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Very Real Life Scary Dreams After Using The Ouija Board?


As the title says I have experiencing very realistic dreams every since I used the Ouija board. When I used the Ouija board I do believe that I did get through to someone who was aged 18, and said that he loved me. He guessed every question right that only I would know, also I was doing it with my mum and I'm certain she wouldn't move it as she would think it would scare me... But I still have doubts that I actually got threw to someone.

Anyway, ever since then I have been experiencing horrible dreams that seem very real when they happen. Each dream is different but no matter what the dream is always set in my room.

I always get a weird adrenaline rush sensation before I'm about to drift off into sleep, this is how I know that I'm about to dream these dreams but within a few seconds I would enter the dream. Straight away I know that I am dreaming and I am usually in my bed, I open my eyes, unable to move and would hear high noises or someone heavily breathing. Occasionally I have been dragged off my bed, Spun upside down and pinned to the floor and raped, the person who rapes me in this dream is a male and he talks to me saying he likes me and he doesn't want me to leave. Actually being raped had happened a lot and this male would always normally be there until lately. The last dream I had that he was in is when I actually managed to stand up for the first time, open my eyes and actually some how leave the dream.

But ever since I manged to do that, he no longer comes and I no longer get pulled off my bed but instead I would be able to open my eyes and see things around me... What is see is very unusual. My room looks the same, just a bit blurry, I see a massive red picture frame on my room that is filled with colors and it would keep changing pictures very quickly, also sometimes I would just be able to see a person in my room but they would move out the way quickly. They also speak to me and I can hear them breath.

When I wake up from these dreams, I am shocked and thankful that I had woken up because sometimes it feels as if I could never wake up, I get this awful feeling when I dream as if I'm trying so hard to wake up from this dream but I cant. When I do finally wake up though I also feel this heavy need to go back to sleep, as if I can't move or barely open my eyes and this over whelming feeling of needing to go back to sleep. I even try to turn onto my side to try and escape this feeling but I'm too tired to even do that, its as if something is trying to force me back to sleep.

After a while if I have managed to battle against this feeling, I would wake up a bit and contemplate to go back to sleep. Normally I would get up for a few minutes and then go back to sleep as when I do this I normally do not go back into that dream.

But yeah I'm starting to feel crazy and vulnerable when I sleep. What is this?!

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Nightingale (145 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-19)
Hello KittyCat12121,
Firstly, where did you use the Ouija board? That may be important.
If you can drive this person away once, you may be able to for good. Be careful not to wear yourself out, as these efforts expend energy. You most likely feel drained after the dreams because they are lucid dreams, possibly given to or forces upon you. Sometimes this draining is crippling and you'll need to sleep. Keep with your system for that. Just pay attention to yourself and try to feel your surroundings. In your dreams if you sense this presence, try shoving back at it. You may be able to drive him away. This will need to happen multiple times, it's likely, as he is a repeat unwelcome visitor.
Do you have his name? That may help you to understand him and drive him away. A Name is power, so use it if it's within your realm of knowledge.
Above all, be careful. This being sounds dangerous. I am sorry this is going on. If you or anyone you know can contact spirits, perhaps this one can be driven away, or another spirit contacted for advice or assistance. If you can talk to someone you trust, or get a psychic's help in person, that might be good too. Learn to pay attention to how drained you are. Do what you need to do to rest. If you can sleep in another place, perhaps that will help. Meditation will also help you build strength and awareness. Perhaps keeping an amythist is also a good idea for this. Does your mom know what has been going on?
You may need to drive the being away while near the place of initial contact. Be careful and try not to be alone for such things. Sleeping with someone in a new location (not where the contact was made) has potential, at least temporarily.
All of this being said, we are running on the assumption that this is one spirit, the same who spoke to you using the Board. (Moving physical objects indicates strength, by the way.) Are you certain this is accurate? If the one who spoke to you is a different entity, perhaps he can help. I would advise against using the board again, but try tomeditate so that you feel who is around you. Using the board may have opened up a sort of attraction center for ghosts. When I lived around some, we often had visitors, some of whom were quite shady. Learning how to tell who is around will help you figure out who is friend or foe.
I hope something here helps you.
Stay safe. I wish you peace,
Noahgg13 (3 posts)
7 years ago (2016-04-19)
Argh, this sounds a little bit bad. What you probably need to do is get some holy water (I know, but seriously) and sprinkle it around the room and the house you played the Ouija Board in. After that, say a prayer, and ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse this house. Then, as an extra measure, you want to take a sage smudging stick (Made or bought) and sage the house. (Saging or Smudging is where you take the dried sage, and burn it slowly, clearing the house of negative energies.) Also, you want to get some very high vibration crystals, such as selenite, and some protection stones, such as hematite, and obsidian, and sleep with them.

One final tip of advice: Don't EVER play with the Ouija Board. It can be VERY dangerous, like possession dangerous. I would burn whatever Ouija Board you played on (I know it seems extreme, but honestly) to remove ties to that board.

This should help.


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