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Cemetery Sickness


First story, enjoy.

This is a true story. Every time I go with my brother and sisters to a cemetery to see a grave of my deceased brother's burial place, my body reacts like a draining of energy, as if my body is suppressing its energy, but I know for sure it is nothing major. This never happened until my father passed away. It was 8 days after my 19th birthday. He was in the same plot as my brother who died when he was a baby.

When my dad died, I had a dream where my sister and brother were watching a movie in a familiar room. My dad was sitting on a chair giving me an angry look. I began to cry and he started saying, "It's your fault." So I tried hugging him but instead he faded behind me in different clothing and said once again, "It's your fault." Then faded a last time.

I told many people this dream but everyone says it is not your fault. Instead, it is his for taking that path. Meanwhile, I always think this cemetery sickness of mine is not permanent. I know it is because I am not letting go of the fact my father is gone, which I know he is. I think what I need to do is say a proper goodbye to him in my own solitude time.

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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
12 years ago (2008-11-25)
Dear Life - Almost nine years ago, I lost my mom. We lived in different states, my dad was deceased, but were close. I worked in sales and always had sales. My first day, had a couple. I went a week without sales, had trouble concentrating, and remember walking around, touching things and thinking they looked "different." I wondered if the husband was getting another transfer, change, but that wasn't right. My sales manager talked to me. I cried and told him something was wrong, but I didn't know what. That evening went home and had a message that my mom was sick, but not bad, and not to fly home. I immediately flew home. She went to the hospital and never got out, until we lost her three months later. She never had said unkind words to me. A few months later had a sickening dream where she was angry and screaming at me and it was horrible. I woke up and was upset. Then I realized, it wasn't her but a nasty trick. Perhaps it was my mind, guilt or sorrow, or perhaps something else, but a trick. She would never yell and say mean stuff to me. I still remember it very clearly, and won't let that happen again if possible.

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