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I am sixteen years old and I wonder about my past with the spirit world.

My great great Grandmother was a medium. My Grandma told me that it skips a generation so her Mum and my Mum don't have it. However my grandma thinks or rather has a feeling that both her and I have a bit of her powers passed down to us. I have always been told by my friends that I took the words out of their mouths or I said something at the same time without even noticing this. Other times when I hang out with my best friend her phone vibrates and I think it's mine then two minutes later I get a text usually from the same person that messaged her. When I was younger I use to have a dream about a class I was to take later that week. Example: In third grade I kept dreaming my math lessons when it happened I had ended that year with a high math grade and a weird sense of weakness and being drained. I know that that sounds pretty predictable but it's true. When I was in my freshmen year in high school I fell asleep in class after lunch, but I heard everything my teacher was saying, except for him trying to wake me up, and when I did, he asked me why I was asleep and I told him I wasn't. He then preceded to ask me what he had just said. I told him and he explained to me, that he had yet to say that. Even now this still happens, sure it was only two years ago when this started, but it scared everyone in my class. I haven't told anyone that version of what happened, because I didn't want to get those looks again. You know the look of 'She completely mental' or 'What is wrong with her?' looks like that. I'm just looking for some help and explanation.

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