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Shadowmen In The Cemetery


Once upon a time (when I was 16) while I was living in Ashley, IL 62808 some high school friends and myself decided to head over to the "Logan Cemetery" and look at the old tombstones. After it started getting dark we stuck around, it was a brightly lit night with a full moon in the sky. One of the girls had packed away a Hasbro Ouija Board (Spirit Board) so everyone decided to "play" with it since one girl claimed to know how it worked (I think all she did was read the instructions on the box). So we found a good flat clear spot to sit down on the ground and begin. After a few minutes someone asked a question, then someone else took there turn. Eventually we started to get what looked like responses from the questions being asked "Is anyone there?" and the indicator went to "Yes", that's when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. So I stopped participating and started watching around us because I damn well knew that I saw something! Next I saw it again, but this time I was looking dead at it. I told everyone "Hey guys, there is someone else out here" at first they thought I was playing around trying to scare them. After that one of the other girls saw it the third time it stepped out from behind the trees and walk behind another tree. It was a 6-7ft broad shoulder figure that was completely black, but I could still see through it like a shadow. The humanoid figure was walking from behind an object then disappearing behind another, each time getting closer and closer to us. At this point all 6 of us had seen this "Shadowman".

Once the group realized that none of us was playing a trick on the rest of the group, we grabbed our stuff and jumped into my friends car and drove away from the graveyard that was at the outskirts of town. I know now, with the research I have done that this "Shadowman" may have been a "Djinn" since they very often reveal them selves in this form. We probably didn't summon this thing with the use of the Spirit Board, but we did attract it's attention. I saw this creature two other times while still living in Illinois. Since I moved back to Texas I have not seen the Shadowman.

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sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
I think it's pretty cool how we both share career backgrounds. A girl last night on Facebook was saying she seen the same thing after Halloween last year, but except it followed her. Her response was directed to a paranormal group question. I have seen many people who played with these boards and things went left. Be lucky your car started. This girl couldn't find her car keys. The figure appeared but it was following them.

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