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Fear Of Possible Disaster


Is there anybody believe in 2012/12/21?

Or some of you dreaming, or see beforehand? I know the world is not going to an end, but some kind a weird stuff is going to happen? IS anyone with me with the prediction wise?

Like some earth quick, or floods, like so sun, extreme dark, freezing temperatures etc?

Please tell me what is your thoughts, those who do channeling please, ask from those spirits, or your ancestors or whoever you think it might help. I'm originally from Mongolia and some of my country's Shaman's are predicting that all the shamans need to do the drumming starting in the 12/21/12 at 11 am it could take from 2 hours- to 5 says, Outside in extreme cold, night and day. The hall reason is to ask Mother earth with the new era, also fight with the super strong bad spirits, or the king of the bad spirits, evil stuff. I think you all should prepare just for incase it happens, like warm clothes, food supply etc. You newer know. In my opinion I don't think this will happen, but the Shamans in Mongolia are warning for the possible disaster might take place, unless all human beings are good soul, doing nothing bad, respect each other, specially the elderly etc. And no digging the golds, or mining business, the mother earth doesn't really like that we keep digging deeper and deeper. For all the price we might have to pay after, or our children's children might pay, which will be sad to see. Cause after all nobody really dies, cause there is life After life does exists for sure!

Please advice?

Thank you!

Take care,


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Josef (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-12)
Dear Tenkhee,

I am an anthopology PhD student from the UK. My PhD is on Mongolian shamanism and I would like to look at the 2012 prophecy in some way.

Is there any way you might answer a few questions that I have? If so, please contact me: joe.ellis.09 [at]

I will be happy to explain what my research is trying to achieve before you answer any questions.

Thank you,

Joe Ellis
ally_26 (2 stories) (50 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-13)
Noorh you can always check out what your dream means through
Noorh (2 stories) (168 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-13)
i just had one dream about about me in a mansion and a red window frame and an old man he was talking about something I can't remember but I think it wasimportant. Then some soldiers came andme and th old man upstairs I then he looked at them with gun pointing tohis head while pressing they copied then they all shoot their selfs could anyone tell what it means bcz nothing make since
Debgall (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-12)

I to have the same feelings as you. I don't see dreams, just pictures and they are right in line with you. The pictures I see are so disturbing, this past Sat. I started seeing, first blurry then into focus, but flashing fast. All are MAJOR earth disasters. I feel better now, guessing I'm trying harder to push them back, but at first it was like a child saying mom over and over again until you say WHAT!?!?!? I wish I could hone in better, but I can't. I don't know how. I also don't know when or were.

Bottom line, after being a life time skeptic, I believe because I can see.

ally_26 (2 stories) (50 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-11)
In my opinion I don't think this will happen too, but I've been noticing to many weird things to just throw this off as nothing!

I learned that 2012 is the start of something new, a new energy shift, and that many people will start to experience a spiritual awakening and with this I mean that we will be entering into a new state of consciousness. I know this for sure because I'm going through one now. I'm feeling these intense energies around me, healing me. I keep getting this weird feeling about mother earth. As strange as this sounds I've been able to sense plants emotions and it seems like they know about this shift.

I've also had extremely vivid dreams about natural disasters. I've dreamt of huge mega tsunamis, earthquakes and just mass destruction.
One of my most terrifying dreams that scarred me the most, started out with me in a city that was on fire. Buildings were falling down, there were airplane crashes and people burning alive. This was all so vivid. Then I looked up into the red bloody sky and saw that a change occured in earth's rotation. I actually saw the sky moving slower and as this happen, I got this sickening feeling in my body, like my whole energy field was off. I then woke up terrified.

I don't know if these events will happen, but with just the weird feelings I've been getting I know something new will occur. I believe that earth will cleanse itself and that this is for the best.

When or what will happen I don't know, but changes are happening and I know that for sure.
Madara (guest)
10 years ago (2012-09-11)
Hi, I personally don't believe in 21.12.2012, but there's something weird going on. For some reason every once in a while I'll have weird dreams that make me wonder. I have inherited precognition from my grandmother and that's why my dreams make me wonder if this may be or become real. I remember a small house with snow all around it. In it was I and some other psychics. There were soldiers too.It's a long story.
Something else that's happening is that I've noticed that lately more people have became awear of their psychic abilities and all the psychics and kinetic users I know, me included, have noticed that our powers are getting stronger. I mean I mastered Aerokinesis in a week and Crucikinesis in one night. I subconsciusly used Biokinesis to change my left eye's cones and my hair color for example. And I'm not even a strong psychic. So something may be heading towards us.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2012-09-11)
I wrote a brief article here about my take on 2012.



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