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Am I Just Imangining It Or Am I Psychic?


I'm 14, and have always been somewhat different from people. This is my second post, because I'm still unsure of my abilities, or if I have any. My mom's side of my family has some connections to being psyhic, including my mom. I seem to be the tie of it all though, I am able to see and or sense spirits, see auras, and know what's on a persons mind.

The spirits I see aren't fully there, I see mostly an outline or shadow of them standing or doing whatever they are doing. There is a pair of ghosts that like to watch me when I'm trying to sleep, one will usually be sitting in a chair and one will be standing facing the bed not necessarily staring at me. I also ounce saw my friends grandfather and uncle. I described them to her and she said they looked exactly like the I described them. Also when I saw her grandfather I got the feeling of 'heart' and 'decent' as in dead. I asked if she knew why I would feel this and she told me that her grandfather died of a heart attack. When we settled down I looked up at her there was a tall shadow. I went up to it but hesitated and put me hand at the top of the head and asked if her uncle was this tall. She said he was that height when he died.

For awhile I have been able to see auras too, I thought as a kid that I was a vampire or a which so I've always believed in the paranormal. As I got older my ability dimmed in seeing auras until it started up again about a year ago and has been advancing. I usually see rays around the rim of a person.

My ability to read minds or get what someones thinking in my head just recently came. I will be thinking of one thing at the start then another idea or quote or object will just appear in my mind. Mostly I will say it out loud and the person next to me will say 'that's what I was just thinking' My friends get creeped out when I do it cause they know I do it all the time. My mom usually laughs because she know about my abilities. The other way I can read minds is when I get a tug or urge to do or go somewhere. I was once at a party and we were playing four square. I kept getting these urges to go to a corner, so I went over to it and that was the one the person who had his/her eyes covered picked. So when I got the tug to go to a corner I went to a different one and the one that I felt the tug to was always the one that was chosen.

All of my abilities have started when I was about 5 years of age. These things don't always happened in a pattern, when I see ghosts I don't always see them, I will mostly sense them. I will usually sense a presence and turn to see no one. I have been doubting myself more and more recently, thinking its my imagination or my eyes playing a trick on me.

If anyone knows if they can tell me I'm imagining or I'm really something, it gratefully welcomed!

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CantStopThinking (1 stories) (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-24)
Ive just joined this cite today, but a lot of what you just said has happened to me (but in different ways). If you find anything let me know, look me up on here. Lol not really sure how though 😁!
Zaniac (4 stories) (27 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
I'm 10 😁 I've seen 2 ghosts. I haven't seen anymore since last year.
But anyways, I believe I can sense somebody's aura... In my mind, Somewhere in there; I just somehow think that the person is happy/sad/something else. They'll say that they aren't... But I still have the feeling they're lying.
paranormalsenser82 (2 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-23)
Thanks for the comments, but for Dinear I'm not a boy. Also I do not know how to set up a sheild. 😆
Dinaer (1 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-22)
Perhaps I can help with the spirits you keep seeing:) don't think just because you can't see them that they aren't there; some people have the Sight, but most don't, and feel when a spirit is near. I have this too, and I've grown to trust my ability to feel things.
You should try and do the same:) trust in what your "gut" is telling you, believe it is true, because it is. And in doing so, you'll see your gifts become stronger over time.

About the aura's I can't say much, since it's not a gift I possess:) but maybe (if you haven't done so already) you should get well acquainted with the different colours and meanings of aura's. In time you might see what a person's mood is just by looking at their aura, and maybe someday see deeper, like who's got gifts, or who is special in your life:)

Practice, and don't forget to shield. Seems to me you are truly gifted young man ^-^

Good luck.
dreamergurl (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
You're definitely a different:). Cool! Haha obviously you already know it's not a bad thing... And you're not alone. As for the clarevoyance, I can't help you too much because I'm not... But I can with the telepathy. A lot of the same stuff happens to me. I'll pick up on images, thoughts, feelings especially from my friends. It happens really clearly with complete strangers, though. You sound like naturally you've already developed a fair sense of telepathy... With practice you would probably be a natural:). I'm fourteen, too, and love meeting other psychics... Talk to me? Haha my email is annie.haftl [at]
Good luck, God's Love...


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