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Georgia's Oakland Cemetery


This was around fall in 2010 in one of Georgia's Oakland cemetery. During this time I was learning about the metaphysics and couple of my friends were all stating strange things happening around the cemetery. So with my guy friend at the time we went look around. Let's just say that he was very sensitive in the metaphysics and at times he can see things that normal people can't. He called me crazy and it wasn't a smart idea to go to such places because of what the places could bring. He knew I would get myself in trouble so he came along to keep me safe. At that time, I was thinking, "pft, sureeee."

We got off the train and was walking towards the graveyard. The fences were high up and we could see in-between the bars. I looked at him and I could tell he was tense. We walked through the entrance and it was a very stale feeling. The air felt muddy and sticky. I thought it was just Georgia weather but if you went through the area and the other surrounding area you can tell the significant difference between the two places. Now as we were just walking around there were a couple of spots that had an interesting feel. The one that caught my attention is a tree that looked like there were deformed lumps all over the bottom half of the tree. They look like small babies trying to climb the tree. The tree also looked straggly and had a dark negative energy surrounding it. It felt like the tree itself was sucking or feeding off the dead people. When I looked down I saw rows of babies and children name plates next to it. It gave a creepy feel when you were next to the tree. So we continued on our way. I think I still have that picture somewhere.

As we continued our way there was a fork in the road. On the right fork we saw a burial ceremony going on. There were a crowd of people mourning for the dead. My friend stopped and started to pull on my hand on the opposite direction. It wasn't a small tug. It was a HARD pull and I was being dragged to the left side. I asked him to stop and asked him what was the rush. He stated that there are A LOT of living and dead present at that place and it was making him feel really uncomfortable. Not only that he stated that the dead or spirits were noticing us and a lot more were following us more and more. Apparently there was a sizable group. At this time when he stated that I just look at him strangely and kind of laughed it off.

We continued on walking, there was an odd thing that I saw. I saw a couple of people jogging inside the cemetery. I didn't fully understand why people would want to jog in a land full of dead people and spirits. I could tell my friend was not feeling good, and he look sicker as we stayed longer. So we started to head back towards the entrance. I just had this pull where I needed to say a prayer or some kind of sending. I asked my friend to sit on the tree lump and stand behind me. The gate was couple feet behind me and I was in the crossroad where it lead to different direction. I breathed in and out. I closed my eyes and did a prayer or a sending. Oddly as this sound, this was when I felt as if there were ALOT of people surrounding me and taking up my space. Literally I felt like I was cramped in an area talk about no personal space. Coincidentally at this time as well, the wind was blowing hard and the sky got cloudy. Just for my safety I asked for protection. This was the first time throughout the day in the corner of my eye I caught a glimpses of dark shadows pacing around my barrier. I was a bit nervous. Then I felt a wave of pleasant warm energy run down my whole body and felt myself surrounded in white/gold energy. I felt peaceful and calm. Just like the wind I did not feel cramped anymore. I turned around and saw my friend losing conscious. I don't know what exactly what was happening to him but I quickly put my forehead to his and looked into his eyes. Have you ever looked into someone eyes and it seem like there not there. Well that was what he looked like. It took a couple light smack in the face and some third eye connection but he came too.

I helped him on his feet and we quickly walked out the cemetery. As we passed I did a silent prayer asking for the doors of the cemetery to keep dark spirits from following us out. Couple more steps later, he collapsed exhausted and he zone in and out again. This time it took a 30-40 minutes back and head massage to stimulate him and to calm his nerve.

That was an odd experience. I say would I do this again? I'll think about it. It made me uncomfortable, but it wasn't something to be truly frightened about. What was really interesting to listen to was what my friend saw. Now that is another story in itself. Maybe I'll ask him if I could post it.

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Angelchick123 (1 stories) (24 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-13)
You posted something in my story thank you but I can't contact you and I need hel please help! 😲

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