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This Was Different In Terms Of Visions


I am not sure whether I would ever call myself psychic or a medium. Growing up that isn't exactly something you just said out loud and as an adult who keeps that to herself, this is difficult.

My story starts with my friend being over, I personally was experiencing marital issues. After some crying and laughing, she was talking about a co worker she has a crush on who is married and how she wants him just to stop flirting because she really likes him against her better judgment.

Somewhere in the middle of her conversation, everything dulled, even though I could clearly see everything in front of me, It's like it when black and white and fuzzy. Even sounds were fuzzy. It's almost like a movie scene just started playing in my eyes. I could see a concrete ground with different colors on it. I saw legs and a man from neck down walking up to me. Light blue uniform with a v neck, grey undershirt. Approaching me from the right. When I looked up (only nose down in view) I could see his smile. He was stubbly with dimples, and there was a birth mark (mole like) by his dimple.

Almost immediately I asked her who the man at work was with the v neck blue shirt. If he had dimples. She just stared at me with an open mouth. She told me I was creeping her out. I asked her what side he generally approaches her from. I played out the scene in my head. But the thing was, he always approached her from the left. I just left it alone and we went on to tarot cards and just. Having girl time. Now keep in mind. This doesn't happen often, I have déjà vu's where I know I dreams this, I recall the dreams because most of the time I mention the dreams to my husband. I just giggle and say "been there done this!"

So now that we have established the predicament, 15 minutes ago, my best friend called me to tell me that my prediction came true. He approached her from her right, asking for a smoke and some change. He is having issues (which I told her not to get involved, he is reaching out and it will get them both burned. He will lose his wife, resent her and it all will be messy) But he got off his fork lift, approached her from her right.

When I was 10 I woke up in the morning and had a vision of an older man (my great uncle) who laid down to sleep, I saw his energy leave. After coming downstairs to my family and getting my cereal, the call came. My uncle passed from the cancer he was battling. I want to exercise this more, Not sure how. I haven't had as strong as a vision as I did with my friend though. It was bizarre, like the world stopped.

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emilyful7 (4 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2012-09-13)
Wow that is really interesting. I'm not one to talk because I have just about no experience, but it sou. Ds like something that happens to me sometimes. Everything sort of fades away and I get a very brief "vision" of myself in a fatal scenario. It feels like my body I sd on autopilot dieting those few seconds.

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