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Am I A Medium And Or Psychic?


I've had a experience when I was 5 or 6 and I never knew what it meant. I was walking up the stairs in my house, and I felt a chill and that I was being followed. I looked around and nothing or no one was there. As I turned back around I had glimpse of an image in my mind of a snake, one that I had never met before. A few years later I still knew that the snake was still in the house or not, but I then went to sleep one night and couldn't fall asleep because of the feelings I got a lot. So I went to my mother and told her,"There is a weird feeling I get like there's a snake following me." She looked at me weird and asked if I knew what it looked like. I told her it looked like it had dark shady green scales, bright red tongue, dark covered eyes and was about the length of my wrist to wrist. She looked at me confused and said we used to have a snake just like that. I was totally shocked.

Since then I've noticed more and more of things, sometimes I won't go someplace because it gives me bad feeling, and in some places I never feel alone even though I am and I see images of faces. Also other things, like I will be day dreaming and then I imagine a sense and later it happens. They have become less frequent but longer and bigger senses, only 3 times have I actually known when it would happen, mostly due to the place I'm at.

I can also see auras, My friend once had a color meaning book or paper and I got a glimpse of a color outlining her, so I told what it was, and she looked it up. She read it and it was almost exactly what her normal charter is like. So I want to know if I may be or close to being a Medium?

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Aquaxamatista (1 stories) (62 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-01)
I would say psychic because I think mediums dream about things that might happen. I don't know if I'm psychic myself because once I predicted the day my great-aunt was going to die. Then I forgot about it and moved on. A year later my great-aunt died the day I predicted but I didn't remember about my prediction until a month later. But I do say your a psychic. 😁
Zaniac (4 stories) (27 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-23)
I don't know how to answer your question... But I use to hear voices, Like my bestfriend's laughter. But I also heard strange voices calling my name. 😕

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