about. Perhaps I'll message you about that and some other things.

[at] ThulsaDune
And thanks to you as well. I'll try some of the things you suggested and pay close attention to what my guides have to say. I believe very strongly in God, my Higher Self and in angels, so I trust that and them.

[at] justinmartin1235
Yes, people do have a tendency to think things like this are too crazy to be true so they have to be lies. It's why things like this go on so long because those seeking help have a harder time finding it. I've been laughed at, made fun of and called a liar for telling my story before. I've also been called a witch, been told I'd burn in Hell and also had threats made on my life, I've just started to remind myself that the people who choose to believe that are on a whole different path than I am, and then it's easier to let it go.

Thanks all, sorry about the late reply, I've been super busy with school and starting a new job. But thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate it!
justinmartin1235 (1 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-09)
I have actually had some kind of demonic presence follow me. Its an experience, people judge you if you tell them your storie. That's what I have found out. The more that you think about your experience the worse it gets worse.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-08)
Hi Redd24,
I may be able to help you with some advice. I have a lot of experience and first hand knowledge of this type of situation. In the past I have helped people with possession and influence issues.
80 % of the time it starts with an adolescent playing with things they should not or performing rituals. Many times it starts when someone starts playing with Ouija boards, Satanism, witchcraft and so on. It can be stopped and changed, but it should not be allowed to go on long if possible.
If you read some of my old posts you may find information you can use. I will warn you ahead of time that some people are put off by my frankness.
Okay step one protect your self by gaining faith in the one true creator and ask for his protection in prayer. Learn to talk to him as you would any one else.
Step 2: Imagine yourself wrapped in a blanket of or bubble of pure white light and love. Imagine that The Creator or God has you in a big hug like you would have gotten from your parents or grandparents when you were little.
Step 3: Ask for protection from Evil, Harm and sickness every night before you lay down to sleep.
This is important because you are most venerable just as you drift off to sleep and in your dreams. An Entity, Demon or attacking Satanist or malevolent psychic will attack at this time.
Step 4: Bless and Cleanse your own home and especially your room. Your room should be your fortification from Evil.
Step 5: Test for the presence of a Demonic entity. This will let you know what you are dealing with and what has to be done in the future. There are many ways and you can research them, but just don't become infatuated with the subject it can become a weakness. I will tell you the best 2 I have found. First 1 is to place a bible (King James Preferred) on a table or chair in your room by your bed. Take a small amount of flour bless it and sprinkle it lightly around the Bible. Leave it set for awhile and go about your normal routines. Check it when you wake up, go to bed or pass by it. If there is an Evil entity messing with your home or you it can't help but get P.O.'D and try and move or mess with that Bible or smear the flour around it. It wants to cause you fear, but don't let it. The second one which always works is to leave a cross on the wall or laying on a table or chair. A Demon has to move it, throw it, or hide it. Just call it Demonic O.C.D.
If nothing happens then great you are protected from evil in your home.
Step 6: After 1 through 5 you now can deal with the rest of the issues as they come in the physical realm in a conscious state of mind.
I believe you are dealing with a possessed person who has given them self over to evil. You will need to follow a lot of the advice given by others and ask us for help on each issue moving forward one by one.
Hope this helps in the future.
shitzu123 (17 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-07)
I agree with the things that the user "thenewtarot" has spoken about in her comment, I am also glad that you have decided to share your experience here on this website were you can find people that will be able to help in one way or another.

I would also advise you not to astrally project as this leaves you open and vulnerable to his attacks or attacks from any other entity, you should also learn about energy protection (shielding) & cleansing.

Furthermore the "ritual" from the childhood may be connected to this in some way, but this is not for certain although in order to completly free yourself from this entity you will need to find out what caused and allowed for that connection to happen in the first place.

I hope that this makes sense and if you would like to talk further about this my email is in my profile.
thenewtarot (2 posts)
5 years ago (2017-04-07)
From a woman intuitive to another, You need to sever the ties and rid yourself of this demonic force FOR GOOD. As soon as possible. You need to excorsize yourself and your body as well as your general surroundings because you are dealing with an extremely powerful entity that has manifested physically and begun to posses you. But you also need to commit your spirit to cleansing itself. I am reading some misgivings on your part, I know how powerful and enticing it is... But you must break it's hold on you, because if it believes it is more powerful than you it will do everything to break you. Having a powerful entity interested in you is a sure sign of spiritual potential but you must MUST MUST face the force and COMMAND IT to leave you alone or else it WILL command you!

It is very possible that you unwillingly opened yourself to this experience with your young friend in Florida. But that ceremony may have been a part of a bigger Karma on your part. Perhaps you knew "Hunter" all too well in another lifetime. It certainly seems that way to me.

A "demon" is just an idea; a conjugation of dark thoughts that manifest themselves as a personality. This personality can exist purely in the ether but it can also be born into a young impressionable mind.

Let me put it to you this way; Hitler is a fine example of a man possessed by a demon. He was born a human, but certain character traits and life events made his mind open to a certain kind of corruption, and so the more he sharpened his will and his mind to atrocities, to more he gave up his will to atrocity. Slowly but surely he killed hitler the man so Hitler the demon could take over. That demon is hiding in each and every one of us. And hunter's demon, WHO IS A PSYCHIC VAMPIRE and your energy patterns, and the ceremony you performed drew him closer to you. He is drawn to you because he wishes to destroy your purity.

A few years back I was in pennsylvania, staying with a producer at his farm/studio. He told me that his ex-wife had been possessed at the house, and that he believed there was something of a spiritual border near the property. I dismissed his claims as the fanciful grudge of an divorcee, until I began having the nightmares.

At first, they were games. Extremely simple, straightforward games, like brick-breaker and collecting things. Everytime I won, the game changed; it got a little more complex, a little more intense, and slowly the force I was playing these games with began to materialize himself. He was darkly silhouetted, but he wore a sort stout 18th century top hat. Slowly the games became invitations, then became commands. He wanted me to hurt my family to achieve some monetary goal when I realized what he was. I turned to him in the dream, and I told him, "I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE. GET OUT OF MY HEAD. NOW." instantly the dream burst into searing flames, and from the man's sillouette arose the most demonic body I have ever witnessed. His eyes burned into mine as he let out a monsterous scream, and I awoke shrieking, drenched in sweat and hyper-ventilating from heat exhaustion. I thought that would be the end, but...
It followed me all the way back to New York, and I was infected with nightmares of him manifesting himself in my room while I was paralyzed on my bed, trying desperately to call out to someone. Once, my friend Cody who lived down the street from me, came to me in my dream, and I saw Him lay his eyes on him. I tried to warn Cody, who was consoling me and couldn't see the demon gripping him. When I awoke, it was to a call from Cody, telling me he just had a dream I was lying on my bed calling out to him. Then HE started having the nightmares. THE ONLY THING that cured us was a complete SAGE CLEANSING.

I suggest you get some HOLY WATER, some SAGE for burning, and learn a prayer or holy hymn of your choice. Then you burn the sage, blowing the smoke into every corner of your house, and recite the words, feeling the protection of God and/or your Higher Self envelope every room. Then you need to cleanse yourself in the smoke, starting at the head and working your way down, going around and around your body, still reciting. I find it helps to sing, but whatever makes you feel STRONG, GOOD, and PROTECTED. Sprinkle the holy water around the rooms you've blessed with sage for good measure and repeat as neccessary. The more people you have involved in the excorsism the better. Since you know the entities PHYSICAL name it may help you to find out it's spiritual name. When you know a demon's true name, which involves a sigil, you have absolute control over it. "Hunter" may or may not be his real name, and if you can remember anything about what your friend amber used to call the "vampire princes" that could really help you during the ceremony to be able to call on that dark energy by NAME and command it to LEAVE.

"Hunter" is indeed a man possessed. That being said, he is still just a man. And the entity possessing him is still just a shade. He may seem powerful and frightening, but you must fight through your gut fear. He cannot hurt YOU, (real you!) in this life or any.

Also, it wouldn't hurt to get a restraining order on that guy. ❤

Sorry that was long and rambling %.%

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