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My Ex Is Still With Me


My son's dad was killed a few months ago. We grew up together and spent over 10 years together. He was my first love and I was his. All day everyday we were together. From the time I was 11 until I was 23 he was the only one I was with. We had a really strong bond. Things didn't work out between us, but we have always been good friends. My son with him was his only child.

We had an argument and at the time of his death we were mad with each other and weren't even speaking. That has really been bothering me a lot. The fact that we weren't speaking. Right after his funeral strange things started happening. I would be in my bed at night on my way to sleep. And my bedroom door would fly open like someone had walked into the room and no one would be there. I would get up and close the door and it would fly right back open. I was watching t.v in the living room one day talking and a water bottle that was sitting on the t.v. Stand flew across the room like somebody threw it.

Now, I can hear him talking to me just as plain as if he was sitting right next to me. I can sense when he is near me because all of a sudden a chill will come over me and I start smiling thinking about him. I can also feel him playing in my hair and touching me. When I lay in the bed at night sometimes, I can feel him wrap his arms around me. Am I losing my mind or is this really happening? I mean I thought that he had moved on since we hadn't been together in so long, so why would he be around me like this now. He talks to me about our son, our past, his mistakes, and I think I'm losing it. It's like we're closer now than we ever were. I just don't get it. I can't really talk to anyone around me about this because they'll think I'm losing my mind too.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-29)
Many times the one left behind will give out an unknown cry by mourning and missing the deceased person.

Despite death love never dies. Love is the bridge that crosses over. The messages he is giving is guidance, love and healing. Which appears you are confirming.

I will only write my version to confirm that this does occur. When my grandmother died at 92. I and other family members could feel her tangible energy it was so prominent. The power went off when some one mentioned she didn't want her children to fight. The power was only her home, no other neighbors. Two of her grandchildren me and my brother had a fight years ago, despite many attempts to start the coffee pot it would not start. Once we reconciled the coffee started. I spoke to my cousin and saw my Gran sitting in her favorite chair and pointed to my cousin.
My Grandmother was very strong willed. People who do this when dead seem to be the strong willed type.

It is good to tell them Thank you and let them go.

But if he continues coming to help you, he may be raising his own vibrations by guiding you and your son as that was part of his mission in life. Thereby fulfilling his destiny. But it is worth while to take time and pray or meditate if that is the best route for you having him guide you, as you are young and having a new partner and a human male role model would be a better fit for your sons needs as he grows into a man. I only mention this as you seem to mention he was your soul mate, but
Being young there were misunderstanding, action, words that could not be taken back which did not allow reconciliation.

Sorry for all the words and matters of the heart

Give yourself time.
Tonnie (5 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-27)
He probably is with you, and his son. However, you may want to have a talk with him. You don't want him stuck here. Simply say to him what you should have said to him when he was here, you are sorry, etc. And then ask that he move on to where he belongs. If he is just checking on you, that's fine, but you don't want to be haunted. It is no fun long term. Thank him, tell him how much he meant to you, and say that you want him to be happy and go to God.
Good Luck!
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-06-27)
When we pass on, we get to review our life and see how silly fights can actually be. What keeps people separated is the ego and this can endure an entire lifetime. But when we pass, we more often than not, move beyond that state and instead move into a more loving position. If only more of us could do this while we are in the physical. I'm sure your ex is still with you. What brought you two together and made you so close is still there, though it seemed buried while he was alive.

Your ex knows how you are bothered and how you feel, you can be assured. Hopefully you can find comfort that what kept you separate in the physical does not exist now on a mental and emotional level. In time, he will move on to the next level but for now, he wishes to let you know he's there.
Thanks for sharing.

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