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Something's Not Right With Me


I will start with the start of my life better to say (sorry for my bad english I will try my best)

How much I understand from my mom when was almost to born me she get some infection and the doctors tell her is 95% chance me and my mom to die that time. None believe we will survive that. But no idea how happen but we success to survive all 2, my mom have some powers she can manage her energy. So one of the reason or the start of my powers is come from my mom (possible), but the problem is my power is more big then my mom and I have more abilities,

One of them is sometimes I can see with my eye open what can happen in time, sometimes scare me like hell. Is like I stay on bed and I pass some world so true and I can see what can happen sometimes what I see happens (80 % yes) but (20% not) but when I come back how much time I was on that (world) I didn't breath anymore because I feel my breath very hard.

The another is healing. I make some experience with my healing I feel I can control the energy from someone body and try to heal him before I was staying 30 / 40 minutes (8 month ago) but now I need 5 / 10 minutes, sometimes if I concentrate and I can see with my eye what that person see with his eye don't know how to explain but I feel like I can go on his body and see or feel what his feeling that time, sometimes this is helping me to find the right conversation with some person

One of my powers is if someone try to explain me something about what he did before. In my mind is come very fast some photo what he describe how was that moment and what people was with him. But when I try to explain all the photo what I see after 2 people who was right the images start to pass and can't say anymore. But the crazy part is sometimes I can see (ghost) on the images how they stay back or near to that person who the image is come to me.

But the most crazy part is. When I drink with my friend all time I feel the power (the energy) on my body is getting very height (im not drunk) and I feel (people) is near to me not 1 not 2 I feel a full army and sometimes I feel they want to come near me and my shield all my body is take out very much hot

Last week I happen when I try to go sleep before I go sleep I feel like I'm getting out from my body and I get scare and I start breath very hard. I get very scare I feel like I die and come back to life.

Hope someone can suggest me something or don't know I want to feel like normally person

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white_wolf (10 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-25)
You are ok, you just need to understand a bit more what are those abilities. If you want some help, please contact.

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