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More Information On Reiki Energy? Process Of Chakras Opening


I found myself going to a Reiki session. This encounter was life changing, It felt as though I had a liquid coursing from my head that actually traveled through various other points - it was wonderful. I was totally aware of where it flowed and my hands even raised as it flowed that way. (It was great). I attended a few more sessions. Few days later whilst at home my head started vibrating and swirling for a couple of days very odd. It was humming, pleasant sensation I did not relate it to the Reiki but I now believe it was my crown chakra opening? I have really got into Reiki as a young child I have felt these energies/vibes etc so it all felt like home.

I decided to get attuneded to Reiki Level 1 as I wanted to explore the practical side of this experience. Some days after attunement my right hand began to buzz really strongly yes I know how this sounds! It was pulsating and swirling and got very hot. I have always been effected by the cold so these warm sensations were great and much welcomed. The next day my left hand caught up and both hands buzzed/pulsated with masses of heat for three solid days non stop! It was great and I just went with it. I did contact my Reiki practitioner who said it was fine and chakra's were opening? I thought this was amazing it actually is real wohoo.

So I have recently been meditating again this was a huge part of my world when I was younger and on a particular occasion 2 weeks ago I was at deep peace and I felt what I can only describe as a lightning bolt entering my head and travelling to my brow which began to buzz! I got up when I finished and all of a sudden this fluttering sensation that I can only describe as a butterfly flying under my third eye chakra fluttered non stop for the whole day! Crazy I know! This happened and it was wonderful but later that night it turned from lovely fluttering (10/10 sensation) into a headache/migraine. When I let go of the headache it passed and the fluttering disappeared: (I thought a trip to the doctor might be needed but on reading up on this it is apparently another chakra opening. Chakra's really vibrate at different levels (wow) - I thought this is amazing, but how could I continue to feel it as I was getting on with my day ahead? Picking up the kids and my brow chakra fluttering away? Washing up and my head vibrating like wings on a fly? Hands pulsating/vibrating whilst cooking. These sensations lasted for days. Why did it stop? Why did it happen and what does it mean? How is this possible?

Another odd thing is when I Reiki friends and family as I have recently passed Level 1 I am totally aware of my tonsils but I had them taken out as a child but low and behold I can feel them in my throat! From what I have read all of the above is a spiritual awakening? I just find it hard to get my head around the fact that it is real as the facts and sensations were. My perspective of life has changed and I can't wait to do Level 2 but I feel that this energy is unexplained and folk just say go with the flow etc. Can anyone recommend a decent book with explanations or advise me as to what to expect further. Do most folk go through this? My Reiki practitioner does not appear to have had these experiences and I'm guessing someone can relate to the above and confirm them as part of a process. Wow to me it's real you can't deny it when it happens, a butterfly in my head and vibrating and buzzing body parts and feelings of joy and love:) I just wish someone could give me some serious answers as I feel quite alone on this magical journey and 'chakra's opening' just does not feel like an adequate answer? I'm so keen to find out more xx Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you can advise I would be grateful:)

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Magz (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-29)
No worries Tonnie guess we were supposed to see each others stories? Your story is super scary! Glad I don't feel or see that way! Best of luck to Ness and you xx

FAO: PathR

Thank you for replying and the recommendation on books to read:)

I did that silly thing of reading on-line to try to interpret my 'condition' of non stop vibrating chakra's - it was a bit frightening! I read about 'rewiring' of the body, 'asention' and different dimensions to reach and it made my head spin! I know what's happening is GOOD and that there are no definite answers or clear explanations as to the physical reactions I have had but I feel so hopeful that I think if I obsess on the why and how I will miss what's happening right now x

You kindly wrote;

"For self maintenance, knowing when you are depleted, setting boundaries. Personal time with family, pets,nature".

I totally understand the importance of this and even without Reiki in your life the above is so important. Now with Reiki it's totally amazing because we are right here right now - grounded!

I will read the books and get back to you xx

In Love & Light xx
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-29)
For self maintenance, knowing when you are depleted, setting boundaries. Personal time with family, pets,nature. Understanding energy, chairs reading.

Obtain healing therapies yourself. Exercise.
Homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, proper food, water.
Are items that help self maintenance plus serve as a conduit when you open to channel energy.

Subjects to study vary. Protection,cleansing, balancing, identifying spirit helpers. Any ancestral
.connection, etc.

This can be a way of life.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-29)
There is no one particular book. I see Judith Collins book how to read the aura as a corner stone. Others hold to Barbara Brennan book: hands of light.

Though it has been said you experienced awakening by material you read. I believe the lengthy time this occurred proves you experienced a cleansing and aligning of the chakras to allow them to keep chakras open. In part this experience occurred in part because you. Are a born healer and you were ready. A healer experiences these activities growing up. And does energy work knowingly and unknowingly.

The tonsils being removed do not equal a removal of the throat chakra. The throat chakra has to do with our connection with our Guides. So hold on to a idea of guides coming through. If you continue to have more questions. Then keep open your email, let me know, if you wish me to speak one to one.
Tonnie (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-27)
Sorry, my lengthy post was meant for NESS. My apology.
Tonnie (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-27)
If you are gifted, it is like a light in the darkness for spirits (good and evil). I know it may seem fun and exciting to experience a spirit or ghost for the first time, but be careful. It is very much like contacting a stranger in a chat room... They may not be what they seem. As a faceless stranger on line may pretend to be someone 16, but in reality he may be a 40 year old pedophile. An entity may pretend to be a family member who passed on or a child who has died. But, in reality, they are evil that has never walked in human form or a someone who was bad in life who refused to cross over.
Do not acknowledge this presence, do not try to communicate with it. DO NOT USE AN OUIJA BOARD! They are a open door to anything near. Do not welcome this presence or fear it. Simply ask God or your spirit guide to protect you from it. Ask that they forbid all evil entities from entering your home, your room or your body. Ask they protect you with the white light and keep you safe.
I am 48 and have had more experiences than I wish to relate or remember with spirits and the occult. My advice to you is do not dabble in this area. If you are going to pursue this area, do so only if you have a firm grasp on your spirituality and a relationship with God. I am not kidding. You do not want something attaching to you that messes with your life for 30 years.
I know you can't discuss this with a lot of people, they will think you are imagining it. I pray you are, but doubt it. There is nothing to be gained from trying to have contact with the dead, just go find something to do with the living. These things feed on people who are vulnerable, alone, or depressed. They can influence your moods and thoughts. Some can make you sick, cause you nightmares or scratch you. They are not pets or your friends.
I wish you the best. You drew my attention because I hope I stopped you from going any further with your curiosity and prevented you from what happened to me.

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