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Sweet And Scary


I moved into a house that use to be a womens' army barrack. There was a little girl I always saw in an older dress style and it was always in the bathroom. I didn't see this with my eyes though, not like others. It is a vision in my head. I thought maybe I made it up but it's serious. It's strong and real. When I see her it feels playful and I feel young and curious. The emotions are strong. I feel what she feels.

The other thing I have not seen with my eyes but a vision in my mind is a man. He stayed in my roommates room, he was mad or intimidating. I didn't go in there alone and I felt like he was watching me when I was close to the corner of the room where I feel he was. I felt scared or angry. The most recent is a woman, older like 65-70 age range and shes scared. I physically see her but shes upset, frantic. I see her random places that are never the same and she makes me nervous and edgy. I want to help the frantic woman or be able to communicate better. I recently went to visit a friend who was staying out of the state. She felt someone in her house and when I was alone there I saw a woman. I told her what she looked like and she swears she is a family member. I want to talk to these people. Any suggestions? Please contact me. I want to develop what little ability I do have. It has been a weird couple weeks, I haven't seem anyone. I worry I might lose the ability?

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ihaverights2 (3 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
Thank you for your response! Its good to know this is probably just a calm time in my abilities. It seems like I go from seeing a lot to seeing nothing and back or forth. I meditated the other day and heard a man say my name twice... At first I thought maybe I was imagining it and then the second time it was CLEAR... My guardian recently has not been around and I was hoping it was him... I am going to try and contact him. Thanks for your time and response
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
ihaverights2... I don't think that you will lose the ability but from time to time it is not uncommon for psychic abilities to go dormant. If you do see a spirit and your ability is new you can try to scream at it or talk very loud to it but do it in your head... Like come closer or what is it that you want. Then you need to kind of let your mind go blank for a few seconds and see if their is a response or a thought that you know is not yours... Pops into your mind... If all you sense is a feeling you need to project a feeling back... Like with the scared lady you would in your mind say its all right and try to push that sentence out of your head to where she may be... Then again be open to a response such as a returned feeling or something that pops into your head. The hard part in all of this is overcoming the natural fear that one would have in encountering spirits and doing it with a clarity of mind and to do it as if you had a lot of power or strength.

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