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Murders, Disasters, Sickness And Death


I have had a great many premonitions of future events and one very strong telepathic (or remote seeing?) experience. In the 1980's and early 90's things got so bad that I went to great efforts to tune out much of the information that was coming in and making me utterly miserable: fires, murders and all manner of terrible things I could do nothing to stop. Below are some examples.

For weeks I kept thinking of a ferry sinking in the North Sea, then one Tuesday morning I opened my newspaper at random to a full-page ad for Townsend-Thorensen Ferries. My immediate thought was, "One of their boats will capsize at the weekend". Oddly, it did not occur to me to warn anyone, but who would have taken me seriously if I had? Sure enough, on the next Saturday one of their ferries capsized in Zeebruge harbour, which is on the North Sea coast of Belgium.

I took up painting for a few years. One day I set up my canvas to paint a still-life of some flowers but found myself painting great swirls of blue, white, red and yellow. It looked like a great explosion in the sky. My girlfriend thought it looked beautiful, which it did, but it disturbed me greatly. The painting was playing on my mind a few days later when I was in our village, shopping. As I passed a travel agent's a thought came to me, "A plane is going to crash". Two hours later I was watching TV when the programme was interrupted for an announcement that a Pan Am flight had exploded over Lockerbie in Scotland.

A short time later I found myself painting a similar painting: another plane crashed. I gave up painting.

My most bizarre experience, that nearly unhinged me, occurred when I was sitting at home one morning. I suddenly became very angry at the loud music coming from next door. Then I realized that there was not a sound coming from my neighbor. "I" was shouting and hammering on the wall but I was sitting still and saying nothing. The anger persisted so I left the house but as I did I somehow felt that "I" was going to the house next door and shooting the occupants! I did not actually go to their house (nor did I have a gun!) but sort of saw "myself" doing that.

I walked up the street. As I did so I felt that "I" was driving along and shooting randomly at houses and people in the street. Then I felt that "I" was being pursued by police, who forced "my" vehicle to a stop. I/he got out and aimed at the police. I felt a sudden, short pain followed by a horrible, terrifying cold blackness, out of which I "pulled" myself with quite some effort, cutting the connection with this man, who, I believe, had nearly dragged my soul down with him. I hurried on in great agitation to buy some cigarettes.

When I returned home I put on the TV for the lunchtime news. The main story concerned a man who had been driven out of his mind by his loud, aggressive neighbors. He had just shot them dead because they would not turn down their music. He had then driven away, firing at houses and people as he went. The police forced him to a halt then shot him dead as he aimed his gun at them. I had experienced all this as it had happened. After this the horrors poured in, especially when I was drifting off to sleep.

I have had many premonitions about myself, some of which I have ignored to my cost (the damned logical mind at work!). The worst concerned an operation I had in December 2006. On the morning of the op it came to me that I would suffer injury, not immediately, I would not die on the operating table, but later, in the long term I would suffer for having this operation.

Like a fool I allowed myself to be persuaded that I was just having normal pre-op jitters. Something went wrong. I convulsed on the table. Now I have two agonizing, incurable types of damage to my spinal cord. Fortunately, despite my logical mind, I obeyed an "instruction" to visit a Chinese acupuncturist and doctor. It turned out that she had treated patients like me in the main Shangai hospital before coming to England. Without her treatment I know I would now be paralyzed, if not dead.

Recently I found myself singing "It's A Long Way To Tipperrary" several times a day for a week or so. Then I got the urge to research my family tree. I was surprised to discover that my paternal line stems from Ireland (I do not have an obviously Irish surname like that of my Irish maternal grandfather, Bernie McNamee).

I discovered an Irish cousin who had been born in Tipperrary in the 1890's. He moved to Liverpool but was in New York when WWI began in 1914, for it was there that he enlisted in the British Army, probably at our consulate. He was sent to Flanders as a member of the Connaught Rangers.

In 1915 his division was transferred to Greece to take part in another one of Winston Churchill's mad schemes. That same year my distant cousin died in Salonika, probably of dysentery, like so many thousands of other poor souls who had been dumped there, in filthy conditions, to await an enemy who never arrived. He died a long way from Tipperrary.

I could write of more happenings, experiences, but I am tired. I would just like to add that I am not a professional psychic.


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mh09 (3 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-05)
les, you are psychic no doubt. You seems to be a very broad minded intelligent person, who could easily do some introspection and figure, and analize yourself, of what you have.

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