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Scary Images Appearing During My Meditation


I am fond, really fond of researching into Spiritual/Psychic

Abilities and is willing to know and develop my own gifts. But I just can't find an article about my problem.

During my practice there is this inferior thing in my head that blocks my meditation as I wish to see the faces of my guides and the Divine Interventions.

I had this one moment wherein I closed my eyes and ask my Higher self, spirit guides and the Divine Interventions to make me see them in my unconscious mind and in the middle of meditating I always see creepy images in my head, like scary ghosts, flying, shouting, blood spilled, bloody faces and it's really bugging me and my meditation for I am not into ghosts because as far as I know myself I am overly afraid of these beings. Or maybe I am just watching a lot of paranormal movies that happens to be applied in my real life. I wish not. The purpose of why I want to develop my Psychic abilities is now because I want to see dead people or the restless souls which belongs to the Lower Dimension but the Divine Spirits and the Spirit guides that belongs to the Higher Dimension are the ones I am working this for.

The key point is that when I asked the beings in the Higher Dimension to make me see them in my unconscious mind, I see a figure slowing sharpening and making me see a solid body with a high energy vibration and is mostly glowing in the color of white which looks a lot like an angel or my spirit guide because she's wearing white and her hands are in 'praying hands', I see a golden brown hair laid before each side of her shoulders but the face is dark and it's slowly fading from chin to forehead and the images of creepy figures,faces,bloody and more scary, fainting images are faintly moving and disappear and reappear before her but as I continue to focus harder on her face, these creepy images gets stronger and appears twice more than the previous focus.

I guess it's my fear of ghosts that is making me unable to concentrate on seeing the Divine spirits, I'm concentrating and at the same time my consciousness battles with my unconscious mind giving my unconsciousness my fear of seeing creepy ghost images. So until now, when I see dreams of Heavenly beings their faces are always black. But I can still see their hair and its color.

This is my daily struggle, they can see me from head to toe which is my full figure but I can only see their body and their faces black.

What can I do? I badly wish to see these beings in the Higher Dimensions, they have helped me a lot, gave me signs saying that they are here beside me and is willing to help me but during my meditation or during my sleep I can't get through the stupid, creepy, fainting images appearing before them and that leaves me seeing them with a 'black face'. *sigh

I feel drained now.

I feel like there's no cure to this or if there is, mind to tell me, I would be glad to read your 'Help' responses.

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
8 years ago (2015-06-04)
I have a few things to say.
1) I have the gift you are seeking, and clairvoyance is not that great
2) when you seek out gifts that you do not have naturally you draw consequences with it
3) part of the reason these morbid images may be appearing in your mediation is your seeking of gifts that you do not have naturally
4) these morbid images could be visions or even premonitions of your or someone else's future
5) the "ghosts" more appropriately called spirits, may be drawn on by your fear, whatever gifts you actually do have naturally evil will not want you to develop
6) when you mediate you go into a trance state that leaves you vulnerable to spirit, why? Because when you are mediating you are splitting yourself between the physical and astral plane, leaving your barriers from evil weak.
7) "guides" more appropriately called Guardian Angels or luminescents, and angels are beings that should not be called upon directly, they have enough energy to come to you if you are truly in need
8) their is no factions of spirits, besides good, evil, limbo.
9) in the Underworld, or as you say lower realm, belong demons, shadows, and evil spirits. In Heaven or as you say the upper realm, belong angels and all the angel types, luminescent, and good spirits. Spirits that are neither good or bad, or have unfinished business will remain in limbo on the earth
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2015-05-31)
I will put out some thoughts bout the subject.

Some individuals open up by creating a space.
Pulling in other energies there by raising ones own enery to be in tune with the finer vibrations of Angels or higher beings.

My child raised her vibrations by being in a trance.
Cultivated this by prayer and songs plus peace.

A friend of mine channels Angelic beings via Trance.
But is called to this work.

I contact higher beings by a alight trance or dreams as well as inspirational or writhing. But I create a space bringing in higher energies. So as not to become tired.
My meditation is separate.

For all three of us we separate Mditation from contacting Angels or Higher beings.
godisone (5 posts)
8 years ago (2015-05-29)
I would think that you know the difference between psychic and spiritual dimentions and forces. This site is quite good with psychic stuffs but spiritual ones are little. You can be a giant in psychic but not so spiritually. Spiritual often requires an inner and outer master to be the same but you would also meet many of them (higher beings) on your inner trainings. Contemplation on white light, on the masters' faces and singing their names and many other God's names in expiration are the most important practices to reach out for them and the inner planes for spiritual training. Yet they also do some mental practices like the one you have been doing. This is what I think and suggest. The being you see looks really like a spiritual guide or but with the dark face because of the interference of psychic forces or entities. If you want the spiritual side you should stop or limit watching nefast things for you, no alcohol, no smoking no drugs.Don't think of creepy images. Remember the law of reversed effort. Think and focus on what you want. Stick few nice inspiring pictures on your room's walls to watch before you exercise and have a great expectation and hunger to meet and see the real face of the being most of the day. During exercise replace the fear, frustration and anger with love or warm happy feeling and be relaxed. Imagine removing the creepy images with increasing reflexion of the white light from that being and get them completly off that scene or try any thing easy or possible for you. Regular and frequent exercises are needed. Patient is very much important. The beings are always with and have done their half but it up to you now to do the other half to meet and see them.
Nightingale (145 posts)
8 years ago (2015-05-28)
Hello MaLou,
Sometimes during meditation, visions can be brought on. Usually mine are of events to come. Have these beings tried to show you visions in the past? They may have something to tell you.
Focusing either on the images or around them may be the only way. Although the visions are often scary, sometimes we need to see them in order to be able to move on. If you trust that these beings will not harm you, they may be trying to help in unforeseen ways.
Take courage and trust your instincts,

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