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My Family's Powerful Psychic Genes


Most of my family has psychic abilities. This all started with my great grandfather but I don't really know about what happened with him. My great grandmother is very clairvoyant. She always calls us when we are about to call her. My grandfather and grandmother are both emotionally empathetic, they know when we are depressed. My mom always know when I get hurt or when I am sad. That's why she is in the office before they can call her.

I am very clairvoyant like my great grandma but I have also the rare ability called aerokinesis. With this I can control fire, water, a little earth, and a lot of wind, I can sometimes make a variety of storms. Once I put my hand up in the air and a strong wind came down and blew me off my feet. I have also levitated in my sleep many times so says my mom. Just now I have displayed Metagnomy which means powerful hypnosis. My whole family can see spirits which is sometimes called a GHOST WHISPERER after the TV show GHOST WHISPERER.

Once my mother and I were on a trip to a historical area in VA and we saw a tall very buff man is the blacksmith house. When he saw is he demanded us to get out! So my mommy told him that we weren't scared by him and he was a lunatic. He strained a bit and his skin started to get dark. About 9 hammers flew out and headed straight for us. She covered my head and ducked. She then noticed that gut feeling and I told her,"mommy, something's wrong." she looked at me and said,"i know baby." we both ran out. We all get that gut feeling when an entity is nearby. My grandfather says the psychic abilities are in our genes and as I have said before, we need to control them, lest our powers rage out of control.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-03)
If your ggg grandmother was a witch, that used magic to kill her master... You wouldn't want her occult powers, because they will bring bad karma to you, that will eventually bight you in the a*s! Trust me! (Pray for God to forgive her.) Jesus said that, if he wanted to, he could summon more than 12 legions (thousands) of Angels, to protect him, and rip apart all his enemies... But he didn't! Because he wasn't a murderer, but a true MAN, and a true GOD, that loves all people! And he told us: "love one another, as I have loved you"...and he loved us TO DEATH! If you want to read some fantastic best selling books, with true stories about spirits, magic, spells, supernatural etc, see my PROPHILE for the titles. Stay safe. God bless!
Fred (1 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-10)
well, to tell the truth, my great-great-great grandmother was a slave and she was indeed a witch, she used magic to get back on her slave master for making her do so much work. This is a story my granddad tells me sometimes. Everybody was too scared to buy her because she was so powerful she killed her first master. Do you think could get her powers.
Lasker2 (5 stories) (89 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-10)
I actually think that the soul is the seat of psychic ability, and that our bodies are only vessels for this soul, or a type of thought energy-form. And because of past life memories, it appears that our souls can migrate between bodies, and even into people completed unrelated to us.

Thus when a psychic is born with the soul of someone unrelated, they can then pass down their ability.

The highest level psychics can use magic, and their offspring are born with abilities close to their level, though a wizard's soul can migrate into someone unrelated - and this is often the source of psychic power within a family line, not necessary a family's genes.

Can you absorb energy through the top of your head? This is a sign that you're close to using magic - and not just element manipulation.


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